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Discussion in 'The Netherlands' started by DRB300, May 4, 2012.

  1. What an idiots on
    They write over the matches, but nowhere is there in the reports the line-up of either teams to be seen. Just wanted to see who played in the U18 match against Denmark.
    Isnot there someone behind their pc's thinking...I'm missing something in this match report....what could it be...
  2. Van de Looi tells in an interview he contacted Dest to have a talk about his perspectives with Young Orange. Due to the tight schedule of this and last week a meeting couldnot take place, but it should be before october 12th as then the USA plays a match that could cap him.
    So Dest hasnot told the truth to Dutch media as he this and end last week insisted he hasnot heared anything from the KNVB, but in the States in an interview told the (true) opposite story.

    Van de Looi has a stupid idea, that I'm completely against.
    He says dual nationalities are on the rise (where does this come from?) and to tackle that the KNVB is going to more intensely have contact with dual nationals in the Netherlands.
    What does that mean? Dual nationals in the Netherlands with potential are in Dutch clubs and in Uxx Orange teams.
    If that doesnot convince them to choose for the Orange shirt, it's their loss as it's always a choice for a lesser nation.
    He however goes a step further and then enters imbecil territory. He wants to pursue Dutch dual nationals abroad. I guess he means players that are in Uxx teams of other nations.

    I've got a huge problem with that. It's the same as a few years ago imbecil pundits wanting FC Twente Douglas as defender in the Orange shirt, because they thought we would have a better chance to win the world cup.
    This is so fecking gloryhunting it is making me almost vomit.
    The Orange shirt is a display of what our Eredivisie develops and nurtures. Going that gloryhunting path makes a national team nothing more than a club that buys itself into glory.
    So this imbecil idea of van de Looi is about luring duals abroad, which by definition means not bred the Dutch way/without any Eredivisie dna is akin to that.
    Apart from that how are you going to implement that?
    The only interesting players in quality would be Dutch dual nats from Germany/Spain/France/England/Belgium. What reason would those have to go Dutch?
    I'm not interested in duals from the USA/Canada/Mexico or whatever as we have no clue about there true qualities, apart from my disgust of the whole idea itself.
    We had at NAC Breda a US guy, Palmer-Brown, labeled by the US fans as the best centre back in the world due to his performance in Uxx tournements. He turns out to be meh.
    The idiot in Zeist should keep his attention to what he's hired for and that's to keep a close watch on the youth in the Netherlands.
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  3. Oh, by the way.
    Orange u18 2 - 1 Denmark U18.
    Next match the USA!
  4. venema20

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    Jun 17, 2014
    I have to completely disagree with you. The game has changed. If you aren't aggressive you are gonna miss out. Plain and simple. These kids today don't have the honor and want the easy path a lot of the times. It sucks but you have to adapt as a nation.

    As for going after dual passports, I'd think a guy like Dervisoglu would be high up on the list to target.

    I want to see the best for the KNVB and this is the way it is going to produce the best results in my opinion
  5. Ahem, I think you missed the part that exemplifies going after duals abroad. That's utter useless time and money wasting.
    I posted duals in the Netherlands are playing in the Orange shirt if they're worth it. The problem is keeping them, not finding them.
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    Nat'l Team:
    Almost every team other than perhaps Brazil have had duals on their NT. Some of them have been recruited while others who grew up in the country joined that NT. I agree with @feyenoordsoccerfan that a country such as The Netherlands really doesn't need to chase after duals. The US NT is a different case and there is a long history of them getting duals to play for them (remember Earnie Stewart who grew up in Holland?).
  7. venema20

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    Jun 17, 2014
    Koopmeiners with a fantastic game today. He just controls the tempo out there and demands the ball. Such a leader at such a young age.

    Wijndal also looked very strong out there today. Very lively on the left side trying to make things happen. De Wit missed a sitter on a beautiful pass from Wijndal.

    Lang is reckless with the ball. Just turns it over too much. Always trying to do something which I appreciate but sometimes just turns himself into trouble. Has skills but not sure about the smarts.

    Redan and Chong didn't get a ton of time but you can see the potential in both of them. Redan had a nice assist off his body to De Wit
  8. Think this has to do with him not playing often enough on the highest level. It can be judged better/he can learn to do better by getting regular sub time for the first team.
  9. venema20

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    Jun 17, 2014
    Problem is I don't see where he is going to get time with such a crowded midfield at Ajax. I find he plays a very similar style to Ziyech. Just now needs his skills to keep progressing to see if he can get to that level
  10. Orange14

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    IIRC, Lang played in the first team three times last season and did OK. I suspect that he will get some playing time in cup matches this year along with duty in Jong Ajax. Opportunities will be more plentiful next season when Ajax lose a fair number of players. Like all young players he often is too reckless but that should even out with more playing time. He has speed and quickness, something that cannot be coached.
  11. BaritoPutra

