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Discussion in 'Premier League' started by BIGHMW, Dec 17, 2015.


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    Who would NOT want to start an official thread for the Cherries, even THIS hardened Gooner here can't resist starting one, so let the maiden voyage in the top flight for this promising football club (and its official thread) begin!!!

    I have looked everywhere for any sign of a Bournemouth forum here on BigSoccer, only to not find one, so, even though I am a Gooner, I felt it would do the Cherries poetic justice if I started one, they need one believe me, as they look to establish an identity not only in the Premier League, but also, here in America.

    This thread is for those who want to support the club, I only wanted to start the thread, now it's up to those supporters throughout Cherries Nation to keep it going, just like those who kept the football club from going out of business back in 2009 when they were 4 million pounds in the red, to where they are now, in the Premier League!!!
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    I watched the documentary you posted when it was on NBC Sports Network. It's nice that the club had an owner (or whatever title he had) who cared about the community and the club's fans rather than just thinking about the club as a way to make or lose money. I want the the bottom two clubs, Sunderland and hopeless Aston Villa, to not be relegated, so I would rather AFC Bournemouth be relegated than those two although I have nothing against AFC Bournemouth. It would be fine with me if Sunderland moved up and two of Newcastle United, Swansea City, and Norwich City joined Aston Villa in the relegation zone.
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