Top 25 Football Nations of All-Time (Europe)

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  1. King of STS

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    Oct 20, 2017
    1. Germany
    2. Italy
    3. France
    4. England
    5. Spain
    6. Netherlands
    7. Sweden
    8. Yugoslavia
    9. Soviet Union

    10. Belgium
    11. Denmark
    12. Czechoslovakia
    13. Portugal
    14. Hungary
    15. Scotland
    16. Austria
    17. Poland
    18. Switzerland
    19. Turkey
    20. Romania
    21. Greece
    22. Republic of Ireland
    23. Wales
    24. Bulgaria
    25. Northern Ireland
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    Nov 3, 2011
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    It feels as though after the first 5 you started to just draw the teams out of a hat with no rhyme or reason. Except a completely random draw would likely be more accurate.
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  3. King of STS

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    Oct 20, 2017
    Whatever suits you better, even make it easier for you consider i'm bluffing.
  4. King of STS

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    Oct 20, 2017
    I made a little mistake here
    Adjusted ranking

    1. Germany
    2. Italy
    3. France
    4. England
    5. Spain
    6. Netherlands
    7. Sweden
    8. Yugoslavia
    9. Portugal
    10. Belgium
    11. Soviet Union
    12. Denmark
    13. Hungary
    14. Czechoslovakia
    15. Scotland
    16. Austria
    17. Poland
    18. Switzerland
    19. Turkey
    20. Romania
    21. Greece
    22. Republic of Ireland
    23. Wales
    24. Bulgaria
    25. Northern Ireland
  5. King of STS

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    Oct 20, 2017
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    Random way you'll be lost in the highway, It doesnt take a genius in the post-Internet era everything is available, just look at
    Which one after the top five was put for no reason?
    The Netherlands, they are always formidable as long as they stay away from playing the Portuguese, they has always been a superpower that competed in every (or at least almost) finals tournament since 1974.
    Sweden, the nearest european team level-wise to traditionally footballing nations, it has been happening for decades with good results take into consideration.
    Yugoslavia was one of a leading force in european and world football.
    Then you have the next group (Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark and Portugal).
    The Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia two historic teams that can't keep holding the race anymore while the great 'old days' Hungary is a dead horse.
    Nothing spectacular about Belgium exclude the first half of 70s and the 80s proving to be an exception, it has to do with great consistency for the past hundred years.
    Denmark are remarkable at early years of football.
    So you maybe thinking Portugal 'today' is the same as Portugal 'yesterday', I'm sorry but the answer is no, they're historically inferior to all the above until around the turn of the millennium and start to catch up to them with their incredible consistency that emerged as one of the most competitive international team in european football.
    Portugal success is much more short-termed, although as recent enormous success indicate Portugal surpassed them all, but it's still way behind Sweden and Yugoslavia in general let alone the famous six teams.
    I don't see it as the number of appearances in finals tournament at the 20th century (1928, 1966, 1984, 1986, 1996), it just needs more depth, I look it at the qualifiers as well, mostly not really as a main contender in the group or too far from qualifying though it must in fairness be said that sometimes Portugal have the talent but not the chemistry in the previous qualifiers failure.

    The ranking system which seems to be works perfectly well and a more balanced at least in my view.
    Maybe right, maybe wrong, but at least it is a reasonable attempt.

    1st place: 4 pts
    Top 2: 3 pts
    Top 4: 2 pts
    Top 8: 1 pts
    Top 16: 0.5 pts
    Top 32: 0.25 pts

    Excluding the rest of the world to prevent any disadvantage

    The best:1978WC, 1988EC
    Top 2: 1974WC, 2010WC, 2014WC
    Top 4: 1908Olympic (participated), 1912Olympic, 1920Olympic, 1924Olympic, 1976EC, 1992EC, 1998WC, 2000EC, 2004EC
    Top 8: 1948Olympic, 1980EC, 1994WC, 1996EC, 2008EC
    Top 16: 1928Olympic, 1934WC, 1938WC, 1958WC(Q), 1964EC(Q), 1968EC(Q), 1972EC(Q), 1984EC(Q), 1986WC, 1990WC, 2006WC, 2012EC
    Top 32: 1952Olympic, 1962WC(Q), 1966WC(Q), 1970WC(Q), 1982WC(Q), 2002WC(Q), 2016EC(Q)

