Top 10 Greatest World Cup Performances of All Time

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    Here's a interesting look at how all the usual suspects fared at the World Cup in highest pressure game against a top quality team (or you can called the sheer quality if you wish), this the true test of greatness and it defines their place a bit.

    Most notably Germany/West Germany and Italy leads the list as they are a class above everyone, both are mentality and tactically (especially Italy) years ahead of the rest.
    Germany and Italy are the two best teams that could put a tremendous display under pressure with composure wise in whatever circumstances, tough as steel that's why they had a phenomenon record in the knockout stages whether at the World Cup or the European Championship, which explains even more why their match against each other always a cracker of a match that turns for most into a classic. TECHNICALLY & MENTALITY taken a new level of any international match, a part of it a cultural thing than its football, with a boost of their technical ability, Germany & Italy's determination to win are simply unmatched.

    Eusebio vs England 66 - A truly remarkable World Cup, a legendary performance in four games in a row as he performed magnificently in all areas of the game. Now, he was up against the first top quality opponent a full strength England team with high quality at every position. Therefore there is no signs of the same class again because he was marked out of the game by a formidable opponent where he was very quiet. Eusebio completely disappeared in that particular match.

    Muller vs Italy 70 - One of the greatest ever in history of the game (a material of top 15 at least), the greatest goalscorer of all time in his greatest form ever. Italy remains the only NT who turned the great Gerd Muller into anonymous. Rosato did a great job in taken Muller out of the game for full 90 minutus that Muller failed miserably to break down a stubborn defence. Muller was held in check by him. In extra time Italy changed their strategy from catenaccio to scoring goals and unmarked Muller back at his best.

    Cruyff vs West Germany 74 - The 2nd best individual WC performance over a single tournament, the weight of his importance to the team made it 'that' extraordinary, miracles displays all the way in six games in a row (started especially since the Sweden match) though one game short, and it was a big one against a heavy weighted side at the final. When the German began to touch the ball for the first time Vogts took over the man marking the most important player till the end, he did it successfully and greatly on limit his influence as much as possible at the match. Cruyff has largely disappeared in the final. Berti Vogts the main reason West Germany won the 1974 World Cup. Argentina 74 were nothing special at all and Brazil was a top quality enough but a shadow of their former selves they comes clearly behind the three heavy weighted opponents West Germany, the Netherlands and Poland in 74. However, two major points +1, Cruyff played in Germany and that particular opponent who benefited from playing the game at home is the main rival to win the trophy so its very much disadvantage, from one year earlier, Cruyff led Ajax winning a great result against Bayern (it was no contest) 4-0 in Amsterdam, in a match that six Bayern players participating in the WC final featuring Beckenbauer, Muller etc, the second point, 1974 is the greatest year of the Dutch NT history, they never reach that same height again, in that same year also they humiliated Italy 3-1 (one of rare occasions Italy's defense got greatly exposed much like vs Brazil 70), they also dominant on the club level in four/five years in a row (Ajax-Feyenoord) so most the players (if not all) in the Dutch squad at the height of their powers which resulted the 1974 World Cup finals was the perfect timing for Cruyff and company, the last spot and least important because it's unknown no one knows what might happen, but you've got to take into consideration that Cruyff didn't play much at international matches, the most important games in the 1972 European Cup qualifiers he didnt play for Netherlands (crucial games) so the team failed miserably to qualify, the 1971-1974 years Cruyff is at his finest, afterwards helping his team reach the 1976 semi-finals losing only to the eventual winners at extra time, then he retired, the Netherlands in 1978 still a great team and one of the few European teams (not named Germany & Italy) in WC history that played very well in South America and that's was against formidable sides Italy & Argentina so there's no reason for saying that Cruyff cant do the same.

    Zico vs Italy 82 - Probably the best player in the world the year 1982 for calendar year, playing at the highest level in all competitions. At the World Cup, after his impressive performance against the reigning world champions Argentina now he faces the first true test a whole new level of opponent a complete package with character, personality, desire to compete and talent. Despite he was closely marked he escaped brilliantly and repeatedly, two of the most stunning moments that came from this World Cup was created by him (on how cleverly he fooled his marker and outsmarted Gentile, Socrates completed his 'magic moment' with the goal, the other was an all-time legendary assist 'Junior goal' in the match against Argentina), but he couldn't beat his marker as game progressed, completely faded in the second half or in other words he gave up he didnt like the game anymore and doesn't want any part of it.

    Platini vs West Germany 86 - Beautiful football and great tournamant overall by France all-round game. As for their inspiration, was not at his best and went into the tournament carrying an injury still had many standout moments especially against Italy and Brazil in the knockout stages but far less against Germany and in the second half particularly he was almost invisible. Wolfgang Rolff just repeated his success in marker Michel Platini again in this one much like the 1983 European Cup final.

