UEFA Women's EURO 2017 Finals

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  1. ISIS threats against Women’s Euro 2017 tournament probed by Dutch counterterrorism police
    Published time: 12 Jul, 2017 15:23 Edited time: 13 Jul, 2017 08:05
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    Stadion Galgenwaard, Utrecht © Hans Blossey / Global Look Press
    The Dutch counterterrorism agency NCTV is investigating online threats made by Islamic State-affiliated militants against the UEFA Women's Euro 2017 soccer tournament scheduled to take place in the Netherlands next week.
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    The group named ‘Lone Mujahid,’ posted on the encrypted Telegram messaging service calling for unaffiliated believers, inspired by recent attacks in London and Manchester, to carry out a copycat attack at the upcoming tournament.

    "We take today’s threat very seriously, of course," said Lodewijk Hekking, spokesperson for the Ministry of Security and Justice, as cited by RTL News. "There are more of these types of threats. However, I do not give a view of the seriousness of this."

    The threat specifically called for an attack on the football stadium in the cIty of Utrecht on July 19 when England are scheduled to play Scotland.

    "We take it seriously. We are in close contact with the NCTV. They do research," tournament spokesperson Annette van Trigt said, also cited by RTL.

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    The group posted four photos on July 11, 2017 showing a detailed stadium map and 'inspiration' guides of how previous attacks were carried out. It also posted a series of inflammatory hashtags.

    While NCTV is taking the threat seriously, the agency has yet to raise the national threat level, which currently stands at level four out of five, meaning the threat of attack is substantial but no clear evidence exists that one is imminent.

    Berichtgeving dreiging EK vrouwenvoetbal is bekend. Nemen signaal serieus, hebben contact met @KNVB en onderzoeken de dreiging.

    — DickSchoof (@DickSchoof) July 12, 2017
    Dick Schoof, the national coordinator for counterterrorism and security, confirmed the severity of the threat and said he was already in contact with the Dutch Women’s Football Association regarding the upcoming event.

    The cities of Deventer, Breda, Tilburg, Rotterdam, Doetinchem and Enschede will also host games. The final will take place Sunday, August 6 in the De Grolsch Veste stadium in Enschede.
  2. https://worldsoccertalk.com/2017/07/13/no-threat-to-womens-euro-2017-football-dutch-officials/
    ‘No threat’ to women’s Euro 2017 football – Dutch officials
    ‘No threat’ to women’s Euro 2017 football – Dutch officials
    AFP July 13, 2017 AFP No Comments

    The Hague (AFP) – Dutch counter-terrorism officials said Thursday they had not found any “concrete threat” against the UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 football championships, after a reported jihadist call for an attack.

    There are “no indications that an attack will be made on the European Women’s Football Championship,” the Dutch counter-terrorism agency (NCTV) said in a statement.

    According to the specialist jihadist monitoring website SITE, the so-called Islamic State group had called on “lone wolves to attack Stadion Galgenwaard in Utrecht” on Wednesday, July 19, the day of the England versus Scotland match.

    The SITE Intelligence Group said Wednesday it had detected the message, which included two photos of the stadium, a seating plan and a route map, on a pro-IS Telegram channel.

    But the Dutch agency said it believed it was merely “a call for an attack…. and at this time the NCTV has seen no sign that this call has been heard”.

    However, it said it could “not ignore the call” and in consultation with the Dutch football association security measures will be boosted at stadiums to ensure people feel safe.

    These will include a “more visible police presence” and “stricter access controls”.

    The women’s European football championships kick off on Sunday and last three weeks, with the finals set for August 6 in the Dutch town of Enschede.
  3. Kick off is at 18:00 CEST at Utrecht: Netherlands - Norway.

    20:45 CEST Denmark - Belgium (in Doetinchem)
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  5. The Dutch women 1-0 lead. They play far better than I expected.
  6. So qualified from Group A: 1. Netherlands
    ............................................2. Denmark
  7. From Group B qualified:
    1. Germany
    2. Sweden

    So the knock out phase gives:
    - Netherlands vs Sweden
    - Germany vs Denmark
  8. Coming thursday Group D can give a 3 teams with 6 points situation.
    Portugal needs to beat England and Spain needs to beat Scotland.
    In that case all 3 have lost to a different team. I think England will be safe, if they donot loose with more than 3 goals difference and Spain doesnot beat Scotland by more than 5 goals difference.
  9. In Group C this evening Switzerland must beat France to qualify for the KO round.
    France only needs to draw. Austria must beat Scotland to be sure. A draw makes them dependent of the France/Swiss outcome.
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    Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 1.53.06 PM.png

    Moving percentages after each wave of games. Germany still the favorite to win at 42.2% and with (most likely) the easiest path to the final.
  11. Wow, France almost shot themselves in the foot.
    End result of the Group C:
    1. Austria
    2. France
  12. Final teams for the ko rounds from Group D:
    1. England
    2. Spain

    Spain was on the brink of elimination and have to thank England for not settling for a draw.
  13. So the fixtures are:
    Netherlands - Sweden: 29th of July, 18:00 CEST
    Germany - Denmark: 29th of July, 20:45 CEST
    Austria - Spain: 30th of July, 18:00 CEST
    England - France: 30th of July, 20:45 CEST
  14. I must say France and Spain didnot do much to impress me, so I expect them to loose.
    I have no clue which of the teams of the two other Qf are going to win.

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    Nat'l Team:
    Germany - Denmark postponed due to a waterlogged pitch. Re-arranged for midday CET.

    Spent a few days in The Netherlands, staying in Utrecht, for the Tournament. First up England 6-0 Scotland at Stadion Galgenwaard, while it was nice to see a convincing England win I was hoping for a more competitive game. The following day I spent a pleasant afternoon in Breda, before a steady half hour walk to the Rat Verlegh Stadion for Norway 0-2 Belgium. I thought Norway were slightly the better side, but Belgium took their chances. By far the best attended match I went to with just under 8500 there. Day 3 I got to tick off De Adelaarshorst home of Go Ahead Eagles watching Sweden's fairly comfortable 2-0 win over Russia, a proper old school little ground with 4 separate stands and an easy 15 minute walk from the Station. On my final full day I managed to get in a bonus match ticking off ADO Den Haag for a friendly match verses De Graafschap before heading back to Utrecht to see Austria hold France to a 1-1 draw, while France dominated they never looked likely to score from open play.
  16. The first semi final team is the Netherlands, after a 2-0 win over Sweden. Miedema got her first tournement goal!
  17. The Germany vs Denmark match now takes place sunday 30 July at 12:00 CEST.
  18. Well, the semi finals match ups are known:

    Netherlands vs England
    Denmark vs Austria
  19. And the Final is going to be.........................the Netherlands vs Denmark
    in Enschede Sunday 6th of Aug. 17:00 CEST
  20. And the champions are.......The Netherlands

    End result: Netherlands 4-2 Denmark

    It was a very entertaining match, especially the first half with the scoreline twist and turn.

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