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  1. Van de Beek shouldnot be on the pitch, just like St Juste in the Amsterdam match.
    Same unintended foul because of bad executed tackle.

    1. 12 '
      Yellow card for Donny van de Beek

      Ouch, firy tackle! Van de Beek hits Jan-Arie van der Heijden full on the ankle. There was no question of intent, but it does look unpleasant.

      First goal resulted out of a ref failure who gave a corner that wasnot one.

      Ajax needed the refs help to survive.
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    Nat'l Team:
    I was gracious when your team won the league match last month. You should learn from that. Blaming the referee is a waste of time. Your team did not perform. That's it, I'm not commenting on the match further.
  3. Do as you like, but claiming your team was bossing, considering the first half is a joke.
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    KNVB Amsterdam haven't won any hardware in how many years now? It is time for the KNVB to smooth their path to something, eh?
  5. 1 - 1 end after extra time.

    Wellenreuther stops first penalty in the semi cup final!

    Edit: and he stops nr.2:eek:

    Edit: and he stops nr. 3.:eek::eek:

    Bjorn Johnsen has to score for AZ and hits the post. AZ out and Willem II to the Final.
  6. This weekend the 5th of May 2019, 18:00 CEST

    How much will the CL match against Tottenham have drained energy from the Ajax players?
    Ajax coach and players alike are keen on getting the first trophy of this season on sunday.
    According to Willem II coach Adri Koster almost all players are fit and he's hoping and expecting goalie Timon Wellenreuther will be fit to.
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    ^^Willem II rolled over and played dead against PSV in their last match. Ajax have not forgotten this.
  8. pfff, they put Lozano out for the last two matches which could cost PSV points, so you mean Ajax is going to score two own goals to pay for that?
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    How do supporters smuggle flares into the arena????
  10. Okay, the 2019-2020 Cup competition is announced with these first matches:

    Ajax, Feyenoord, PSV en AZ skip the first round as a bonus for the Euro Cup matches. They come in with the second round.
    Programma eerste ronde KNVB-beker (29, 30 en 31 oktober):
    • Vitesse - De Graafschap
    • Almere City FC - Go Ahead Eagles
    • Excelsior - NEC
    • FC Dordrecht - MVV Maastricht
    • FC ‘s-Gravenzande - SteDoCo
    • Hoek - PEC Zwolle
    • IJsselmeervogels - FC Den Bosch
    • Koninklijke HFC - Telstar
    • NAC Breda - FC Emmen
    • Achilles Veen - Roda JC
    • AFC - ODIN’59
    • Ajax (Ama.) - OFC
    • GVVV - Helmond Sport
    • Harkemase Boys - FC Groningen
    • Rijnsburgse Boys - FC Eindhoven
    • Sparta Nijkerk - Fortuna Wormerveer
    • De Treffers - FC Twente
    • Quick - Willem II
    • Flevo Boys - VV Katwijk
    • GOES - SC Cambuur
    • Spakenburg - ASWH
    • sv Oss - TOP Oss
    • RKSV Groene Ster - VVV-Venlo
    • Excelsior ‘31 - FC Utrecht
    • Heracles Almelo - RKC Waalwijk
    • Excelsior Maassluis - sc Heerenveen
    • Sparta Rotterdam - FC Volendam
    • Fortuna Sittard - ADO Den Haag
  11. This evening the cup has these matches:
    Programma van vandaag

    Vitesse - De Graafschap 1-0

    • 19.45 uur
    GOES - SC Cambuur
    Flevo Boys - VV Katwijk
    GVVV - Helmond Sport
    FC Dordrecht - MVV Maastricht
    IJsselmeervogels - FC Den Bosch
    Koninklijke HFC - Telstar
    Hoek - PEC Zwolle
    Almere City FC - Go Ahead Eagles
    Achilles Veen - Roda JC Kerkrade
    Excelsior - NEC
    Rijnsburgse Boys - FC Eindhoven
    OSS’20 - TOP Oss

    • 20.45 uur
    NAC Breda - FC Emmen
  12. Ajax en PSV bekeren op woensdag, Feyenoord op donderdag

    tweede rondeAjax en PSV spelen hun wedstrijd in de tweede ronde van de KNVB-beker op woensdag 18 december. De Amsterdammers gaan die dag op bezoek bij Telstar. Die wedstrijd begint om 18.30 uur in Velsen-IJmuiden. PSV speelt diezelfde dag om 20.45 uur in Veenendaal tegen GVVV.

    Sportredactie 04-11-19, 17:29 Laatste update: 17:51
    Het complete programma:
    Dinsdag 17-12:
    IJsselmeervogels - SteDoCo (19.45 uur)
    Katwijk - TOP Oss (19.45 uur)
    SC Heerenveen - Roda JC (19.45 uur)
    Vitesse - ODIN ‘59 (19.45 uur)
    Excelsior - FC Eindhoven (19.45 uur)
    Fortuna Sittard - PEC Zwolle (20.45 uur)

    Woensdag 18-12:
    Telstar - Ajax (18.30 uur)
    Sparta Nijkerk - NAC Breda (19.45 uur)
    OFC - Spakenburg (19.45 uur)
    AZ - Groene Ster (19.45 uur)
    Willem II - Sparta Rotterdam (19.45 uur)
    Heracles Almelo - FC Dordrecht (19.45 uur)
    GVVV - PSV (20.45 uur)

    Donderdag 19-12:
    FC Groningen - FC Utrecht (18.30 uur)
    SC Cambuur - Feyenoord (20.45 uur)

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