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    May 11, 2015
    The one thing I would add about especially the younger youth players - even if they are on travel leagues, and even if they have tryouts, and even if they seem like they know what they are doing, they are still kids - elementary or middle school kids - who don't have the control of their emotions when in a stressful situation that their behavior or actions on the pitch might lead you to believe they do.

    In other words, give the card or have the conversation, but be kind about it. Don't be another version of the angry adult correcting them, especially because you're in a position of authority in a complex personal dynamic. There are some jerky kids out there, but most of them really aren't - they're emulating something - and they don't need us to give them crap.

    As Confidence in Conflict says, "If what you want to say to the coach or player makes you feel good to say, then it's probably not the right thing to say." Apply that 5x for these ages.
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    Only one of the players I carded knew it was coming, the other two gave me puppy dog eyes. I was reassuring them "It's ok, it's not a big deal, just calm down and take it easy." And after the game: "Hey bud, you play really hard, and that's great, don't worry about the card, it's just a warning, no big deal, good job fixing it." They were all smiles.

    I actually carry around a bunch of extras (someone gave me a handful of cards) in casef a kid is upset afterwards, I'll sign it for him and we can take a selfie. Kids like stuff like that. A friend of mine taught me that one.

    I'm all about the kids having a good time and learning.

    One coach asked why the YC in the PA? I told him it was a really late tackle and he almost took your keepers nose off. The coach was cool about it.

    I gave a lot of verbals, the game was 7-3, one kid with 6 goals, started getting chippy, the verbal warnings worked really nicely with the younger kiddos for the most part.

    PK as punishment for sloppiness is really helpful for my mindset, I appreciate all the input.
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    Oct 16, 2016
    What I like to do in that situation is to put the player directly between me and the coach, that way the coach knows they're repercussions for bad behavior. I will also explain it to the player.
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    And that's why we have Division 14 Blue and Division 14 Green and Division 14 White and ...

    Probably they're not very good. But they are pretending that they are good. So I'll pretend that the Laws apply.
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    Jul 31, 2012
    Do you adjust whether you'll give a card to youngers based on how the coach acts/reacts to the whistle? Or the sidelines?
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    May 11, 2015
    Instead of giving the obvious, generally correct answer - which is NOOOOOOOOOO - I'd cover the one exception, which is when the coach clearly and obviously steps in to correct the player's behavior in a way that teaches the lesson that needs to be taught adequately. A well-placed admonition from a coach can be as or more effective than a card in a U-littles or an otherwise-newcomers (e.g. JV HS) game.
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    Jul 31, 2012
    Let me give an example.
    U12 girl goes in hard. Doesn't attempt to play the ball at all. Uses mostly shoulder, but elbow is up a bit. Girl she is against is a smaller player and goes flying. Girl could have won the ball cleanly or challenged with less of an impact.
    She appears remorseful and says sorry to the player that she lit up.
    Ref blows the whistle and is going to talk to the player about taking it down a notch. As ref approaches the player, the coach barks out "YES!!! That's how I want you to play. Keep it up."
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    U12 Girls Rec. Most players obviously have never played before. The main objective was to kick the ball as hard as they could regardless of where it went. Several players converged on a bouncing ball, and a player takes a cleat to the gut and goes down. Coaches come on the field. Coach of the offending player proceeds to firmly but gently explain to the girl how what she had done was unnecessary and dangerous, subsequently subbing her out. I was thinking a card there would have been double jeopardy and would have diminished the girls enthusiasm for the sport.
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    I had one of these, in travel, not rec, I think U13 girls. Coach yelled, girl ran up, I told her to back up I can't let her do that, she backed up, coach yelled, she came up, I just smiled told her she has to get back or it's a card, she backed up, coach yelled, she came up, I carded her. At half-time coach approached telling me I made the girl cry and she didn't know what the card was for, I told her she knows cause I told her, coach said, well I don't know, so I told her, she said "that's how our director of coaching tells us to coach", so I told her then the DOC is setting them all up to get players carded.
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    How about U8 rec, no keepers? Blue team is scoring left and right. After around the fifth goal, a blue player hangs on the goal. I told him to stop and he released immediately. A few goals later, he does it again. I walk up to him and tell him "I already told you once. The next time you will get a yellow card." "What does that mean?" I said "That is a caution, and a second yellow means a red card and you are kicked out of this game and have to sit out the next game." A few goals later, he reaches up to the goal, but quickly put his hands down. He turned around and I was right there looking down to him. He said "I figured you were looking." He didn't do it again.
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    In our U-little leagues (through at least U8 - not sure about U10), no cards. The referee is to tell the coach it's time for a substitute and that he/she needs to educate the offender.
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    Yep, been on the other side of that. Before I started blowing whistles, I was a coach. When I got my D license, the topic I was assigned to present was teaching kids gamesmanship on free kicks. I passed, but it's kind of ironic that was my topic.
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