The best players of Euro 2008

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    On this model : The best players of Euro 2000 (@comme started other threads like this one ofc, 1982 etc.).
    There is also already this thread in another section of the forum : MVP Euro 2008 started by @Rubinhogoal.


    Euro 2008 FF ratings and stats :



    ------------------------5-----------------------54 coach : Löw.


    --------------------Torres--------------------73 coach : Aragones.

    From the bench :

    Lahm by Jansen (46th min.). Jansen 5.
    Kuranyi for Hitzlsperger (58).
    Gomez for Klose (79).

    Xabi Alonso for Fabregas (63).
    Cazorla for Silva (66).
    Güiza for Torres (78).

    referee : Rosetti 7.
    Match : 16/20.
    (1-0 for Spain, Torres).

    Team Stats :
    Shots : 4 - 13
    On target : 3 - 7
    CK. : 4 - 7
    Fouls : 22 - 19
    Off-sides : 5 - 4
    Poss. : 33'15'' - 33'12''

    Highlighted player : Senna. The short comment refers to Aragones at the same time as the one who had the good idea to naturalize him. On Senna, in gross : wonderful combination of finesse and power.

    In the semi-finals RUS-SPA, the highlighted player was Fabregas. He entered the pitch after 35 min of play instead of Villa and gave 2 assists (2-0 by Güiza then 3-0 by Silva, final score. Xavi had scored the opener at the 50th).
    Fabregas had the best rating with 7 étoiles, like his teammates Iniesta and Ramos.
    The best-rated Russian player was Zhirkov with 6 étoiles.
    Totals : 58 against 73.

    ETOILES (outfield players) :
    1. Podolski 37
    2. Iniesta 36
    3. Ballack 35
    4. Lahm, Senna 34
    6. Zhirkov 33
    7. Torres, Xavi, Pavlyuchenko 32
    10. Klose, Silva, Semak, Zyrianov, Altintop 31
    15. Metzelder 30

    ETOILES (goalkeepers) :
    1. Lehmann, Casillas 32
    3. Buffon 27
    4. Akinfeev 26
    5. Ricardo 22
    6. Sar, Boruc, Lobont, Isaksson 29
    10. Pletikosa 17



    "Team made by taking in account the classement des étoiles as well as our special reporters' observations at pages...".

    A next post will be about these pages were FF ranks the players by position (top 5) and also lists the disappointments.
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    The Dutch players are completely overlooked somehow? OK, VDS only played 3 games and scores fine here among the goalkeepers (average grade of 7; higher than Casillas and Buffon). Seems like the global media had enough of them, a theme that would reappear in later tournaments.

    Oh wait, see now almost all top rated players played at least the semi final.
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    Yes of course that's the totals and they stop at 30 étoiles for the outfield players in this issue. It's strongly possible that not a single player who was absent from the semi-finals was able to totalize 30 points.

    Btw I made a typo in the top 10 goalkeepers' section :
    It's 19 ofc. Not 29.
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    FF TOP 5 by POSITION (using quotation marks will not mean that it will be always exact or complete quotes from the article. As for the translation of the main terms employed I don't even know if the word 'hard-wearing' works anyway for instance, as in the comments about the gk's... but let's go) :


    "Casillas and the others"

    1. Casillas
    2. Van der Sar
    3. Buffon
    4. Boruc
    5. Akinfeev

    "Casillas never looked as strong as now at 27 years old. If he could have done better against Sweden on the Ibrahimovic's goal, the Spanish captain has dominated the rest of the competition reassuring his team with his catchings of the ball and his astonishing reflexes. In the Q-F's he won by 2 saves to 1 in the pso against Buffon. He always dives on the right side. Then against Russia he made a spectacular horizontal save on a Pavlyuchenko's attempt.
    Behind him, it has to be the experienced and hard-wearing Van der Sar always solid and assured like against Italy of Toni and France of Benzema.
    Buffon knew a little alert on a shot by Senna by releasing the ball onto his post but Italy would have probably not go through the first round if he had not saved a pk of Mutu with the hand and the foot against Romania.
    Boruc, then, was the winner of a dozen of face-to-face with German, Austrian or Croatian strikers.
    At last the Russian Akinfeev, in spite of 7 goals conceded against Spain has contributed to the good tournament of his team.
    The old Turkish goalkeeper Rüstü, sub at the start of the tourney could have featured in this ranking thanks to his Q-F against Croatia during which he gave an assist for the Semih Sentürk's equalizer at the last second before to stop the pk of Petric. But his failed aerial intervention in front of Klose in the next round broke the magic."

