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    Feb 8, 2013
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    LECHIA GDANSK – PODBESKIDZIE (Polish 1st league)
    Lechia fans are certainly not satisfied with last season which offered little to remember. They were unlucky but that’s hole other story. Now they have a new coach who changed a lot of things in squad, primarily their playstyle which is not as (over)attacking as it used to be. During preseason they lost only one match and I expect them to continue the same here. Last winter they lost Traore who was one of their best players but now they bought Matsui who already showed he can replace Traore quite effectively.

    Podbeskidzie on the other hand are not so good team this season. Their top goalscorer Demjan has left the team during this summer and without him they are at least 30 percent weaker. Moreover, visitors go in this match without their first goalkeeper Zajc, captain Skolowski and midfielder Chimel who is their key playmaker. If they were complete they could stand a chance for a point or surprise but with this many key players out of action I don’t see them as a threat to Lechia who is eager to get first victory on home turf.

    Bet: 1 (home win)
    Odds: @ 2.15

    Best of luck ;)
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