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Discussion in 'Minnesota United FC' started by msilverstein47, Apr 15, 2013.

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    Why just the anti-homophobia stuff? What about anti-racism, anti-bullying, and all the other liberal stuff we are supposed to tolerant about. How about we just play and watch soccer? Is that too much to ask, or is that intolerant of me. (not directed at you Silverstein)
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    oh definitely point worries
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    It's not intolerant, per se, but it also misses the point by a fair bit. This wasn't compulsory. It was an opportunity for players, coaches, and front office staff to declare their support for people who are--without value judgment, but simply in point of fact--the recipients of abuse and discrimination. It was something they could individually choose to do or not to do.

    I'm sure that if a similar group approached them about supporting other issues, like the ones you bring up, many would also choose to take a stand.

    I'm all for playing and watching soccer, but one of the great things about lower-division soccer in the US is the accessibility of players and coaches to fans. It makes the experience of the game that much more meaningful when we get to know them personally, and I want them to be able to be themselves and feel free to display their personalities. People's views on these issues make up a big part of their personalities, and I wouldn't want them to hide that.

    For instance, Pablo Campos has strong feelings about health and nutrition, and he's very vocal about those issues on Twitter and on his website. He even asked the fans for funding to help support a nutrition website and online cookbook for athletes. I wouldn't want him to hide views like those, and I don't want him (or anyone else) to hide their views on this issue either.

    More dialogue is always better than ignoring our differences.

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