QF # 4 Mexico vs Chile June 18th [R]

Discussion in 'Copa América Centenario 2016' started by sidspaceman, Jun 15, 2016.

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    No it doesn't.
    You said it : It works on averages.

    The more times you get points, your average will be closer to the points you are getting against those rubbish team.
    While if you happen to lose, at least once, not giving any importance to the opponent, your average points will get closer to zero, as zero points is what you will always get, when you lose. The fact a team hardly ever loses, will always have them with bigger averages (closer to the points given by the opponents they face).

    On regards to Nigeria, they are where they are, basicly for the same reasons : most of their opponents are lowly ranked, so they don't get bigger amount of points. In any case, I don't believe they are any better than the teams you mentioned.

    But, I agree that the FIFA ranking system is basicly flawed in many ways and tends to favour more, the teams from stronger confeds on regards to those from weaker Confeds.

    (Btw, I love that website, where his owner does a fabulous work)
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    Hopefully we don't receive more. I doubt it though, the 2010 team was considered by a lot of people the worst Peru team of all time.
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    Inflated egos, false rankings & unrealistic aspirations met a very good team with a chip on his shoulder. It was a perfect storm
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    United States
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    Ya mexico this is not your game. Stick to Lucha Libre. That is good stuff there.
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    Okay and how exactly Are using racist chants any better than homophobic chants? This is the Latin American mentality that always bugs me, we always seem to give a pass to bad behaviour by Americans because they're a first world powerhouse. If anything they should be scolded even more since they fall in that category, you can't call yourself a nation that respects its citizens and all people when you're using disgusting language against minorities.
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    infuriating too when you consider that many of the media sources reporting this are biased towards republicans who are some of the most homophobic hate preachers out there.
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    Yeah lets downplay and talk shit about a team whose been a dark horse against CONMEBOL teams for decades, consistently beating Uruguay in Copa America and by big thumping scorelines 3-1, beating Paraguay 6-0 at the height of their history, and consitently defeating Brazil in international tournments even outclassing Brazil in Confederation Cup finals 4-3 with a Brazilian lineup made up of Romario, Taffarel, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Adriano and Rivaldo. Mexico had a bad day but they've never been an easy team, they were never a team to udnerestimate. If we're going to judge Mexico on the 7-0 scoreline we might as well do the same against Chile because they were getting their asses kicked consecutively by Brazil 6-0, 5-0, 4-0, 3-0,3-0 and 6-1 . I like Chile's team but everyone's being unfair to Mexico dubbing them whipping boys, it wasn't so long ago that Chile was being mowed down by Argentina, Chile and Uruguay and even Paraguay in official games.
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    NO !!! All my life in the USA I have to hear their stupid hype because in the Spanish language media is all mexican. Hearing about their chichrito flop, dos mierdas brothers, memo, mediocracy at its greatest. I heard those names and the hype and the trash talk against my country ect. They come out of the woodwork to talk shit when we lose. You are a cagon defending them. This is technically called a backlash. So there. Finally they have shut up. And this 7-0 will shut them the ffffuuuucccckkkk up for a long time. I heard their shit for years.
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    This may seem like a mistake on your part, but for the longest time, Chile's worst enemy was itself. We were constantly banning our own players (even our best players), sometimes deserved others not so much... and naturally constantly fielding weaker teams than we should have for the longest time... like Mexico's situation with the Gio brothers and Vela x100.

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