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Discussion in 'Sports' started by soccernutter, Mar 30, 2003.

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    As the busy summer season starts to sweep across the land, and the volume of posts starts to increase, we have some guidelines we'd like you to follow. Please know that there will be some general threads, and some will even stickied (NBA Playoffs, for example).

    This is Other Sports:
    Results are implied.
    We will still put an [R] in the thread title if not already there, specially when results will be in the thread. Please don't come to us complaining that you read a result and were surprised. If you don't want a result to happen in your thread, either mention that in a thread title (if starting a new thread), or avoid a thread all together. Also, please keep in mind that not all threads will have/be based upon the results in them.

    Duplicate threads: Try to keep to the general thread. In the example given, it can be very easy to have 8 different threads about each NBA playoff series. Please help us by consolidating and remembering that threads often go off topic when narrowly focused. But, if you're not sure, post a new thread, and we'll merge it if we think it is too general, or becomes too general.

    Remeber the little guys: When posting, try to remember that is the is FFA of sports. Thusly, every thread may be about a different sport. Some don't get many posts but are important to a few posters. Lurk, ignore, whatever, but try to avoid pushing them to the bottom - chances are you wouldn't want to be there, either.

    Flaming, trolling, and spamming: There isn't much of that here, and we don't really want to have to moderate all that much. Be controversial, but please don't attack - that should be for rivalries fora (and politics ;)).

    Spoilers: They will be binned as soon as they are noted - no exceptions. Spoilers mean a result in the thread title ("Red Sox 10, Yankees 4") or an indication of the result (":) Red Sox vs Yankees"). If a spoiler occurs, we will PM the poster who started the thread with a reminder. Of course, we don't expect to ever have this happen.

    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please post here, or PM either of us.

    Enjoy the game,
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    Just pointing this out for people to see again.
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