Maurizio Sarri's tactics for Chelsea are getting fiercer in the Premier League

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    Michael Ballack Praises Maurizio Sarri's Tactics For Chelsea - A praise was sent by Michael Ballack to Maurizio Sarri. Ballack said the Italian coach had successfully concocted the right tactics so that Chelsea appeared trengginas this season. This time we are the crew of, summarizing the latest news "Maurizio Sarri's tactics for Chelsea to become increasingly ferocious in the Premier League" . Today's latest and most up-to-date news, we present to true friends of football lovers.

    By collecting all sports news both on the National and International levels, which is certainly already waiting by kind-hearted readers, of course. The team presents reliable, up-to-date news, as quoted from certain reliable information.

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    Happy Ball Really - Maurizio Sarri's tactics for Chelsea increasingly fierce in the Premier League

    Sarri himself only served at Chelsea in the past four months. He replaced the figure of Antonio Conte who was sacked by Chelsea management last summer.

    But in a relatively short period of time, Sarri Suskes made a difference for the Blues. Until this moment, Chelsea have not been touched by defeat so they are perched on the Premier League standings.

    Ballack believes that Chelsea's slick performance is the fruit of Sarri's concocting tactics. "This team played very well after their appearance last season," open Ballack to the Goal International.

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    The tactics used by Maurizio Sarri are suitable for Chelsea

    Ballack thinks Sarri has found the right formula for Chelsea's game, so they have performed very consistently since the start of the season.

    "There aren't many changes in this team, but sometimes they play a little pragmatic. As an opposing team, you know what you have to face when playing against Chelsea. "

    "But now everything is more flexible in my opinion. They played a little more freely when they attacked, and he [Sarri] gave some freedom to some of their players. "

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    Michael Ballack Suggests Chelsea's Strengthening Defense

    Ballack himself admitted the prospect offered by Sarri's tactics was quite tempting. But he considered there are aspects that must be addressed by the coach of Chelsea at this time, namely the defense problem.

    "They have Italian-style tactics as the basis of their play. They must have a clear defense structure where it will help them win the game for a long time. "

    "Chelsea have this before but for now there are changes that occur in this team, where they are more likely to advance to attack now."


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