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    Haha no worries! Mid-January is certainly the time I've started new threads in the past, and I've only started them because it seems like I'm usually the only one checking lower division news semi-regularly. X-D

    Damn, yeah that's rather upsetting. The SeaLions have been one of the best WPSL teams throughout the league's history, with two WPSL titles, three WPSL runners-up, fairly consistent playoff appearances, and a USASA National Women's Open title. Well, good luck to the Strikers at least.

    If we want to summarize what's gone on since last summer's seasons ended, we know, the biggest news was of course the near-promotion of the Sacramento Storm, which fell apart after the USSF/NWSL disagreement and an unnamed issue that came up late in the game on the Storm's end.

    Other news since then:
    --among the general expected shuffling of WPSL teams each offseason, the big win was that the El Paso Surf have left UWS for WPSL. TBD what this move means for the UWS Southeast division.
    --UWS Midwest is expanding again and dividing into two divisions. UWS East is expanding too but I don't see any news of the East splitting into divisions despite being currently bigger than the Midwest.
    --The last time I check the UPSL website, it was in the middle of a rebuild and impossible to mind much information at all, much less anything about the UPSL Women's Division. It's not much better now, as is a mess and doesn't actually have any information related to women's teams that I can find... All of the "news" is UPSL-wide news, and the "teams" and "standings" pages are blank, (as are all the tabs in the menu bar,) even for past years.
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    I'm in a UPSL hotbed city, at least for men's. It is a shame the site is such a wreck. I'd like to hit a match, but so many don't have home pitch info.

    Said city is also a WPSL hotbed, and had a conference (or maybe division? Five teams.) to itself. One team folded and a new team sprung up, as noted above. And LA Galaxy reworked its relationship to the youth clubs that used to be branded to it. So LAGSD turns into City SC Carlsbad. Assuming the same sort of thing with LAGOC. There's also a City SC Temecula, but I think that may just be youth.

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