To Live and Date in New York/Single in the City

Discussion in 'Books' started by increase mather, Mar 10, 2003.

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    Aug 26, 2000
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    Does anyone watch this show (it originally aired on the Metro Channel in NYC and then it reaired on the We Network)?

    Watching it is roughly the equivalent of rubbernecking 300 simultaneous car accidents. It chronicles the (presumably real) lives of a bunch of leathery, superficial, socially privileged, self-absorbed skank hoes and the square-jawed, pointy-haired, investment banker/Eurotrash douchebags who love them.

    The show tries to pass itself off as being representative of life in NYC, but mercifully, the people living the lifestyle depicted on the program make up only about 3-5% of the city's population [Source: my own wild speculation].

    Anyway, as enraging as it is to watch the show, it's also produced so many moments of world-class accidental humor, such as the time when the Rich English Girl pitched her idea for a rap album to The Scottish Def Jam A&R Guy Who Needed Subtitles, and the time when the Pudgy, Clueless Girl went on a date with the Obviously Gay and Obviously Disgusted Guy She Met through a Dating Service.

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