Psycho Soccer Coach

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    You are the coach of the Mighty Nerds, a u-8 team comprised of the cutest athletes and MOST ANNOYING PARENTS ever assembled.

    The pressure is intense: college scholarships, the effort to get you fired, assaults by insane fans, rabid pit bulls, slightly inclement weather, a bozo referee, and the League watching every step you make.

    Can you keep your mouth in check? Make the right decisions? Guide your adorable minions to the League Championship?

    At every turn, half the parents want something, and the other half wants the opposite. Your players have typical questions and remarkable insight for the altitude-challenged.

    It's a hauntingly real look at what it's like to lead a team and deal with "involved" parents. Every interaction, incident, and event actually took place, and continues to take place on our fields.
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