Two Chelsea players who are rarely played by Maurizio Sarri

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    The 'Sarriball' scheme that Maurizio Sarri applied apparently did not match the two Chelsea players at the moment - Maurizio Sarri's training at Chelsea with the 'Sarriball' scheme made Danny Drinkwater and Victor Moses players have to be willing to sit on the bench. This time we were the crew of, summarizing the latest news "Two Chelsea Players Rarely Played by Maurizio Sarri" . Today's latest and most up-to-date news, we present to true friends of football lovers.

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    Happy Ball Banget - Two Chelsea Players Rarely Played by Maurizio Sarri

    Rarely played by Maurizio Sarri this season, Drinkwater and Moses were forced to sit on the bench.This is because the coach, who feels both of them do not match the scheme he is playing.

    Two Chelsea players in contrast with Maurizio Sarri's training are considered Sarri not included in his current coaching calculation.

    Drinkwater was recruited from Leicester last summer, and is still able to record 22 appearances under Antonio Conte. But since the Community Shield match, he was never again revealed by Maurizio Sarri.

    The same fate befell Victor Moses, who is a subscriber of Conte on the right side of the Blues defense. But this season, he only recorded five appearances in his natural position, wing attackers.

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    Following are the reasons Maurizio Sarri did not play Drinkwater and Moses as Chelsea's core players.

    1. Drinkwater Not Suitable

    Maurizio Sarri was reluctant to argue for reasons to explain the lack of opportunity to play these two players. Especially for Drinkwater , he considers the player to be unsuitable in his scheme and has told him since two months ago.

    "I think Drinkwater's situation, for me, is that he is not suitable for the other two midfielders," Sarri said, as quoted by

    "I have told what I have thought about since two months ago," he continued.

    2. Doubt about the Future

    As for Victor Moses , he felt the player matched the position Antonio Conte had given last season.Because of this consideration, he also claimed to be doubtful about his future at Stamford Bridge.

    "Moses is more suitable to play as a wing back than an attacker or wing defender, I think so," he added.

    "I don't know whether they have a future. They have developed, but the characteristics are a little different, "he said.

    Both of them are believed not to appear in the Premier League match against Crystal Palace on Sunday night (4/11). The match itself will take place at the pride of the Blues, Stamford Bridge.

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    Both Drinkwater and Victor Moses does not suit the type of football played by Sarri.Drinkwater is well below the pecking order with 18 year old Ethan Ampadu being a preferred choice for Sarri before him.Victor Moses still have a chance to get some game time if Loftus-Cheek decides to leave the club in January.

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