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    Sep 12, 2009
    That would be Rachel Jones the 5'1" spark plug from Georgia. She spent most of her freshman season on the bench with a chronic leg or hip problem of some kind and got playing time sporadically. We are hoping that she will be healthy this fall.
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    Sep 12, 2009
    Update on the new incarnation of Fetzer Field.

    I took the opportunity today to stroll around the new digs for the UNC Soccer and Lacrosse teams. (Remember, the original press releases said that everything would be complete by August of 2018.) I have watched in anguish as the construction went nowhere for months at a time and the hallowed soccer field was a handy muddy staging ground for the new football facility next door.

    Of the three projects slated to be finished in one year, the field hockey stadium was completed on schedule, the football practice building was a little late but finished up last fall, and the soccer/lacrosse field is just rounding into shape. The priorities are interesting. Clearly using Fetzer as a staging ground for a year was a conscious choice. (And even as the field was full of large pipes and other supplies, piles of stone, an assortment of trucks and construction machinery for a year, the office building languished for months at a time even after the roof and exterior walls were up. I don't buy the Athletic Director's statement that the delay was because of unexpectedly finding rocks and the wet weather made for the whole delay. It was a choice.)

    I can report that the playing surface and the stands (including restrooms, concessions, press box, ticket box office, and scoreboard) are now all finished. In fact, the lacrosse teams are playing on the surface as clearly evidenced not only by field markings, but also by bare dirt spots where the goals are placed for games. The grass playing surface is billiard table flat and the grass is cut very short --not quite putting green length, but in the order of 3/4 to one inch. I didn't recognize the grass species it does not appear to be straight up Bermuda or Zoyzia, but I could be mistaken. (There are lots of choices of grass species including over seeding Bermuda with taller grasses.)

    The seating is all reasonably comfortable individual soft plastic seats with fold up bottoms (good for draining away rain.) Seats are all numbered and this would allow ticket sales to reserved seats. IMO, the regulars will probably sit on the south side (above the benches) if for no other reason to be somewhat out of the glaring sun. The majority of the seating is where the old Fetzer bleachers were...In fact, the 1930s concrete is in good shape and has been preserved (and re-sealed) with the individual seating installed there on. It looks great. A couple of rows of what surely will be VIP seating is at the east end, and at least a half dozen areas have been reserved for disabled seating (seats and wheel chair spaces.)

    The press box is huge with space for (each) team associated personnel, for general press, and the roof is set up for TV cameras. (My question is why no camera pads were reserved for corner/end line shots as is normal for big network games.) A nice touch is a big digital clock for time of day on the press box for all to see.

    The concession stand is on the north east corner of the stands and looks to be at least 3x larger than the previous stand.

    BUT, the facility is not yet finished. The office building (inc locker rooms, bathrooms, meeting rooms, etc.) is complete on the outside, but the interior is still being worked on. --No flooring and workers installing electrical cables for lighting, etc. Clearly the soccer staff is still in the cramped little McCaskill building on the north west corner.

    The areas under the seating are also not finished. Under the south stands are areas full of boxes of supplies, construction machinery, tools, etc. Under the east stands there is active construction with wiring in full swing, various scaffolds, ladders, and a green cabinet full of dozens of blue prints . Also, there is more grading and touch up work to do around the exterior of the facility. One example is that area by the scoreboard which was supposed to be a patio for standing and socializing, which is now a poorly graded rocky area with scraggy (temporary) grass. Particularly poignant is the original 1935 plaque commemorating the Roosevelt administration's Works Projects Administration building of the stadium which forlornly is sitting on the north side of the stadium facing a brick wall a few feet away in a muddy area area yet to be finished or landscaped .

    Sooo... we soccer fans may yet see the completed facility on August. It is coming along and should be great!
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    Well. It's time to wonder when UNC will announce its 2019 recruiting class. Back in the day (10 years ago and before) the incoming class would be announced in February just like most of the rest of the DI schools. But starting in 2010 the announcements seem to have been later and later and correlated with the number of players in the class. The largest UNC class ever was in 2013 and was not officially announced until July. But for the most part, recent classes have been announced in May and sometimes June, with the exception of last spring when the class of 5 recruits was announced on February 14. (I have also noticed that some other schools in the last few years are announcing later and later.)

    UNC has a fairly large class coming in this year. 11 known recruits (most an easy drive from Chapel Hill along with a few out of state kids) will presumably be on the 2019 roster along with the rumor that a transfer will be coming out of West Virginia. Also, it would not be unusual to be surprised with a few walk-ons from across town.

    So while I'm not holding my breath, I'm hoping for an announcement within a few weeks!
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    I feel your pain. We don't know who our players are until they show up in the fall and the roster is updated!
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    Well, Tarheel fans, the 2019 roster has been posted and I suspect that the official announcement of the 2019 class is being worked on for release soon.

