Pre-match: Strikers vs. Puerto Rico Islanders ::: Match 4

Discussion in 'Fort Lauderdale Strikers' started by Yahhh Steve, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Robert Lanza

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    They spent several minutes talking about goal-line technology after PR appeared to clear a ball after it had crossed the goal line, never realizing that the referee had clearly stopped play for a foul on the GK making any argument about goal-no goal irrelevant.

    If they're going to use amateurs on these broadcasts, at least pick a guy from each team's supporters' group to call the game together. That would at least be entertaining.
  2. unholyunion

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    Nejad came on for like 10 minutes i think. I kind of tuned the commentators out.

    The one is apparently related to Andres Cantor... so it was sad in that respect.

    Both kept stuttering, and just constant talking. Eventually it just became background noise.
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    Feel my pain.

    Worst in NASL and it isn't close. I couldn't understand them too well either, and I appologize to all if I got the name of the booth person incorrect but

    whoever he was......

    said Herron told him this directly-and I sure as hell didn't misinterpret that.
  4. soccerbud

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    This team has more depth and leaders then you think. They clearly showed you that with this game!!
  5. Orlando Rays

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    I knew that's what the ref motioned for, but it took me a sec to catch up to all the action, too.
  6. speedcake

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    Best idea yet. I've seen this done for English league games and its hilarious (what is that show?). The guys calling the game in Ft. Lauderdale on Wednesday were terrible. Except for the poker guy.

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