    The disappointments :
    "If Germany reached the final, it's not thanks to Lehmann who is not beyond reproach on the two goals conceded to Turkey. But the biggest blow in the tournament shall go to Cech who precipitated the Czech Republic's elimination by releasing a slippery ball in the feet of the Turk Nihat."


    "Huge Zhirkov"

    1. Zhirkov
    2. Sabri
    3. Pranjic
    4. Lahm
    5. Sergio Ramos

    "He's the other Russian revelation of the tournament and given his age (25 years in August) he may have as much or even more offers than Arshavin. Lined-up at left-back by Hiddink, Zhirkov has rolled over the Greeks, Swedes and Dutches by his incessant courses, his calls for the ball, his dribbles, his crosses. Always in the right tempo, always pin-point technically and physically huge. But his big defensive difficulties against Spain underlined the obviousness : he is not a real left back.
    The Turk Sabri makes the ranking almost for one single match (Ger-Tur 3-2), but his defensive and offensive performance in the S-F's was so huge that it is impossible to forget him.
    The Croatian Pranjic, partner of Modric in the combinations also made his name by his finesse and his accelerations though he often had trouble to finish his matches.
    The German Lahm, filled his role with determination. He has suffered against the Turks but his mental made the difference at the end of the match and his goal saved his team. However, his responsabilty is involved on the goal of Torres in the final.
    At last, the Spanish Sergio Ramos has made talk his experience, his solidity but also his talent by having a nice offensive match against Russia.
    We could have cited Corluka as well, the twin of Pranjic on the right side or the Lyonnais Fabio Grosso, one of the few Italians who did not disappoint."

    Disappointments :
    "Marcell Jansen struggled completely. Sagnol did not have the physique to play such a competition and Abidal never entered the competition. Seitaridis was far from his level of 2004. Bosingwa was not the announced star. The Czech leader of Milan AC Jankulovski could not avoid the mental explosion of his team against the Turks."

    Next : CB's and DM's then at last, AM's and ST's.
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    "The class of Pepe"

    1. Pepe
    2. Puyol
    3. Chiellini
    4. Marchena
    5. R. Kovac

    "Amongst the favorites, Portugal stopped in the quarter-finals. One player was not unworthy though. Cristiano Ronaldo? No, Pepe, the Real Madrid's defender. Always well positioned, intransigent in the duels, reassuring and precise in the first pass, the Portuguese was one of the rare of his team, with Deco, to hold his own.
    Difficult to not talk in this ranking about the complementarity and efficiency of the Spanish Pair Puyol-Marchena. Combavity and ardour of the first and rigor and sobriety of the second. Together they muzzled the Italian Toni and closed the Russians Pavlyuchenko and Arshavin down.
    The Italian Chiellini features in the revelations of this Euro as well. The young defender of Juve, who plays lateal in club, has benifited from the injury of the captain Cannavaro - of which he is inadvertendly responsible - and of the Materazzi's fail against The Nethelands in order to imose himself in the Italian back-line. With him, Italy took only one goal against Romania, France and Spain.
    The two Croatian central defenders, Kovac and Simunic equally rocked, in spite of some slowness whereas the Russian Kolodine, redoubtable against The Netherlands, missed a lot to his team in the semi-finals".

    Disappointments :
    Finalists of the last World Cup, the italian Materazzi and the French Thuram swallowed water against the Dutch strikers' liveliness. Both began the tournament as starters and ended it on the bench. Without being catastrophic, the Greeks Dellas and Kyrgiakos did not provide to the outgoing champion the same defensive serenity as in 2004.


