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    And the Bucks showed those nobodies how a real soccer team does it. (OK, had to start out with a dig at City.) Two goals in the first nine minutes; then had to survive the only decent City shot which came on a 1-v-1 with the goalkeeper, ending up hitting the upright. Then the Bucks settled into their cruising gear, looking like that smoooooooooth team that I've watched for a decade. City could barely get any possession after that. Third Bucks goal is excellent. Three-nil at halftime; also final score; City seemed to shut it down after 70 minutes. Very chippy second half, which looks like to have started with 100 fouls on both teams, and ended up with several unnecessary yellow cards for the Bucks.

    The USSoccer schedule page seems to imply that City won the game (however, it does list the Bucks in the second round): http://www.ussoccer.com/lamar-hunt-us-open-cup/open-cup-tournaments/2015-usoc#tab-4
    May 13
    Detroit City FC (NPSL) at Michigan Bucks (PDL)
    Ultimate Soccer Arenas; Pontiac, Mich.

    Have to give props to the City supporters for their clever take on the Pink Floyd "another brick in the wall" song, saying that Dan Duggan doesn't have to put a USL team in the city. ("We don't need U-S-L-Pro... Duggan leave Detroit alone.") [however, a USL-quality stadium would also benefit City FC.]

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