OH, now I get it...Palin Snarkets Believe Leakers from McCain's campaign

Discussion in 'Bill Archer's Guestbook' started by Karl K, Nov 8, 2008.

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    Obviously Obama's team thinks so. We'll see, but the rich are the people who own enterprise who in theory use their tax cuts to hire or invest. We'll see what happens. Hopefully Obama proves me wrong and the economy will get back on track.

    Yes you are right. The Iraq war has certainly affected credit. There is not much justification for the Iraq war and alot of conservatives neg rep me when I say that.

    I should find the youtubes of Ron Paul complaining about the interest rates in the 90's and how it would cause another depression. I think by 1997 things were getting crazy.

    Yes Obama knows more about alot of things than I or my coworkers and he went to Yale didn't he? I went to University of Michigan-Dearborn which is like University of Michigan's retard school. John Mccain did have Phil Gramm as his advisor who has a PHD in economic theory even though I disagree with Gramm on alot too.

    I never said anything about regulation. Why do people always assume I'm a strict free market libertarian? I don't blame Clinton or Bush - I blame Greenspan and he's a republican who used to hang out with Ayn Rand. I would simply set interest rates high and get rid of the ownership myth. If you're poor and have bad credit you don't need a house and that's ok. I am 33 and still rent and I am totally awesome. I bang supermodels and play xbox 360 all night.

    I guess you're right. On a strictly moral level Palin's comments to stupid people were crossing the line whereas Obama's comments are merely a bait and switch tactic. However Factcheck.org did find Obama wasn't totally forthcoming about Ayers, they had more interaction than Obama let on but whatever, it's really a non issue and I agree it was a sad attempt by Palin to rouse up hatred.
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    Good points but just to clarify two things. First, my comment wasn't directed at you. When Obama talks about failed bush economic policies, he is most often talking about a lack of regulation in the market.

    I agree that interest rates were too low. I agree that renting is often a better option than owning.

    Final point, Obama did not go to Yale. He went to Columbia. I know, not a big difference BUT we finally have a president with no ties to Yale since Reagan. :D
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    I honestly - and this is no joke - think I bang hotter bitches than any President since JFK.
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