Rugby Union Rankings (1871-2017)

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    These are wealth and population adjusted rankings which give a better representation of true skill than normal rankings and tournament results. In the future I'll be adding different eras because some countries will seem overrated or underrated in the All Time section. For example England, France, etc. are quite low in All Time because of their relative poor performance at certain points in history (keep in mind this is an issue of the relative perspective of the rankings, not the actual ratings themselves). However, if a "contemporary decades" era were to be viewed countries like England and France would rank quite high.


    The only really bad result I had with these rankings is Romania being overrated during the Cold War era due to facing very easy competition almost continuously. Their true abilities were rarely tested by major rugby powers, which is quite unfortunate. Italy is having a similar and much less severe problem in the rankings, but in the opposite direction (they are underrated at times).

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