    "Senna, the cornerstone"

    1. Senna
    2. Altintop
    3. Semak
    4. De Rossi
    5. Frings

    "The Spanish Makelele, positionned before the defense, was the cornerstone of the system Aragones. Tireless cleaner, bringing up the ball, he's the man of the first impulse. A big heart, a beautiful vision of the game, a resistance that often made him finish the games better than he started it : the Villareal player reaveled himself at this level.
    The Turk Altintop is the true playmaker of his team. Elegant, able to switch from right back to defensive midfielder, and to finish the games as a playmaker, his work-rate, his vision of the game, his tactical sense and his technique have impressed.
    The Russian Semak, former PSG player, for his part has played with sense of positionning, with anticipation, the quality of the first pass and his ability to efficiently participate in the offensives in order to realize a great tourney.
    De Rossi brang coherence and solidity to the Italian game.
    At last Torsten Frings, protector of Ballack in the first games, then absent during 2 games and half through injury, came back at the end of the race in order to hold an essential role.
    We could have cited the tall Dutch man Orlando Engelaar as well, magnificient of power and of combativness in the first round, but he sank in front of the Russians.
    At last the Greek Angelos Basinas, fluid player and combative, is the only representant from the champions 2004 who was able to extricate himself".

    Disappointments :
    Firstly, obviously Patrick Vieira, who did not play a single minute and cruelly missed to "Les Bleus". Toulalan was for his part a bit just physically so he could not avoid that his game looked muddled. Pirlo had no more fuel. Lining up Chivu, the Romanian captain, at a midfielder position, it's spoiling the goods of a superb central defender. Tobias Linderoth, the Swede, announced as the leader of his team, did not play. Hardly more terrible appraisal than the one of the Lyonnais Källström.
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    This one surprises me. I thought he was excellent in midfield, particularly against France in a very dull game. Given the nature of their group Romania did very well and he was the key to that I thought.
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    I agree with you that he was good (I think, because I can't pretend that I remember that much). Then as for FF, maybe that they wanted to say that any midfielder could have make the job against that Italy and most of all that terrible France thus consider that he would have been way more outstanding at the hour of the individual rankings as a cb. For he was better there and because there was not much technical CB's like him during that competition too, maybe. If it's that, I agree as well.
    Now from my vague memories, I believe that he was good at midfield indeed but shown in some places that it was not his natural position though. And once again it was against Italian and French midfields (especially, and teams in their globality) which were in poor form indeed. We'll never know how better or worse Romania and Chivu would have perform with this one as CB but his performance as a midfielder have to be looked at in the context for sure. In the facts, he has adapted rather well or even very well to that position in this tournament in any case certainly too.

    But the remark by FF is not very clear it's true (I have putted it entirely). Not on this point about Chivu, but in the AM's and ST's parts they make a last couple of remarks which can explain/ confirm some previous observations in the article. I'll finish this tomorrow or during the w-end.
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    "Modric, brilliant artist"

    1. Modric
    2. Schweinsteiger
    3. Silva
    4. Podolski
    5. Sneijder

    "Contrarly to Arshvin, the Cruyff of the Balkans managed to have a series of games. Big presence, perfect tehnique, Modric always plays frontwards, makes the good choices and bring some speed to the game of a team that sometimes lacks of it a bit. He's the only Croatian to play most of the time in one touch. Difficult to dissociate the two German players of sides, the buddies "Poldi" and "Schweini", as percussive as efficient as much as the other. Both were the big men of the Mannschaft's run in the competition. With them, David Silva, the will-o-the-wisp on the left side, percussive and combative. Wesley Sneijder, for his part, has embodied the great Dutch first round thanks to his technique, his presence, his art of the set-pieces. We could have considered that the great performance of Deco in the first half against Germany could have been rewarded better. He's still the mastermind of Portugal. The Russian Zyrianov is the accomplice of Arshavin in national team as at Zenit St.-Petersburgh, but he get busted against Spain in the semi-finals.
    The Turk Tuncay realized high-leveled performances, physically it's a player who makes his opponent suffer. Rafael van der Vaart has also shown his class and his sense of the game. At last, we have to meention the case Ballack, who became a mental leader, and moral, but who is less influent on the pitch in spite of his important goals".

    Disappointments :
    "The Italian Perrotta traversed the tournament like a shadow. A bit like the Greek Karagounis, so good in 2004. The Portuguese Simao doesn't play the essential role that could his. The austrian Ivanschitz is not the half of the announced star. We did not find back the the Malouda of 2006 and Franck Ribéry - best French - was ill-fated".


