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    Nat'l Team:
    Interesting with Serhuis. He's lost his starting position on Jong Ajax to the Brazilian youth Danilo Periera who was on the bench for the cup match on Wednesday.
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    Lots of new and unfamiliar faces in U21 as the team is in re-building mode. Kluivert must feel like man among boys. Hoping that Malacia will make strong impression, Koeman can use more options at LB in the Senior team. I also like Koopmeiners... he should boss the midfield.

    Goalkeepers: Jan Hoekstra (FC Groningen), Justin Bijow (Feyenoord), Maarten Paes (Heerenveen)

    Defenders: Nathangelo Markelo (Everton), Deyovaisio Zeefuik (FC Groningen), Armando Obispo (PSV), Sheral Floranus (Heerenveen), Perr Schuurs (Ajax), Tyrell Malacia (Feyenoord), Rick van Drongelen (Hamburg)

    Midfielders; Dani de Wit (Ajax), Deroy Duarte (Sparta Rotterdam), Ferdi Kadioglu (Fenerbahce), Teun Koopmeiners (AZ)

    Attackers: Kaj Sierhuis (Ajax), Tahith Chong (Manchester United), Jay-Roy Grot (VVV-Venlo), Justin Kluivert (Roma), Donyell Malen (PSV)
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    Hmm...I wonder if this would be a good time to revisit our top prospects list? I have a small excel file that just lists the best from each birthyear ATM. I would love to get some more in depth information:

    1997: Frenkie de Jong, Donny van de Beek, Steven Bergwijn, Calvin Verdonk, Sam Lammers, Arnaut Groeneveld
    1998: Carel Eiting, Timothy Fosu-Mensah, Rick van Drongelen, Teun Koopmeiners, Kaj Sierhuis, Javairo Dilrosun, Sam van Huffel
    1999: Justin Kluivert, Mathijs de Ligt, Ferdi Kadioglu, Perr Schuurs, Noa Lang, Joel Piroe, Donyell Malen, Che Nunnely, Bobby Adekanye, Tahith Chong, Armando Obispo
    2000: Kik Pierie, Delano Ladan, Achraf el Bouchataoui, Zakaria Aboukhlal, Ludovit Reis, Mitchel Bakker, Lutsharel Geertruida, Orkun Kokcu, Juan Familia Castillo, Thomas Buitink
    2001: Chieck Toure, Daishawn Redan, Myron Boadu, Kenzo Goudmijn, Wouter Burger, Liam van Gelderen, Nigel Thomas, Enric Llansana, Sepp van den Berg
    2002: Jayden Braaf, Ryan Gravenberch, Brian Brobbey
    2003: Xavi Simons, Naci Unuvar
  4. I thought he chose Spain?
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    I couldnt help notice sam van huffel of ADO Den Hag in the mix. is this guy just floating or he really is a talent. he went for the trial at Leicester city but only to find him self back at the parent club playing for the 21s
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    Nat'l Team:
    What about the Timber twins for 2001?
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    I've watched (maybe) three Feyenoord games this season... so obviously my visibility is quite poor here. I didn't remember Verdonk made any good impression. Is he any good? I actually like Tyrell Malacia (b. 1999) - seems that he might have a higher upside. A modern full back with high-octane forward runs and decent crosses. Quite physical and strong too for his age from what I could tell. Suspicious defending for the time being until he's getting more flying time. A poor man's Dumfries on left side?
    KNVB maakt werk van Omar Rekik, die bij Oranje onder 18 in de basis staat

    Omar Rekik start donderdagavond in de basis bij Oranje onder 18, dat in een toernooi tegen Engeland onder 18 speelt. Hij begint in dat duel in de basis.

    Rik Elfrink 15-11-18, 18:21 Laatste update: 19:08
    De voormalig jeugdspeler van onder meer PSV kwam al uit voor jong Tunesië en is door zijn goede prestaties bij Hertha BSC op de radar gekomen in Zeist. De 16-jarige broer van Karim Rekik kwam nog niet eerder voor een vertegenwoordigend elftal van Oranje uit en ontwikkelt zich in Berlijn goed als centrale verdediger. Het talent trainde bij Hertha al mee met de A-selectie en werkt zijn duels af met het onder 19-team van de Duitsers

    Mmm, another central defender.

    We need more of this:
    Cody Gakpo in bloedvorm bij Oranje onder 20: hattrick voor Eindhovenaar

    Cody Gakpo heeft van zich doen spreken bij Oranje onder 20. De jeugdinternational van PSV loodste de beloften in een oefenduel met drie goals langs Zwitserland onder 20: 1-3.