    Basically, we have known about this class for 2 years. The only change is the addition of two transfers. We learned about Lois Joel last month and now we see a second transfer, Cameron Keating. Joel may be a pleasant surprise but her record as West Virginia is confusing. Joel played for the English U17s, and is listed on the U19 roster, but has languished at West Virginia with only 400 minutes her freshman (2017) season and disappeared off the roster in her sopohmore year. Keating is from Greensboro where she played ODP and ECNL ball. At Penn she was sick for most of her freshman season with mono and saw action in only two games. In her sophomore season she also saw action in only two games. But, as always, one can never definitively predict who will surprise!

    All of the other players we have known about are now officially on the roster. And so we await the fall to see who will stand out and significantly contribute to the Heels' efforts on the pitch. This year there are no names that are sure-fire starting prospects, so it becomes a situation where the drive and personality of the new players will determine who sees significant playing time. UNC fans (and the UNC coaching staff too, of course) are hoping that some of this class will blossom into reliable contributors, and while Hansen and Bell may have a leg up as there are nominally two defense slots up for grabs, it truly is wide open for this class as we see who stands out.
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    The English youth nationals seem to be consolidating :ROFLMAO:. Joel links up with Russo at UNC and Patten with her buddy Fisk at USCe.
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    keating's dad is the founder of "Captain Elite" that sells various soccer improvement services; He has also spoken at Dorrance summer soccer camps, so it's not as random a connection as you think. As an NC resident it also saves about 50K a year in tuition and fees vs Penn.
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    Thanks for this tidbit. And as you suggest it might explain how a previous relationship led to Cameron transferring to UNC and getting a spot on the roster. I will nonetheless be interested to see if she lands any significant playing time. I just don't know what it means that she only got into two games in her sophomore season at Penn. She could have been injured and be a good addition to the Heels when healthy.
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    This probably should be on a new thread but maybe a quick answer.... Quick comment on the US Soccer website. They seem to have change their whole format once again. I find it much harder to navigate and they are insisting on cookies before letting you on. For purposes of deciding on whether it's worth handing over my personal data to them, for those who have used it, does it still get you to archived stories about each age group?

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    Jaedyn Shaw (2023) committed to UNC. Still way too early but Shaw looks to be a special player. She won the U15 girls concacaf tournament about a year ago, same team as Olivia Moultrie.

    some game clips
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    Very impressive 2023 committed players for UNC. How many are there now? 5, or 6?
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    May 18, 2019
    Highlights here from recent college summer league WPSL action with Oak City United defeating last season's Carolinas Division champion Carolina Rapids 3-0. Four players at or headed to UNC featured with Maggie Pierce (who started at UNC in January) turning and hitting a long ball off the post, Tori Hansen sending a corner to Lexi Strickland for the goal, Marzia Josephson with the featured save, and Pierce feeding Hansen for the final goal.
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    Scott, Thanks for posting this video. Fans are always grateful for any tidbits we can get. ...Keep the summer interesting until we get to the college season.

    Can't wait to see how everything is sorted out next fall!
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    Although it's a long way away, I like the looks of Jaedyn Shaw!
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    4 2022/2023 UNC commits on the latest U15 GNT (Reason, Herr, Shaw and Shores):

    GOALKEEPERS (2): Nona Reason (San Diego Surf; San Clemente; Calif.), Teagan Wy (West Coast FC; Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.)

    DEFENDERS (6): Elise Evans (San Jose Earthquakes; Redwood City, Calif.), Kayleigh Herr (NC Courage; Cary, NC), Elle Piper (San Jose Earthquakes; San Jose, Calif.), Evelyn Shores (Tophat; Atlanta, Ga.), Maggie Taitano (San Diego Surf; Carlsbad, Calif.), Gisele Thompson (Real So Cal; Studio City, Calif.)

    MIDFIELDERS (5): Sydney Becerra (Solar SC; Lewisville, Tx.), Danielle Davis (FC Fury NY; Port Washington), Juliauna Hayward (Real Colorado; Thornton, Colo.), Peyton Marcisz (San Jose Earthquakes; San Jose), Olivia Moultrie (Portland Thorns FC; Portland, Ore.)

    FORWARDS (7): Ella Eggleston (Lonestar Academy; Austin, Tx.), Mia Minestrella (Beach FC; Redondo Beach, Calif.), Katherine Rader (Orlando City Pride SC; Stuart, Fla.), Julia Saunicheva (San Jose Earthquakes; Santa Clara, Calif.), Jaedyn Shaw (FC Dallas; Frisco, Tex.), Alyssa Thompson (Real So Cal; Studio City, Calif.), Alivia Uribe (Reign Academy; Seattle, Wash.)

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