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    Jan 26, 2007
    Good to hear! I would really like to see Koopmeiners getting some time at the Senior level. I think he's outgrown the U21 level. He has been ever-presence at AZ for some time now (captains the team this season), plays in Europa league and has done fair share for U21. He's a good passer, moves with ease and can orchestra attack from deep. Essentially he is a mini Frenkie de Jong, and he could be a decent insurance policy in case Frenkie is not available.
  12. A loan could do wonders. I saw some foreigners coming in for midfield positions at the last minute for Eredivisie clubs. He could have gain experience on such spots.
  13. venema20

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    Jun 17, 2014
    I think a Koopmeiners, De Jong, and Wijnaldum midfield could actually work.
  14. gabrielguilarte

    Feb 23, 2016
    AFC Ajax
    I’ll take Koopmeiners any day over Strootman. Similar to Malen case he can start adapting to the team. Same with Stengs.
  15. How Young Orange failed in recent years despite big names in it:
    Memphis, Frenkie en Justin: deze toptalenten misten met Jong Oranje het EK

    Nieuwe kansen Vanavond begint Jong Oranje vol goede moed aan de kwalificatiereeks voor het EK 2021 in Hongarije en Slovenië. Ook nu zit er, net als de afgelopen jaren, meer dan voldoende talent in de selectie. Toch ging het vaker fout dan goed. Een terugblik:

    Stan Wagtman & Jesse van Someren 10-09-19, 16:58 Laatste update: 17:21
  16. BaritoPutra

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    Jan 26, 2007
    Oranje U19 downed Portugal 4-0 in a friendly. Joshua Zirkzee with a hattrick. A few days ago, Oranje U19 tied Italy 2-2.

    Other recognizable names in U19 setup include Ryan Gravenberch, Sepp v.d. Berg, Timber brothers (Jurrien is the team's captain), Wouter Burger, and Maxim Gullit (son of Ruud). I think Redan could have been part of U19 but he was drafted up to U21. Same with Boadu, though he withdrew due to injury.

    After seeing the likes of Luuk de Jong and Vincent Janssen, it's encouraging to see the emerging Oranje central striker options shaking up... Zirkzee, Redan, Boadu :thumbsup:
  17. BaritoPutra

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    Jan 26, 2007
    And Brobbey.
  18. Maybe he'll provide the video of this match too?
  19. The Ajax media crowds are shouting shame on the Uxx Orange coaches they didnot see the Dest potential. These idiots should spend the coming days watching all the Young Ajax matches of last season, in which they gloriously failed, while the year before the better players became champion.
  20. venema20

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    Jun 17, 2014
    Did Dest steal your girlfriend or something?
  21. I'm calling out these idiots with facts, the abysmal performance Young Ajax had last season with Dest. So much it wasnot even a given Dest would get a contract. So to shame the Uxx coaches from U15 up till Young Orange is precisely what called it, opportunistic Ajax media shit. They should provide proof of them calling all those years for Dest in a Uxx set up. Nothing they can provide, but some hype starts and the whole shitcar jumps on the bandwagon. Disgusting.
    So as I criticised things with facts, how come you go down the personal attack road?
    Can you provide something that contradicts what I posted instead of a personal attack?
  22. venema20

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    Jun 17, 2014
    I'm just saying you hate on Dest every chance you get it seems. I know we have different opinions on the player but Dest has taken a big step in a short period of time so now everyone is catching up on him.

    I think with the National Team's lack of options at RB it makes the attention on Dest even more.

    He still has a lot of things to work on but he has a lot of potential which can be seen so far in his games for Ajax this year and also the game against Uruguay the other day.

    I think if Hoever was in the Eredivisie the attention on Dest wouldn't be as strong. We would see another great RB prospect playing every week. Right now the options are very limited in the Eredivisie. Even though he isn't a prospect, I hope Karsdorp can find some health. He is our best RB option
  23. Sorry buddy, but the post you chose to go personal attack on was directed at the hypers shaming the Orange Uxx coaches for not discovering Dest, which is disgusting and plainly false. I provided proof of that with the Young Ajax season.
    It was ten Hag, who told the Ajax management not to let Dest go on holidays as he intended him to join the preparations for the season and CL. If not chances were that Dest wasnot offered a contract yet at all. So for those people now all over each other crawling to shame the Uxx Orange coaches is what it is, disgusting.
    Ten Hag was the one (only one) who had a liking for his play in Young Ajax and thus massaged him into the selection at the board.
    Dest owes ten Hag major league.
    So no, it's not about Dest hating, it is about Dest performing in the past and his standing as a possible Uxx player.
    That's the past and what matters in football terms is how he goes forwards.
    He shows promise under ten Hag, but has still an awfull lot to prove.
    So please start reading my post not with biased blinders but for it's real content. I cannot go on explaining the obvious content to people that read with a warped vision.
    So if you had chosen to go into responding in truth to my post you would be responding/reacting to the content and then you wouldnot come up with a biased and unfounded personal attack.
    Just to show how shitty certain football sites are in creating fake news this one opens with:
    Koeman onderneemt actie na tip Ten Hag over Dest
    which means: Koeman acts after the Ten Hag tip about Dest.

    So one reads the item curious about what Koeman exactly has done. Nothing is mentioned in the article. It's just luring people in.

    I really want to visit these kind of fake news rooms with an old fashioned heavy wooden baseball bat.

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