    Total = 47.75 pts

    The best: 1948Olympic, 1950WC, 1958WC
    Top 2: 1924Olympic, 1994WC
    Top 4: 1908Olympic (participated), 1938WC, 1952Olympic, 1974WC, 1992EC
    Top 8: 1920Olympic, 1964EC(Q), 1934WC, 1936Olympic, 1970WC, 2002WC, 2004EC
    Top 16: 1912Olympic, 1954WC(Q), 1962WC(Q), 1966WC(Q), 1978WC, 1984EC(Q), 1988EC(Q), 1990WC, 2000EC, 2006WC, 2008EC, 2012EC
    Top 32: 1968EC, 1972EC(Q), 1976EC(Q), 1980EC(Q), 1982WC(Q), 1986WC(Q), 1996EC(Q), 1998WC(Q), 2010WC(Q), 2014WC(Q), 2016EC

    Total = 43.75 pts

    The best: 1930WC, 1960Olympic
    Top 2: 1948Olympic, 1952Olympic, 1956Olympic, 1960EC, 1962WC, 1968EC
    Top 4: 1950WC, 1958WC, 1976EC, 1990WC
    Top 8: 1928Olympic, 1954WC, 1972EC(Q), 1974WC, 1984EC, 1992EC (banned), 1998WC, 2000EC
    Top 16: 1920Olympic, 1934WC(Q), 1938WC(Q), 1964EC(Q), 1970WC(Q), 1980EC(Q), 1982WC, 1988EC(Q)
    Top 32: 1924Olympic, 1966WC(Q), 1978WC(Q), 1986WC(Q), 2002WC(Q)

    Total = 43.75 pts

    The best: 2016EC
    Top 2: 2004EC
    Top 4: 1928Olympic, 1966WC, 1984EC, 2000EC, 2006WC, 2010WC, 2012EC
    Top 8: 1950WC(Q), 1960EC(Q), 1996EC, 2008EC, 2014WC
    Top 16: 1962WC(Q), 1968EC(Q), 1972EC(Q), 1978WC(Q), 1986WC, 1990WC(Q), 1992EC(Q), 1994WC(Q), 2002WC
    Top 32: 1934WC(Q), 1938WC(Q), 1954(Q), 1958WC(Q), 1964EC(Q), 1970WC(Q), 1974WC(Q), 1976EC(Q), 1980EC(Q), 1982WC(Q), 1988EC(Q), 1998WC(Q)

    Total = 33.5 pts

    The best: 1920Olympic
    Top 2: 1980EC
    Top 4: 1928Olympic, 1930WC (participated), 1972EC, 1986WC, 2014WC
    Top 8: 1970WC, 1976EC(Q), 1984EC, 1990WC, 1994WC, 2016EC
    Top 16: 1924Olympic, 1934WC, 1938WC, 1954WC, 1958WC(Q), 1966WC(Q), 1968EC(Q), 1974WC(Q), 1982WC, 1988EC(Q), 1998WC, 2000EC, 2002WC
    Top 32: 1962WC(Q), 1964EC(Q), 1978WC(Q), 1992EC(Q), 1996EC(Q), 2004EC(Q), 2006WC(Q), 2010WC(Q), 2012EC(Q)

    Total = 31.75 pts

    Soviet Union
    The best: 1956Olympic, 1960EC
    Top 2: 1964EC, 1972EC, 1988EC
    Top 4: 1962WC, 1966WC, 1968EC, 1970WC
    Top 8: 1952Olympic, 1958WC, 1976EC(Q), 1982WC, 1986WC, 1992EC
    Top 16: 1974WC(Q), 1978WC(Q), 1984EC(Q), 1990WC
    Top 32: 1980EC(Q)

    Total = 31.25 pts

    The best: 1992EC
    Top 2: 1908Olympic, 1912Olympic, 1960Olympic
    Top 4: 1948Olympic, 1964EC, 1984EC
    Top 8: 1952Olympic, 1986WC, 1988EC, 1998WC, 2002WC, 2004EC
    Top 16: 1920Olympic, 1960EC(Q), 1990WC(Q), 1994WC(Q), 1996EC, 2000EC, 2010WC, 2012EC
    Top 32: 1958WC(Q), 1966WC(Q), 1968EC(Q), 1970WC(Q), 1972EC(Q), 1974WC(Q), 1976EC(Q), 1978WC(Q), 1980EC(Q), 1982WC(Q), 2006WC(Q), 2008EC(Q), 2014WC(Q), 2016EC(Q)

    Total = 31 pts


    The best: 1952Olympic
    Top 2: 1938WC, 1954WC
    Top 4: 1960Olympic, 1962WC, 1964EC, 1972EC
    Top 8: 1912Olympic, 1934WC, 1936Olympic, 1966WC, 1968EC(Q)
    Top 16: 1924Olympic, 1958WC, 1960EC(Q), 1970WC(Q), 1974WC(Q), 1976EC(Q), 1978WC, 1980EC(Q), 1982WC, 1986WC, 2016EC
    Top 32: 1984EC(Q), 1988EC(Q), 1990WC(Q), 1992EC(Q), 1996EC(Q), 1994WC(Q), 1998WC(Q), 2000EC(Q), 2002WC(Q), 2004EC(Q), 2006WC(Q), 2010WC(Q), 2012EC(Q), 2014WC(Q)

