Radamel Falcao Garcia (r) Part IV

Discussion in 'Colombians Abroad' started by minus, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. pipevasquez

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    Sep 8, 2007
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    La presna que dice que se va Trezeguet es mercafutbol gooal.com y otras sin gota de credibilidad, pero de darse esas mismas dicen que el remplzante del Franco.Argentino seria Milito
  2. pipevasquez

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    Sep 8, 2007
    Bogotá City
  3. k1000o

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    Dec 6, 2007
    read well, i didn't compare...i am claiming that the rumour is trying to excuse away attention from the whole cristiano ronaldo affair.....

    furthermore you always sys the same thing

    "palacios is crap but goes to a big team and falcao is excellent and goes to a small team" and then when something big rumours around falcao you come out with the usual..."he needs to go small and then into a big team"

    make up your mind and read better
  4. Baal88

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    May 10, 2008
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    a ver... yo solo estoy diciendo q usted es el unico q piensa q el manchester va a comprar a falcao para reemplazar a cristiano ronaldo... no hay manera de compararlos... aunq detesto a cristiano ronaldo mas q a los argentinos tengo q decirle q tiene q ser mas objetivo en las cosas q dice y escribe... no solo piense como un fan...
  5. JPAcolombia9

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    Oct 27, 2006
    why would he have to fight for a starting position if he is already a star player? if a club is splashing out the money they will be for falcao he better damn well be atleast playing alot. unless he is signed by manutd, real madrid, barca etc. midtable teams shouldnt be benching him. the only big team he would actually get playing time is at arsenal, because eduardo is out and adebayor may be on his way out + wenger actually uses his players. now i know there are no rumors linking him to this, im just saying what they ideal move would be for him right now. all we can do is speculate.
  6. ryu79

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    Oct 17, 2005
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    With all respect, this argument just doesn't make sense to me.

    Naturally, Falcao will face competition wherever he goes. That's a fact of European football. I think he'll be able to overcome competition at most places he goes. Competition will, however, vary depending on the destination both in quantity and quality. And playing minutes at the biggest sides are always toughest to come by because no matter how well you play, rotation is often a reality.

    But you gave the example of Tevez at West Ham, which is an outlier because Tevez was clearly more than qualified to start at that team and superior to the other players on the team. He was benched because he had an irrational manager - who was, BTW, fired before the end of that season precisely because he didn't use the assets he had available. I am surprised you'd use this example because your profile says you live in London, so you'd know that Pardew was vilified for not giving Tevez minutes. Your argument - reiterated in your response highlighted above is that all mid table teams have irrational managers? Seriously?

    The logical conclusion of your argument based on the Tevez example (unless you change it now) is that it doesn't matter where Falcao goes because he could end up somewhere with an irrational manager who will pick players that are clearly inferior to him anyway. There is some probability that he'll have a poor relationship with a coach or that a coach simply won't like his style, but that probability certainly isnt significant enough to base a recommendation on where he should go, or enough to say that it makes discussion on where he should go irrelevant.

    Wow. Coruna were the revelation of La Liga in the second half of the year and finished just points out of Europe and they did that without any major signings in the winter transfer window. Another example that doesn't support your argument.

    Personally, I would prefer Falcao go to a competitive midtable side with European aspirations than go to a CL guarenteed side. At this stage in his career, he needs minutes to develop and I think its more likely he get them in the mid table than at a club like a Real or ManU where, no matter how well he plays, he'll need to split time. Unless he goes to Germany, where Bayern have scavengered the top talent from most of their rivals, and I think Falcao could make a big impact on the other top sides in that league (like a Bremen, Schalke or Hamburg)

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