"Steel Roses" & Women's World Cup 2019

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    China are gearing up for the Women's World Cup, where they will play Germany, Spain and South Africa in June, in France.

    In 2018, China won third place at the Women's Asian Cup. In the semi-final they were beaten 3-1 by the eventual winners Japan, in the tournament held in Jordan.

    goalscorers v Thailand:
    Song Duan 56', 77', Wang Shuang 63', Li Ying 67'

    In the Asian Games 2018, the Steel Roses won the silver medals, losing 1-0 again to Japan in the final in Indonesia.

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    Nov 21, 2016
    Their first match of January 2019 will be in the Four Nations Tournament in Meizhou. In the semi-final it's China v Nigeria, who became the African champions last month.
    (Match is on Thursday, 11:35 GMT - not sure about coverage. Best to check https://twitter.com/chinawft)

    Team captain Wu Haiyan talked about the WWC 2019, and China's quarter-final run in 2015, here:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    China's captain Wu Haiyan, and China & PSG player Wang Shuang
    (photos: IQremix, cc-by-sa / Andre Borges/Agência Brasília, cc-by)
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    Nov 21, 2016
    Highlights are on Facebook - www.facebook.com/chinawomensfootballteam/videos/370990717052699

    China starting XI: 19- Bi Xiaolin; 21- Liu Huiting, 5- Wu Haiyan, 8- Li Jiayue, 6- Liu Shanshan; 4- Lou Jiahui, 20- Zhang Rui, 16- Yang Lina, 17- Gu Yasha; 11- Wang Shanshan, 10- Li Ying. // Team lineups in Chinese & English
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    Nov 21, 2016
    China and South Korea will play in the four nations final on Sunday (11:35 GMT) in Meizhou.

    The teams are close in the Fifa world rankings – Korea are 14th, and China 15th.
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    Nov 21, 2016

    Yeah, the text coverage mentioned a few good chances.

    China XI: 22- Wang Shimeng; 4- Lou Jiahui, 8- Li Jiayue, 5- Wu Haiyan, 6- Liu Shanshan; 16- Yang Lina, 20- Zhang Rui; 10- Li Ying, 7- Wang Shuang, 17- Gu Yasha; 11- Wang Shanshan.
    (Subs used: 2- Wu Chengshu, 3- Huang Yini, 27- Yao Wei, 15- Xiao Yuyi, 18- Fang Jie and 21- Liu Huiting)
    Korea XI: 18- Kang Gaae; 20- Kim Hyeri, 6- Lim Seonjoo, 3- Jeong Yeonga, 2- Lee Eunmi; 8- Cho So-hyun; 26- Son Hwayeon, 7- Lee Min-a, 10- Ji Soyun, 17- Lee Geummin; 11- Jung Seolbin
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    Nov 21, 2016
    Algarve Cup: The Chinese squad are in Spain preparing for the tournament in Portugal. Their opponents will be
    [​IMG] Norway (1 March)
    [​IMG] Denmark (4 March)
    followed by a final placement match. Last year, China finished only 11th of 12 teams, after losing to Portugal, Norway and Australia.

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    Nov 21, 2016

    Last place :eek: China lost 3-1 to Norway and 1-0 to Denmark in the Algarve Cup. Finishing 3rd in the group, China took their placement game to penalties, against the European champions the Netherlands. (Highlights video / photo gallery, Facebook)

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    Nov 21, 2016

    The Wuhan International Tournament is another four-team invitational in China. The Russian team were Euro 2017 qualifiers (not WWC 2019), and China won by 3 in the end:

    [​IMG] China 4 - 1 Russia [​IMG]
    (Yang Li 14', Wang Shanshan 65' 77', Song Duan 75' - Nadezhda Smirnova 8')

    - http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2019-04/04/c_137950712.htm (Archive)

    [​IMG] China meets Cameroon on Sunday in the last game.

    A recent article had an interview with Wang Hongxia, who became a goalkeeper in 1981 and did well in Hunan Province. She missed the first China women's team, but not because of performance on the field - because of her height:

    Feature: How life can blossom after missing out on the Steel Roses
    - http://www.china.org.cn/world/Off_the_Wire/2019-03/08/content_74548417.htm (Archive)

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    Nov 21, 2016

    The match report on Wild East Football says there were a lot of Cameroonian fans and Henan Jianye fans who were in Wuhan. Goalscorer Wang Shanshan is winning praise, while PSG's Wang Shuang said afterwards she wasn't at her best, and sounded a bit downbeat really.

    [​IMG] 19-Bi Xiaolin; 4-Lou Jiahui, 5-Wu Haiyan, 8-Li Jiayue, 6-Liu Shanshan; 7-Wang Shuang, 20-Zhang Rui, 27-Yao Wei, 17-Gu Yasha; 9-Yang Li, 11-Wang Shanshan
    [​IMG] 1-Ngo Ndom; 12-Claudine Meffometou, 11-Marie-Aurelle Awona, 2-Christine Manie, 4-Yvonne Leuko; 10-Jeannette Yango, 8-Raissa Feudjio, 20-Genevieve Ngo Mbeleck; 7-Gabrielle Onguéné, 3-Ajara Nchout, 18-Henriette Akaba

    50 days until the World Cup starts, on 7 June
    (is that what the cartoon says..?) :oops:

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    Nov 21, 2016
    Women's World Cup squad, announced:

    "NATIONAL TEAM | The official squad for FIFA Women's World Cup. #SteelRoses"
    Goalkeepers: 1-Xu Huan (Beijing), 12-Peng Shimeng (Jiangsu), 18-Bi Xiaolin (Dalian);
    Defenders: 2-Liu Shanshan (Beijing), 6-Han Peng (Guangdong), 14-Wang Ying (Wuhan), 8-Li Jiayue (Shanghai), 5-Wu Haiyan (Wuhan), 3-Lin Yuping (Wuhan), 22-Luo Guiping (Guangdong);
    Midfielders: 19-Tan Ruyin (Guangdong), 13-Wang Yan (Beijing), 16-Li Wen (Dalian), 20-Zhang Rui (Changchun), 21-Yao Wei (Wuhan), 4-Lou Jiahui (Henan), 7-Wang Shuang (Paris Saint Germain-FRA), 17-Gu Yasha (Beijing), 23-Liu Yanqiu (Wuhan);
    Forwards: 9-Yang Li (Jiangsu), 10-Li Ying (Guangdong), 11-Wang Shanshan (Dalian), 15-Song Duan (Dalian).

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    China are placed in Group B, needing results against Germany, South Africa and Spain to advance to the last 16.

    What do they need to do against those 3 teams?

    - https://wildeastfootball.net/2019/05/can-chinas-women-outshine-the-men-once-more-world-cup-preview/ (Archived)

    China's Lou Jiahui against the U.S. in 2018 (Jamie Smed, cc-by)
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    The Steel Roses lost today to Italy, so are out of the WWC.

    My understanding is that only one member of their current team roster plays professionally outside of China. If that is correct, what is the state or level of play in the Chinese women's professional league(s), the top league being (I think) the Chinese Women's Super League?

    Not having watched them recently except for this match against Italy, it seems they were lacking initiative in the final 1/3, not taking good advantage of the opportunities they had. Might playing more overseas (Europe and/or USA) provide more opportunities for individual development for their players?

    Thanks for any response.

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