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Discussion in 'Yanks Abroad' started by Testudo, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. mschofield

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    May 16, 2000
    Union Berlin
    Nat'l Team:
    n their most recent Nation's league matches (competitive matches) the Danish national team included:
    14 DF Henrik Dalsgaard (age 29) 18 caps England/Brentford. Brentford (five years in championship) is currently 18 our of 24 in teh championship.
    5 DF Jonas Knudsen (age 26) 6 caps England/ Ipswich Town. Ipswich (15 years in Championship) is currently 24 out of 24 in the Championship.
    11 FW Martin Braithwaite (age 27) 29 caps, England/ Middlesbrough. (two years in championship) MidBoro is currently 6 of 24 in the Championship.
    That's three players from the English Championship, one of whom does meet your criteria, though just barely (though I'm sure you got decent odds when you placed your bet on their promotion, so well done). That roster also included three players in the Danish Superliga (two from Copenhagen), There were 2 players from the Bund, two from Serie A. 4 from the Prem. 4 from the Ere, two from France, and a player each from Spain and Poland.
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    Jan 18, 2004
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    Nat'l Team:
    Martin Braithwaite is an unusual case. He may still be owned by Middlesbrough, but he has also been playing 14 games in the French league for Bordeaux this year and had also negotiated his personal terms with the Spanish La Liga side Leganes in the summer transfer window 4 month ago, but then all of a sudden, in the last minute, Middlesbrough would not let him go...

    Henrik Dalsgaard and Jonas Knudsen are just in luck that they are both full-backs, which is kind of the weak spot on the NT right now, not least after Riza Durmisi (who moved from Betis to Lazio this summer) and the Danish NT coach seem to be in some sort of dispute ... Besides Riza (who no longer get selected) and Jens Stryger Larsen (Udinese), then Peter Ankersen (FC København), Dalsgaard and knudsen are the only real options with at least some experience.

    Otherwise there are a few U-21 NT full-backs on their way, like Rasmus Nissen, who has only played 4 league games for Ajax so far this season, Joakim Mæhle who is a regular starter in the Belgium league for Genk, but only has won 2 caps for the U-21 NT back in 2017 and then Andreas Poulsen ( Borussia Mönchengladbach), who is only 19 and has not played any games so far in the Bundesliga.
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    Apr 18, 2015
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    United States
    I've no idea what BL2 is like as I've never watched it.

    I have watched many English D2 matches, whatever it was called at the time and considering the players are paid more than their MLS counterparts, the standard of play of most teams isn't particularly higher.

    I prefer MLS.
  4. Paul Berry

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    Notts County and NYCFC
    Apr 18, 2015
    Nr Kingston NY
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    United States
    Bradley Wright-Phillips is a MLS phenomenon.

    He says he was pretty much washed up and joining the Red Bulls was a hail Mary.

    He was as bad as you'd expect given his record in England during his first season in Harrison but credits working with Thierry Henry for his incredible turn around.

    Among other things, Henry taught him to run off the shoulder of the last defender and to take his time in front of goal rather than snatch at chances.

    Sam and Luke Rodgers both played for Notts and were useful League One quality attacking players.

    Things have progressed though. Jay Simpson who is probably better than either Sam or Rodgers can't get on the field at the Union.
  5. LouisianaViking07/09

    Aug 15, 2009
    How's the Belgian league compare to MLS? We have 2 Yanks there. Horvath and a defender. Would they both be starters at top clubs in MLS?
  6. It's called FOOTBALL

    May 4, 2009
    asskicking, huh :coffee:
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  7. HockeytownHeel

    United States
    Jul 23, 2018
    The MLS still has identify issues when it comes what it wants to be and its kind of sad most days.

    A couple of teams will showcase younger players while the others want to put fans in the seats and try and get has beens at contracts no one else would pay. Then you throw in some middling guys who were okay in college along with some South Americans and you get some strange soccer at times..

    Atlanta has a great model for success. Invest in inexpensive youth talent and attempt to tap into the hispanic market as well as the home town market. Then sell off pieces when its time and invest in more young ones.

    They have some talented young pieces who play and will only serve them better.. More of a EURO model for success. Barco, Carlton, Bello, Goslin, and Brandon Vazuez are players I think could play in Europe and likely will be sold by Atlanta in time once they get valued high enough.

    Surprisingly they kept Josef Martinez on the team when they had good offers for him too.

    If I was a young player, I think Atlanta's type of model is what I would search for. Not as familiar with SKC but noticed they seemed to like youth. They have Busio and Jaylin Lindsey. Not sure how much they play their youth at all.

    Back to the whole MLS thing, it seems they want to attract bigger and better players but they only ones they do just come to collect a pay day in the twilight of their careers.
  8. Paul Berry

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    Notts County and NYCFC
    Apr 18, 2015
    Nr Kingston NY
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    What is this 2006?

    Pity Martinez won the CONMEBOL player of the year award last year by a landslide. He's 25.

    Bryan Fernandez scored 18 goals and 5 assists in 25 starts in Liga MX last season, he's 24.

    Carlos Vela is still capable of playing in any top-flight league in Europe and only recently turned 30.

    NYCFC's new DP and striker is 27.

    And fewer and fewer college grads are playing in MLS. A lot of players in the Superdraft are still freshmen but if you look at Philly, Dallas or the Red Bulls, most of their young players came through their academies.

    I don't think Atlanta were trying to tap into the Hispanic market particularly in a city where only 5% of the population is Hispanic. They wanted to play with an exciting Latin-American flai, which still makes the appointment of FdB puzzling and somewhat disappointing.

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