    Total = 31 pts

    The best: 1962WC, 1976EC
    Top 2: 1934WC
    Top 4: 1920Olympic (disqualified), 1938WC, 1960EC, 1980EC
    Top 8: 1924Olympic, 1958WC, 1990WC
    Top 16: 1954WC, 1966WC(Q), 1968EC(Q), 1970WC, 1972EC(Q), 1974WC(Q), 1982WC, 1984EC(Q), 1988EC(Q), 1992EC(Q)
    Top 32: 1964EC(Q), 1978WC(Q), 1986WC(Q), 1994WC(Q)

    Total = 28 pts

    Olympic tournaments definitely should have included, it was seen as the 'original' World Cup, the first official major football tournaments until the first FIFA World Cup materialised in Uruguay in 1930, then there were three respectable editions in 1936, 1948 and 1952 that almost equal, the Olympic football tournament was clearly replaced by the World Cup when it came the 1954 FIFA World Cup which was held in Switzerland that has achieved an overwhelming success organizationally, technically also media coverage 'radio days' , but I made an exception for both 1956 & 1960 and give half of the points each.
    For 'eras' argument, they were the best in their era so have been given the same treatment.
    Thanks anyway for reminding me to reconsider.
  6. Smoga

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    Jan 28, 2002
    Brooklyn, NYC
    This is the primary reason why this methodology and ranking sucks, but there are other ones as well.
  7. King of STS

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    Oct 20, 2017
    I have already said maybe right way, maybe wrong. Certainly I know that there will always be some flaws.
    Just by saying it, with no solution, that's the easy part.
    The hard part is you have a chance to put it to bed once and for all with a better methodology, it all depends that if you can or you can't.
    Perfection is impossible, nobody can.
  8. Metropolitan

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    Sep 5, 2005
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    Nat'l Team:
    Here is the all-time table ranking for UEFA teams at the Euro, World Cup and Confederations Cup:

    3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 for a loss, then ranked by goal differences as a tie-breaker.

    Serbia includes Yugoslavia and Serbia and Montenegro results. Russia includes Soviet Union results. Czech Republic includes Czechosovakia results.
  9. Ceres

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    Jan 18, 2004
    Aarhus, Denmark
    AGF Aarhus
    Nat'l Team:
    Sweden never won anything except for the 1948 Olympics (with the advantage of not having been involved in WW2 at all), so what's up with giving them top points for WC1950 and WC1958 ?

    Also, regarding the first WC tournaments in general, you need to consider that very few European countries chose to participate at all .. only 4 in 1930 and at that point in time England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales had actually resigned from FIFA...

    In fact, besides Sweden and France, some of the absolute top European football nations in the early years of the game, England and Denmark did not participate at all in the WC qualifiers before 1950 .. (Denmark did not even enter the qualifiers before 1958). the Netherlands also did not participate on a regular basis before 1958.

    On a side note ... you did not count Denmark winning the FIFA Confederations Cup in 1995 :
  10. Gilbertsson

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    Apr 1, 2012
    Toronto Croatia
    Nat'l Team:
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    Why is Scotland in front of Poland, Greece? Poland has two bronze World Cup medals, one fifth place, Olympic winners 1972, silver medal in 1976 and 1992, fourth place in 1936. Even some ex-Soviet Republics, ex-Yugoslav countries have better results than Northern Ireland, Switzerland, Scotland, Romania, etc.
    The best intention would be the calculation of World Cup, EURO, Confederation Cup, Olympic Games results. Not tradition, appearance, popularity, national league strength.
    Denmark should be in front of Sweden. But it's also hard to say are several silver and bronze World Cup medals stronger than silver and bronze EURO medals. Is World Cup 3rd place stronger than EURO semifinals? Is Olympic title stronger than EURO or Confederation Cup title?:) Many versions of point calculations have flaws. It's really hard to create anything objective.

    Denmark won Olympic gold medal in 1906.

    Also they have EURO title, but with weaker results at World Cups.

    East Germany is forgotten here.

  11. +PL+

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    Jun 22, 2015
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    Your ranking was correct. Portugal is around 15-16 in ranking.
  12. Nani_17

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    Nov 3, 2011
    Real Madrid
    Yeah, no one was sure until a mentally challenged person confirmed it.

    Thank you.

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