Sarri Officially Appointed New Coach - Sarri Out

Discussion in 'Juventus' started by Dante, Jun 16, 2019.

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    Dybala & Alex Sandro will likely be the last two to report due to the Coppa America. Was Bentancur with Uruguay? If so, he will be coming later. Ronaldo has some extra vacation due to playing in the League of Nations.

    Sarri emphasizing the two touch drill. If you notice, players are going out of their way to avoid a first touch. This brings on bad habits. I got a bad feeling about this season.
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    How cool to see Giovanni Martusciello substituting as manager while Maurizio Sarri is out sick!

    I remember Martusciello as a typical Serie C & B player for Empoli. He even won a few promotions to the Serie A. He was a an average player but always worked hard and had a lot of grit. I think this might help him as a coach. Usually, these types of players make for good managers.

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