    Maradona vs West Germany 90 - Buchwald took Maradona completely out of the game. Germany in the 1990 World Cup were solid as a rock and the competition were held in Europe. Still this is Maradona case, he played the entire tournament with injury which increased even more especially after his massive effort in the semi final and he combined well with Caniggia one of great break out stars of the tournament (suspended for the final). This is an exception 'if' because he had already proven it, he kicked a legendary Italian side out of the tournament (part of one of the greatest Italian teams ever that participated in World Cup history) and that match was played on their HOME SOIL, he definitely can produce moment of brilliance very much like against Brazil which effectively ended the match, had he been fully fit would have done the same, we will never know? ...And actually Germany couldn't beat Argentina on the pitch for 85 minutes the game was decided by referee (a dubious penalty).

    Romario vs Italy 94 - The Romario-Bebeto pairing was hard to beat, Romario especially was tearing the competition apart left and right until he faced a tower of strength at the back of opponent. Italy shut him down well altogether with Bebeto (who also had a great tournament which is rank easily among top three). Baresi (the man of the match) brilliantly blocked away and won all of his one-on-one duels against the attackers.

    Ronaldo vs Netherlands 98 - He had a great tournament overall at France at the age of just 21 years (which is already an amazing feat) but this one by far his most impressive performance to watch considering it was against a heavy weighted opponent, moreover he carried the team attack alone (Bebeto totally disappeared). Graceful and dominating, on an individual scale he provided much more of a threat out with his speed, dribbling and direct running, all that still doesn't seem to be enough because there was another player who equalled his 'phenomenon' performance in that same match named Frank de Boer. He managed to do a commendable job to man mark Ronaldo with a few heroics that kept this match at a draw, he made several important interventions, clearances and blocks. Ronaldo beat him once and it was crucial because that resulted in a goal when F. de Boer lost his focus the Brazilian scored (a great goal) after only seconds just after the break, the Dutch defender hit back and made one of the best tackles ever seen for his positional sense exceptionally perfect timing with a quick Ronaldo which intelligently stopped Ronaldo's legendary effort on that moment at extra time.

    Ronaldo vs France 98 - The defense and the backline of France 1998 was one of the greatest that ever participated in World Cup history (Laurent Blanc, another defender legend who left out of the final). Ronaldo appeared badly, however, he was taken ill on the day of the final according to the story, so this one probably doesn't counts.

    Zidane vs Italy 06 - Zidane has a reputation of big performance in big games (one of the very best about doing that of all-time), his way to keep things simple in the centre of midfield and controlled the tempo of the game. Yet again Italy remains the best team who handled the French superstar brilliantly, they did extremely well to limit his influence, watched him closely and not giving him freedom, they did it repeatedly most notably taken Zidane during his absolute prime out of the game at the European Cup final.

    Messi & Cristiano vs Germany - Just like the old days when the Germans were the best who dealt with Maradona & Platini the best two in the world during the 80s, history is repeating itself! Germany once again played the role of dreams crusher to the two greatest players of this generation (especially Messi at the World Cup), both being heavily marked in any Germany match, also they did it continuously on Ronaldo as they kept him very quiet at the Euro matches.

    Pele vs Italy 70 - "He has such charisma on the pitch, we put one or two stuck on him but he gets away from his marker very easily, a trademark for a great player and no one greater than him". Sandro Mazzola

    It seems Pele is not overrated, more like he is in the right place.

    Pele vs top quality teams

    Pele vs France 58 - 17 year olds against arguably the best and the most talented European side at the time that featuring Kopa, Fontaine and Piantoni (all in their prime years) and the tournament was held in Europe. 10/10

    Pele vs Sweden 58 - The final stages of the Swedish's glory days in world football still a European powerhouse, an aging squad but granted the home advantage. 9/10

    Pele vs England 70 - By far the best team Pele had faced struggled a bit with the great historic defence and legendary goalkeeper though still comes out on top at the end with winning performance. 8/10

    Pele vs Italy 70 - A piece of cake, he had quite an amazing outing. 11/10

    Pele done well against top quality teams (everywhere), actually he hit it out of the park (everytime), he cope with that (easily) on football's biggest stage, then he is the greatest footballer of all time.

    All his games in the World Cup he performed regularly at higher standard, Portugal maybe the exception match for obvious reason. Pele at the peak of his powers was injured during the 1962 and 1966 World Cup, while all players had an enormous advantage as they played the World Cup at the height of their peak. Despite all that, still Pele the number one at the World Cup (overall).

    All time's best
    I have said this before, personally I think Messi has the greatest technique gifted ever (a major possibility even greater than Pele technically). Pele technically as great as Messi but he has that huge advantage over Messi of his strong personality on the field a charismatic figure, great under pressure and always found an option which he can changed the complexion of the game against the strongest possible opponents, a complete package; technique, brain, attitude and he was a big game player. HE'S GREATEST FOOTBALLER.

    #1 Pele #2 Messi
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    1:42 could've been the greatest goal in World Cup history. Not sure if it was a foul or dive in the end
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