Players and managers with most league titles

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    I decided to share my another list.

    • It contains all players and coaches who won more than 10 league titles.
    • Only national first division titles are counted, professional as well as amateur (Uruguay until 1932 e.g.)
    • Competitions such as state champinships (Campaonato Paulista etc.) are excluded due to their their various status. It also accounts for regional leagues such as the Catalan league.
    • First list contains only players, second only managers and the third is for players who became managers.
    • If you are aware of any other players or coaches, please let me know.
    • * indicates that the person is still active

    16 titles
    Roar Strand [Norway]

    15 titles
    Ibrahim Hassan [Egypt, UAE]
    Juan Carlos Plata [Guatemala]

    14 titles
    Jiří Novotný [Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic]
    Hossam Hassan [Egypt, UAE]

    13 titles
    Ryan Giggs [England]
    Wilmer Velásquez [Honduras]
    Imre Schlosser [Hungary]
    Mihalis Zemlinskis [Latvia]
    Olegs Blagonadezdins [Latvia]
    Alfredo Di Stéfano [Spain, Argentina, Colombia]
    Sandy Archibald [Scotland]
    Eusébio [Portugal, Mozambique, NASL]
    Valyantsin Byalkevich [Ukraine, Belarus]

    12 titles
    Manol Manolov [Bulgaria]
    Edgar Marín [Costa Rica]
    German Ruano [Guatemala]
    Predrag Đordevic [Greece]
    Vitor Baía [Portugal, Spain]
    David Meiklejohn [Scotland]
    Francisco Gento [Spain]
    Oleksandr Shovkovskiy [Ukraine]*

    11 titles
    Carlos Borja [Bolivia]
    Víctor Cordero [Costa Rica]
    Horst Siegl [Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic]
    Mahmoud El Khatib [Egypt]
    Paul Scholes [England]
    Antonios Nikopolidis [Greece]
    Rateb Al-Awadat [Jordan]
    Jeris Tadrus [Jordan]
    Vazha Tarkhnishvili [Moldova]
    Erik Hoftun [Norway]
    Bent Skammelsrud [Norway]
    Bobby Lennox [Scotland]
    Rainer Ernst [East Germany, Germany]
    Ignatiy Nesterov [Uzbekistan]*
    Zlatan Ibrahimović [Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France]*

    10 titles
    Ernesto Alejandro Brown [Argentina]
    Jorge Gibson Brown [Argentina]
    Arturo Andrés Mack [Argentina]
    Mahmud Qurbanov [Azerbaijan]
    Leonardo Astrada [Argentina]
    Vlastimil Kopecký [Czechoslovakia, Bohemia and Moravia]
    Luis Mena [Chile]
    Bodo Rudwaleit [East Germany]
    Michal Horňák [Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic]
    Kenny Dalglish [England, Scotland]
    Trevor Steven [England, Scotland, France]
    David Beckham [England, Spain, USA, France]
    Juninho Pernambucano [France, Brazil, Qatar]
    Noel Bailie [Ireland]
    Adnan Al-Shuaibat [Jordan]
    Mohammad Awad [Jordan]
    Jamal Taha [Lebanon]
    Johan Cruyff [Netherlands, Spain]
    Vadim Boreț [Moldova, Azerbaijan]
    Robert George Milne [Northern Ireland]
    Bjorn Otto Bragstad [Norway]
    Harald Brattbakk [Norway, Denmark, Scotland]
    Ever Hugo Almeida [Paraguay]
    Mario Coluna [Portugal]
    Marius Lacatus [Romania]
    Ian Ferguson [Scotland]
    Dougie Gray [Scotland]
    Ally McCoist [Scotland]
    Saša Ilić [Serbia, Turkey]*
    Pirri [Spain]
    Huang Che-ming [Thailand]
    Ferenc Puskás [Spain, Hungary]
    Schubert Gambetta [Uruguay]
    Server Djeparov [Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea]*
    Anvarjon Soliev [Uzbekistan]*
    Tomáš Hübschmann [Czech Republic, Ukraine]*


    18 titles
    Bill Struth [Scotland]