    "Villa, the most consistent"

    1. Villa
    2. Pavlyuchenko
    3. Torres
    4. Arshavin
    5. Klose

    "In Spain, one striker can hide another. Whilst Europe was expecting Torres, she has most of all seen , before the final, David Villa. The scorer of Valencia began spectacularly the tourney. 4 goals in 2 matches : a hat-trick against Russia and the winner against Sweden. Beyond that? An incessant pressing on the opponents' defenses, a real complicity with Torres, some gestures of class, but an unfortunate injury against Russia...
    The Russian pavlyuchenko, him, has scored one goal less than Villa, but he has weighted as much on the defenses. In spite of his big carcass, that makes him looking clumsy, the Spartak player shined with his deflections with the head, his technique with both feet, his dribbles and his shots en force or in finesse. If Torres was discreet during a long time, he was on the other hand decisive in the final, riding roughshod over Lahm and Lehmann in order to scor the only goal of the game. The Russian Arshavin has proven in two games, against Sweden and -most of all - The Netherlands, that he was maybe intrinsically the best of all. But if the new star of St.-Petersburgh had real screen presence in the quarter-finals (1 goal, 1 assist), he has completely missed his semi-final against Spain. Some valued assets like Klose, van Nistelrooy or even Irahimovic, the authors of 2 goals each, were true to their reputation. Special bonus, at last, for the Turks Nihat and Semih Sentürk. The doble of the first against the Czech Republic has propulsed his team in the quarter-finals and the goal of the second against Croatia has allowed them to qualify to the semi-finals.

    Disppointments :
    We were expecting Toni and Benzema, the top scorers of the German and French leagues. They finished up with 0 goals and a boatload of missed chances, most of all the Italian. Cristiano Ronaldo, who's amongst the favorites in the course for the next Ballon d'Or FF, has disappointed him too. The Portuguese has not played badly, he was just ordinary, which, for a player like him, comes to the same thing.
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    A few complementary notes taken from the short profiles of the 23 Spaniards : in view of the said "profiles", most of the players of La Roja had their best game against Russia in the Semi-finals. Xavi and Iniesta had a difficult match against Italy in the quarter-finals so the the whole Spanish team was less good on this match. The "marathonian" David Silva, "unheralded" prior to the tournament "has shown why Aragones swear by him since several months : he's the one who energize the Spanish team's game". Cazorla, "was an intermittent of choice that Aragones launched generally in the second half instead of Xavi or Iniesta in order to brang a bit more of percussion to his team". Puyol "reigned in the Spanish penalty area".
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    This the official team of the tournament:

    Euro 2008 team of the tournament

    Goalkeepers: Gianluigi Buffon (Italy), Iker Casillas (Spain), Edwin van der Sar (Netherlands).
    Defenders: Bosingwa (Portugal), Philipp Lahm (Germany), Carlos Marchena (Spain), Pepe (Portugal), Carles Puyol (Spain), Yuri Zhirkov (Russia).
    Midfielders: Hamit Altintop (Turkey), Luka Modric (Croatia), Marcos Senna (Spain), Xavi Hernández (Spain), Konstantin Zyryanov (Russia), Michael Ballack (Germany), Cesc Fàbregas (Spain), Andrés Iniesta (Spain), Lukas Podolski (Germany), Wesley Sneijder (Netherlands).
    Forwards: Andrei Arshavin (Russia), Roman Pavlyuchenko (Russia), Fernando Torres (Spain), David Villa (Spain).
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    Also the BBC picked a team of the tournament, players in brackets are alternative suggestions.

    Goalkeeper: Buffon (Casillas, Volkan)

    Defenders: Ramos, Marchena, Chiellini, Van Bronckhorst (Pepe, Lahm, Capdevila)

    Midfield: Iniesta, Sneijder, Senna, Arda Turan (Sionko, Rakitic, Ballack, Frings)

    Forwards: Villa, Arshavin (Van Nistelrooy, Pavlyuchenko, Nihat)
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    Kicker's Best11
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    This was the selection of World Soccer:

