Mohamed Salah and EPL

Discussion in 'Premier League' started by persianfootball, Mar 17, 2018.

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    I think he shows how the EPL is overrated. If you can dribble and have good finishing you can dominate this league. I don't think he transformed much from his roma days: it is the level of the competition that is allowing him to score for fun. We saw similar stories with fernando torres and luis suarez, interestingly both ex-liverpool players. henry was also better in EPL vs barca, even though admittedly he did play out of position in barca. cristiano ronaldo also had that 42 in 49 games season before he even hit his peak. but this holds true even since the days of michael owen, when as a teenager he dominated the EPL but did not have the same effect in spain. if you notice, the EPL is relatively easy for these types of players. i think the brazilian ronaldo could have scored 40 a season in EPL in his prime if he played every game.
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    Salah needs 7 goals in 7 team games to break the Premier League record, which is 34 goals by Alan Shearer in 1994-1995 and Andy Cole in 1993-1994. In both of those seasons, clubs played 42 games compared to 38 now.
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    The argument about the best league in the world is boring tbh. The best league to me is the one I have most interest in. Couldn't care otherwise.
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    So a winger with speed, dribbling abilities and a good finish is a symptom of a poor league??
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    Sep 24, 2018
    Liverpool ace, Mohamed Salah has finally posted his first tweet since being referred to the police by his employers
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    Nonsense - Torres was a World Beater when he played at Liverpool. Look at the margin for error involved in his goal to win the EUROs for Spain in 2008. Very few strikers would have scored that goal.

    The Premiership has extremely fast defenders on many teams - anyone scoring a lot of goals in that league is very good.....
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    There are many players of star level in Premier League more than other league.
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    i don`t think so Salal will break the Premier League record, which is 34 goals by Alan Shearer in 1994-1995 and Andy Cole in 1993-1994. In both of those seasons, clubs played 42 games compared to 38 now.
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    Salah first 10 goals in Premier League 2018/2019

    12-08-2018 West Ham - 1 goal
    25-08-2018 Brighton - 1 goal
    22-09-2018 Southampton - 1 goal
    20-10-2018 Huddersfield - 1 goal
    27-10-2018 Cardiff - 1 goal
    11-11-2018 Fulham - 1 goal
    24-11-2018 Watford - 1 goal
    08-12-2018 Bournemouth - 3 goal
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    Jan 18, 2019
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    Salah is one of the best players in the Premier League.
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    Love the EPL or not. Salah knows how to score me some fantasy football points ;)
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    Whether he changed from Roma or not, Liverpool is a good team and he fits the system. That is why he performs so well. The league is still the best overall league at the moment.

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