    Rik Elfrink 15-11-18, 23:45 Laatste update: 23:51
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    When? He was playing Oranje still at least as early as May.
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    I made a list of players from ’97 to ’02 that are in need of observation, so that’s my comment on them. I’d be glad for feedback and some proper discussion, you can make out of it another topic. At the top of every position there’s a player I personally consider as most talented out of this group. My notes:

    - ’02 is the strongest age-category I’ve seen in Dutch football in a while. Netherlands won U17 Championship last year, but this year team will be much, much stronger

    - I don’t think Netherlands has had similar depth in young core of players in past 15 years

    - probably I forgot about few players


    - Joshua Zirkzee (’01) – yeah, I know that not having Daishawn Redan at the top is controversial, but I did it for two reasons. First, it’s barely impossible to get into first Chelsea team from its youth teams, while Zirkzee spent whole preseason with first team and now is on the training camp in Doha with Ribery, Lewandowski and co. Secondly, Zirkzee is really killing it since departure to Munich – he’s considered as one of 2-3 most talented of Bayern Youth Teams, and was a leader of this team during UEFA Youth League matches. And more than that – eye-test of him is seriously outstanding: tall, quick, great sense of positioning, versatile – looks like complete ‘9’ in my eyes.
    - Daishawn Redan (’01) – he’s great, but my question mark is more related to his path of career than his actual talent. I really hope he’ll be loan somewhere he can play in proper role.
    - Myron Boadu (’01) – he was considered for two-three years as the brightest product of ‘new’ AZ Academy and his beginning of a season was sensational: quick, nice technically, good finisher, so we can focus on him more after his comeback from injury in January
    - Brian Brobbey (’02) – I don’t know where was a last time when 16yo was scoring in Ajax U19 goals with goal-per-game frequency, but he has done it since beginning of a season. Basically he should play with Jong in this moment, because theres nothing he can get from playing in U19 team, what’s very impressive considering he’s only 16.
    - Nick Venema (’99) – yes, there are many examples of players scoring with nice frequency at Eredivisie level and not making it outside of Netherlands, but what’s striking me the most about Venema is that his quickness is a point of emphasis I would make that (in my opinion) makes him international talent, better than f.e. Viktor Janssen
    - Naoufal Bannis (’02) – he’s probably less-known, but he may be the best offensive talent from Feyenoord Academy in a while, there’s a chance he will have his own debut in senior team this year, I’ve read that without an injury he will be in training with first team right now

    Other players worthy of mentioning: Vente, Lammers, Piroe, Sierhuis (but I don’t think they’ll make it on international level)


    - Steven Bergwijn (’97) – well, that’s obvious right now
    - Justin Kluivert (’99) – I have pretty ambivalent opinion about him: I’ve never considered him as top-top talent, yet I believe his early struggles in Rome are related to league’s difficulty, crazy Di Francesco’s rotations and his youth, so I believe he’ll finally make it and become great player
    - Tahith Chong (’99) – he was a candidate to be first Dutch young player to make it through after early departure to England, but after being chosen as the best Young United Player in 17/18, he had to wait for Jose Mourinho’s sack to get a chance to debut with a first team. I think he’s extremely talented, my best feature of him is his discipline on defense and versatility as a winger, I dream about him getting loaned to one or another Bundesliga team
    - Donyell Malen (’99) – I didn’t know where I should put him on this list, but I have to write that I am quite impressed about his development in recent months. I’ve always considered him as a player not good in finishing enough to play as forward, and not crafty enough to play as winger, yet he plays successfully as a ‘joker’ in both roles in PSV already. Next season, with potential Bergwijn and Lozano’s departures, he’ll be force to reckon with, and his stats/90 minutes are truly amazing even right now
    - Sontje Hansen (’02) – similarly to Bannis, he’s not as popular as other players here probably because of his age, but his current production in U19 and UEFA Youth League is great, he’s with Brobbey and Taylor player to get promotion to Jong Ajax soon, he’s better than Justin was in his age, I’m curious if he can catch Kluivert’s 17-18yo season where he get promoted in a year to Jong and then to first Ajax team – probably not, yet he’s still great talent to observe

    Others worthy mentioning: Lang, Toure, Azarkan, Van Bergen, Stengs (sorry, but his injury scares me a lot about his future), Gakpo, Summerville, Groeneveld, Dilrosun, Braaf, Aboukhlal


    - Frenkie De Jong (’97) – no need to elaborate here
    - Ryan Gravenberch (’02) – probably well-known already, I believe he’ll have De Ligt-like or Kluivert-like career, he’s THAT good, the youngest Ajax debutant and goalscorer ever, and regular Jong Ajax player as 16yo – wow!
    - Mohammed Ihattaren (’02) – he’s probably more of ‘10’ or a winger, but nonetheless he’s clearly the most talented PSV Youth player, it was sooo impressive that he was the best player on last UEFA Euro in my eyes as an under-ager. Professional debut this season – I think so
    - Danny Van de Beek (’97) – no need to elaborate here
    - Naci Unuvar (’03) – I made one exception and decided to put Unuvar (born in 2003) on my list, but I guess everyone aware of his hype knows why
    - Orkun Kokcu (’00) – he’s really amazing, I wasn’t suprised at all that in his Feyenoord’s debut he scored a goal and got an assist. I hope he won’t go to Paris or other big club, and take advantage of Feyenoord’s system
    - Wouter Burger (’01) – he had his professional debut in Trencin’s disaster, plays regularly in Jong Feyenoord and was the best midfielder last year on Euro, but I’m not as big fan as many people are, yet he can’t be overlooked with his combination of size and technique
    - Kenneth Taylor (’02) – for me, I like a comparison with Van de Beek, and not only because they’re both blond – left-footed, well-balanced, one of four best ’02 players in Ajax youth team
    - Carel Eiting (’98) – I know that he’s not rated that high by many people, but I think if he gets his chance next year, he can really take it far away

