The Pittodrie Bar: Aberdeen season 08/09

Discussion in 'Scotland' started by approx.purified, Oct 19, 2009.

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    Aug 4, 2009
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    Another week, another draw. There are some encouraging signs though. The defence has gone from being a major worry at the start of the season to being fairly solid bar the odd game. There are signs that McGhee is getting the players to knock the ball about with more purpose rather then reverting to the Calderwood hoofball tactics and Derek Young and Darren Mackie are no longer first team starters:cool: and the youngsters like Pawlett, Paton and Fyvie are getting a chance to shine.

    A lack of goals is the real problem and I really think McGhee will need to go shopping for one in the winter transfer window.

    Big game next weekend against United and it is one where a win might give our stuttering season a boot up the backside it needs.
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    Maybe now that Miller is off the mark for the season he might be able to turn some draws into victories. From the glimpses I've seen I like the look of Pawlett and Paton.
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    Feb 28, 2009
    Joe Harper was in the record today saying Fraser Fyvie could be the best player ever produced by Aberdeen. Bit of a bold statement considering some of the players they produced in the 80s, but I've been very impressed with him, you'd never guess he's as young as 16.

    Think the dons could struggle to hold onto him.
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    Adam Rooney has moved to.... Salford City. Just why?

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