    Hamit Altintop
    Van Bronckhorst


    Goalkeeper: Van der Sar, Boruc, Pletikosa, Buffon, Lobont
    Right-back: Bosingwa, Anyukov, Corluka
    Centre-back: Sergei Iganshevich, Ooijer, Pepe
    Left-back: Rat, Lahm, Zhirkov
    DM: De Jong, Chivu, Semak
    Midfielders: Xavi, Deco, Modric, Schweinsteiger, Sionko, Zyryanov
    Forwards: Villa, Van Nistelrooy, Podolski
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    Feb 21, 2003
    Euro 2008
    7,02: Villa (Esp)
    7,00: Ibrahimović (Swe), Modrić & Klasnić (Cro), Sneijder (Nld)
    6,96: Buffon (Ita)
    6,90: Senna (Esp)
    6,89: Boruc (Pol)
    6,83: De Rossi (Ita), Arshavin (Rus)
    6,78: Chiellini (Ita)
    6,70: Xavi (Esp)
    6,67: Arda (Tur), Silva (Esp)
    6,63: Fernando Torres (Esp)
    6,61: Sionko (Cze), Srna (Cro), Cristiano Ronaldo (Por), Van Nistelrooy (Nld)
    6,58: Pranjić (Cro)
    6,53: Lobonţ (Rum), Casillas (Esp)
    6,50: H. Yakın (Sui), Guerreiro (Pol), Robben & Van der Sar (Nld), Fàbregas (Esp), Zhirkov & Zyryanov (Rus)

    From Football Ratings.
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    So that's an average from multiple sources probably since that's the principle on this blog. Probably bewteen Guerin and La Gazzetta though we cn't be sure since the sources are not specified. It should be kept separated imo and the sources should be precised each time otherwise it doesn't tell much.
    Or I don't understand the thing.

    Edit :
    In a post which is only about the Spanish players it is specified that it's an average bewteen Gazzetta dello Sport - France Football - Kicker - Corriere della Sera - Marca.
    But it's not the same grades then : Villa (7,32), Senna (7,10)...
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    Converting this into average ratings for the players selected:

    Senna 6.8
    Zhirkov 6.6
    Xavi 6.4
    Pavlyuchenko 6.4
    Torres 6.4
    Silva 6.2
    Semak 6.2
    Zyryanov 6.2
    Altintop 6.2
    Podolski 6.17
    Iniesta 6.0
    Ballack 5.83
    Lahm 5.67
    Klose 5.17
    Metzelder 5

    Buffon 6.75
    Casillas 6.40
    Boruc 6.33
    Van der Sar 6.33
    Lobont 6.33
    Isaakson 6.33
    Akinfeev 6.2
    Pletikosa 5.8
    Ricardo 5.4
    Lehmann 5.33
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    The best XI from the Times was:

    Casillas; Altintop, Marchena, Pepe, Zhirkov; Senna; Arshavin, Ballack, Sneijder, Turan; Villa
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    Nat'l Team:
    Semih Şentürk
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    I find it peculiar (but predictable in a few ways) that Van Nistelrooij gets totally overlooked. I remember he received some praise by the foreign analists (in particular BBC) for his games and how he had evolved into a more complete striker (youtube has a couple compilations I see). He scored against Italy (from open play), was with a 'Zidane pirouette' involved in the build-up to the 2-0 against France and also scored a not too easy goal against the 'blue tongues' [sic] of Russia in the quarter finals (diving header).

    With maybe the exception of a possible goal against France, he did his individual job. Not saying he's a surefire inclusion but some have been (in other tournaments) praised for less.
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    Sorry, I see now BBC and World Soccer did place him among the subs
  21. wm442433

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    France Foot cite him too.
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    Nice write-up, although personally, I a very distinct memory I have from that tournament was the downgrade in Deco's performance in the tournament relative to Euro 2004 & World Cup 2006. He was no longer his Porto/prime-Barca self.

    Regarding Pepe, I wrote a post shortly after the Euro 2016 final, specifically in reference to Pepe and how his emotive outbursts and physical assaults of days past cast such a dark shadow that it caused all of football to basically overlook his ability and, more importantly, achievements. We're talking about a player who was arguably more important than CR7 to Portugal's sole tournament win, and was largely, and officially, considered the best player in the Euro 2016 final. How many defenders can boast such an impact in their careers? Not many, this not even considering his other achievements.

    The thing about Pepe is that he offers the rare blend of high quality and high consistency. That would get muddied every now and then with the occasional Chuck Norris impersonation, but Pepe has always been more or less the best defender on the field, for the most part, for most of his career. And Euro 2008 was his first in three great tournament performances, placing in three Team of the Tournaments (2008, 2012, 2016).

    Thankfully he's calmed down now and more people are starting to see his real value.
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    (We agree that the write-ups are taken from France football?)

    Yes it is true. I can say that, for my part, I didn't rate him much before. He was arguably the most important defender for Real too over the recent past years. In defense.

    By the way, I think that Bruno Alves was completely underrated in 2012. I was particularly struck by this.

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