    Others worthy mentioning: Till, Vlap, Koopmeiners, Rosario, Ekkelenkamp, Reis, Kardioglu (?), Goudmijn, Q. Timber, Franken, Manuel Pherai, Proper, Llansana, el Bouchataoui

    Left and right backs:

    - Mitchell Baker (’00) – he’s clearly the most talented Dutch back right now, and I’m sure he’ll be regular Ajax left back soon
    - Tyrell Malacia (’99) – I know he’s regularly criticised and I’m not saying it isn’t just, but I still believe he can become good player eventually with some defensive improvements
    - Timothy Fosu-Mensah (’98) – he’s probably the biggest disappointment I have towards this group, he was heavily advertised and had nice beginning of his career in Manchester, but his loan to Fulham was a disaster. I believe he can become good player on international level, but with Dumfries killing it nobody should expect from him taking a spot in regular XI on regular basis
    - Liam Van Galderen (’01) – he was reaaaaally good at last Euro, so while I don’t know that much about him and the way this season he’s been playing, it’s impossible not to have him here as right-back alternative
    - Kik Pierie (’00) – I think he will be regular central back with his on-ball skills, but considering needs, if he makes it, he’ll be left back alternative on national level, and I really believe he can develop properly
    - Jurrien Timber (’01) – already with Jong Ajax matches as central back, but he’s clearly right-back in the making, I wonder if him or Dest become successor of Mazraoui on Ajax’s right back spot

    Central backs:

    - Matthijs de Ligt (’99) – well …
    - Ki-Jana Hoever (’02) – let’s put things straight – he wasn’t considered as elite talent in Ajax (but he was good), but he’s considered by Liverpool’s fans and coaches as elite after few months here, he’s probably the only one example of a player that developed thanks to departure to other country. He’s sensational, really, he looks like De Ligt-tier of talent out there, I talk to my friend and Liverpool’s fan and Ki-Jana gets as much hype as Alexander-Arnold in the past, and he’s one of the most promising right backs on Earth right now. Also a RB.
    - Perr Schuurs (’99) – I’m pretty sure he will be regular Ajax player next year after De Ligt’s transfer, and considering how well Ajax centre backs are recevied recently in Europe (Sanchez, De Ligt, even Wober), he can become very good player as well
    - Rick Van Drongelen (’98) – I won’t lie that I’ve seen any Bundesliga 2 game this year, but it seems Hamburg will advance to Bundesliga next year, with him as regular starting player
    - Sepp Van den Berg (’01) – he’s kind of curious case, because on one hand I consider him as overhyped only because of his early debut and regular playing in Zwolle, but on the other hand – boy, being regular professional player as 16yo says something about his potential

    Others worthy mentioning: Sandler, Obispo, Geertruida, Hoogma, Bogarde (captain of U17 team, but I need to see more from him, especially after his departure to Hoffenheim), Musampa


    - Justin Bijlow (’98) – no need to elaborate here

    - Joey Koorevaar (’01) – sensational at the Euro

    - Kjell Scherpen (’00) – he’s really young, and in age of 18 regular Eredivise starter, his physicality is also very promising as for this position

    - Jesper Schendelaar (00) – I’ve heard he’s been good all season long, is there anyone with more sophisticated analysis?

    Sorry, it’s hard to elaborate more here.

    What I like the most is that finally Netherlands has core of players they can build senior national team on (De Ligt, Van Dijk, De Ligt, De Vrij, Dumfries, De Jong, Van de Beek, Bergwijn, Depay), but this new generation is really that good, so this team can be only better and better. Depth on ‘9’ position and in a midfield is truly amazing, and I don’t know if there was any point in history of Dutch football where potential on defense was as big as it’s right now.

    For me XI of the future is: Koorevaar – Bakker, De Ligt, Hoever, Timber – De Jong, Gravenberch, Kokcu – Kluivert, Ihattaren, Zirkzee, but I think in 2025 there will be still De Vrij, Van Dijk, maybe even Cilliesen, probably Depay.

    I really hope that one of these 9s can develop quickly, because that’s lacking point of NT right now.
  11. Welcome back @PiTo and thanks for the effort compiling that list.
    Hope to see you post regularly on those kids:thumbsup:

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