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    So, after some renewed optimism in this club, and relocating back from Ontario to New Hampshire, I thought it might be, while self serving, a good idea to get this thread started.

    I live in New London, NH. I know Monty is around Nashua and that wouldn't make sense, he had offered me rides before I went to school and was living back in Middleboro.

    In any event. I was wondering if theres any like minded Revs fans in the area. I'm a 30 year old "kid" with cerebral palsy. I've had my license, but after I got into an accident (not major or anything) I realized that my spasticity was a bit of an issue driving so I don't, and uber would be expensive if it wasn't non existent.

    Theres definitely a few select matches that I'd buy tickets for, I'd grab you one as well for the ride, or for a friend of yours or mine if your a sth.

    I've met a few YOUNG kids at work that are vaguely interested, but I want something more solid and concrete.

    I love talking revs. I make hip hop music and produce beats for other rappers that are either way worse or way better than me as long as the moneys right.

    I don't mind covering gas money, or bringing gas, or a case of beers for the tailgate :)

    Feel free to inbox me or reply.

    Anybody else looking for rides or tickets this upcoming season, feel free to use this thread!

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