    16 titles
    Sir Alex Ferguson [England, Scotland]
    Willie Maley [Scotland]

    15 titles
    Nils Arne Eggen [Norway]

    14 titles
    Gabriel Uribe Ochoa [Colombia]

    13 titles
    Valeriy Lobanovskyi [Soviet Union, Ukraine]
    Roy Coyle [Northern Ireland]
    John Reid Bjartalíð [Faroe Islands]

    12 titles
    Dionys Schönecker [Austria]
    Aleksandrs Starkovs [Latvia]*
    Mircea Lucescu [Ukraine, Romania, Turkey]*

    11 titles
    Krum Milev [Bulgaria]
    Adnan Al-Charki [Lebanon]

    10 titles
    Giovanni Trapattoni [Italy, Germany, Portugal, Austria]*
    Jock Stein [Scotland]
    Walter Smith [Scotland]
    Elisha Scott [Northern Ireland]
    Jürgen Bogs [East Germany]
    Chu Kwon Lun [Taiwan]


    19 titles

    Mircea Lucescu [Romania, Turkey, Ukraine] (7+12)
    Willie Maley [Scotland] (3+16)

    18 titles
    Nils Erne Eggen [Norway] (3+15)
    Gabriel Uribe Ochoa [Colombia] (4+14)
    Luis Alberto Cubilla [Uruguay, Paraguay] (9+9)

    15 titles
    Roy Coyle [Northern Ireland] (2+13)
    David Jeffrey [Northern Ireland] (6+9)
    Manol Manolov [Bulgaria] (12+3)
    Eric Gerets [Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar] (7+8)
    Alfredo Di Stéfano [Argentina, Colombia, Spain] (13+2)

    14 titles
    Kenny Dalglish [Scotland, England] (10+4)
    Johan Cruyff [Netherlands, Spain] (10+4)
    Valeriy Lobanovskyi [Sovieet Union, Ukraine] (1+13)
    Ferenc Puskás [Hungary, Spain, Greece, Paraguay, Australia] (10+4)

    13 titles
    Miguel Muňoz [Spain] (4+9)

    12 titles
    James Richardson Spensley [Italy] 12 (6+6)

    11 titles
    Joseph Romdenne [Belgium] (5+6)

    10 titles
    Michal Bílek [Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic] (1+9)
    Ivan Hašek [Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic] (2+8)
    Jozef Chovanec [Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic] (2+8)
    Pep Guardiola [Spain, Germany] (6+4)
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    This is really great work and help me to improve the list of world record and statistics, still have some points to add.

    Nene won 11 Portuguese league.
    Hossam Hassan won 15 league titles according to wikipedia but he played only 2 games in 1984 - 1985 seasons so I'm not sure your criteria. Anyway, this let me decide to set criteria players must played at least 25 % of total games played to qualify for counting title.
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    Anyway, Jiri Nowotny played only one game in two championship seasons (1987 and 1988). It is almost not different to zero participation for me.

    Valyantsin Byalkevich did not play any league game in 1992 and 1993 with Dimano Minsk.

    As I check in wikipedia, Mihails Zemļinskis won only 11 league titles, so I assume wikipedia is incorrect ?
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    Thank you for mentioning him!

    It's my mistake, 15 is the correct answer.

    I actually count every player who was in the squad, regardless of the number of appearances. The reason is simple - it's sometimes very difficult to count the games he played in. It's easy in big leagues, but it's almost impossible in Jordanian league (for example).

    Same cases as Hassan - number of appearances does not matter to me.

    I believe it is. Zemlinskis apperently won the league in 1996, which is not stated there.
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    Correcting a mistake:
    Huang Che-ming is acually a manager, not a player and comes from Taiwan, not Thailand

    I also left out few players, who later became managers:
    Ernst Happel [Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland] (6+8)
    Márton Bukovi [France, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Greece] (5+7)
    Fabio Capello [Italy, Spain] (4+7)
    Oleg Romantsev [Russia] (1+9)
    Albert Batteux [Russia] (1+9)
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    Ronald Koeman [Netherlands, Spain] (8+3)
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