Selección juvenil Sub 20 y Sub 17 etc.

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    ES style of play is effective against bigger and more physical opponents like Panama, but I don't think they're that good this cycle.

    Wouldn't be shocked if they gave Mexico a game tho purely based on pride and emotion.
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    There's nothing more guatemalan than shitting the bed when we have a fighting chance. Just look at the 06 cycle. The 08 olympics when we beat Mexico then got slaughtered by Canada. Or the last GC where we tied Mexico but lost to cuba or the 2017 u-20 who beat panama but lost to Nicaragua. Countless examples.

    I know a lot of people are pointing fingers for thr blame at thr coach or the federation. And although i agree, the players shouldn't be spared imo.

    Im the first one to defend them, pero not this time. No podes ser tan huevos tibios y perder asi. Especially when you have shown that you're more than capable. The only one who can walk with his head held high is Barrientos imo.

    And at the end of the day let's see how these players digest this dissapointment. Lets remember that the ultimate goal of any youth team is to produce players for the senior team. Si ninguno de estos llega a ser valioso en la mayor, sera un fracaso aunque hubieran ido al mundial.
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    Groups for the u-17 premundial
    From A-D, only one qualifies for the the round of 16

    Grupo A
    Islas Caimán
    Islas Vírgenes de EE.UU
    San Vicente y las Granadinas

    Grupo B
    República Dominicana
    Antigua y Barbuda

    Grupo C
    San Martín

    Grupo D
    San Cristóbal y Nieves
    Puerto Rico

    From E to G, the top 3 qualify

    Grupo E
    Trinidad y Tobago

    Grupo F
    Estados Unidos

    Grupo G
    El Salvador

    Grupo H
    Costa Rica

    So at the very least, by beating Barbados we should able to make the next round (wouldn't hold my breath though). After that who knows. The 4 teams that make the semis qualify for the WC.
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    Hoy Juega Guate vs Barbados. If we win this one we're through. If we tie a apretar nalga and park the Bus Amarini style against the US and Canada. If we lose we're out.

    Too early to tell, but the players I want to see are Jose Aguirre (next Hagen imo), Andy Palencia (Goleador), Marcelo Saraiva (he plays in Brazil and his uncle is el negro valencia), Matteo Caballero (Atletico Nacional. Le metio u golazo al Cruz Azul u-17) and Edward Castro (Galaxy have been doint well with their youth players)

    But like i said is too early too tell. In the last u-17 we had I thought Abel Lemus was gonna be the next Pappa and yet he still hasnt even play in la liga nacional. But then again John Mendez la sigue rompiendo desde alli so a ver que pasa

    Also this shit dead, how sad. This forum died the day fish retired :cry:
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    Guatemala vs Panama

    This team is one of the worst I've seen in years
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    De acuerdo. El unico que se salva es Miguel Ardon. Los demas no solo huevos tibios si no muy malos con la pelota. Nada mas queda la sub 23 que trae varios buenos pero no me sorprenderia que tambien les falten huevos
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    The U17 from before the ban played con mas huevos que estos. Tono Garcia needs to go.
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