March 2020 - Roster Predictions/Turnover?

Discussion in 'USA Men' started by Eleven Bravo, Dec 1, 2019.

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    From a fan standpoint, 2019 was a poor year. There was little to be enthusiastic about, and we saw Berhalter’s capability of absolute rigidity towards his system and player pool.

    Regardless, 2020 will be a new year. There will still be the January Camp which will likely bear a great deal of weight towards the March call ups, and with players returning from injury and other players emerging on the scene... who do you have your eye on now? -a few months out.

    Who I’ve got on my radar:

    1. Zack Steffen
    2. Ethan Horvath

    3. TBD from list of contenders: Matt Turner, Jesse Gonzalez, Sean Johnson, Bill Hamid, Brad Guzan
    Dropped: None

    1. DeAndre Yedlin
    2. Reggie Cannon
    3. Eric Lichaj

    4/MLS: Tommy Thompson, Aaron Herrera
    4/YA: Timmy Chandler
    Dropped: None

    1. Sergino Dest
    2. Antonee Robinson
    3. Nick Lima

    4/MLS: Ryan Hollingshead
    4/YA: Niko Hamalainen, Chris Gloster
    Dropped: Daniel Lovitz


    1. John Brooks
    2. Matt Miazga
    3. Aaron Long
    4. Walker Zimmerman
    5. Miles Robinson

    6. Ventura Alvarado
    7/MLS: Ike Opara, Justen Glad, Mark McKenzie, Tim Parker
    7/YA: Cameron Carter-Vickers, Chris Richards, Tim Ream, Erik Palmer-Brown
    Dropped: None

    1. Tyler Adams
    2. Alfredo Morales

    3. Owen Otasowie *^, Jackson Yuiell
    4/MLS: James Sands, Hassani Dotson, Brandon Servania, Edwin Cerrillo, Russell Canouse
    4/YA: Christian Cappis, Keaton Parks, Chris Durkin, Johnny
    Dropped: Wil Trapp, Michael Bradley
    Riser: Owen Otasowie (Wolverhampton)


    1. Weston McKennie
    2. Darlington Nagbe *^,

    3. Paxton Pomykal, Brenden Aaronson
    4/MLS: Kelyn Acosta, Marky Delgado, Frankie Amaya, Cole Bassett
    4/YA: Alan Sonora, Joel Sonora, Alex Mendez
    Dropped: Cristian Roldan
    Riser: Darlington Nagbe > now at home I’m predicting he starts accepting call ups.


    1. Sebastian Lletget
    2. Giovanni Reyna *^, Duane Holmes
    3. Richard Ledezma *^

    4/MLS: Djordje Mihailovic, Gianluca Busio
    4/YA: Julian Green, Matko Miljevic
    Risers: I’m betting on Reyna and Ledezma emerge on the scene. If so, this pushes Pulisic to LW.


    1. Jordan Morris
    2. Tim Weah
    3. Tyler Boyd

    4/MLS: Corey Baird, Sebastian Saucedo, Fafa Picault
    4/YA: Konrad De la Fuente, Emmanuel Sabbi


    1. Christian Pulisic
    2. Paul Arriola

    3. Jesus Ferreira *^
    4/MLS: Jonathan Lewis
    4/YA: Jonathan Amon
    Riser: Jesus Ferreira has the a lot of potential, and I want to see him get solid look.

    1. Josh Sargent
    2. Jozy Altidore

    3. Sebastian Soto *^
    4/MLS: Gyasi Zardes, Ricardo Pepi, Mason Toye, Jeremy Ebobisse
    4/YA: Andrija Novakovich, Haji Wright, Bobby Wood, Josh Pynadath
    Riser: Soto has had a nightmare start, but he’s still the man with the most potential


    In all, my 30 man Camp for the March games, as of Dec 1 2019... Note: I’m experimenting some:
    GK: Steffen, Horvath, Turner
    RB: Yedlin, Cannon
    CB: Brooks, Miazga, Long, Alvarado, M. Robinson
    LB: Dest, A. Robinson
    M6: Adams, Morales, Otasowie, Yuiell
    M8: McKennie, Nagbe, Pomykal, Aaronson
    10: Lletget, Reyna, Ledezma
    RW: Morris, Weah
    FW: Sargent, Altidore
    LW: Pulisic, Holmes, Ferreira

    Game 1 - Starting XI:
    GK Steffen
    RB Yedlin (Cannon)
    CB Brooks
    CB Miazga
    LB Dest
    M6 Adams (Morales)
    M8 McKennie (Pomykal/Aaronson)
    10 Lletget (Reyna/Ledezma)
    RW Morris (Weah)
    FW Sargent (Altidore)
    LW Pulisic

    Game 2 - Starting XI:
    GK Steffen
    RB Dest
    CB Brooks
    CB Miazga
    LB A. Robinson (Cannon)
    M6 Adams (Otasowie)
    M8 McKennie (Pomykal/Aaronson)
    10 Pulisic
    RW Morris (Weah)
    FW Sargent (Altidore)
    LW Holmes (Ferreira)
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    Nicholas "Niko" Gioacchini should at least be on the watch list for Center Forward. By March he may be just a flash in the pan or everyone might be clamoring to cap him now.
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    Who knows. Gregg got the job and was out in the media talking up a storm about his plans. Since the embarassing Mexico game in September, he hardly talks at all in the media.

    Was 2019 some elaborate experiment to try and run the USMNT like a club with the same 18-20 players and learning an intricate possession offense beyond what most clubs attempt? Or was it his best evaluation of the player pool and the tactics to put our best players in the best position to win games for us?

    If it was the first, will he continue? Or has he realized it was a complete failure and start at Square One? If not, we are screwed.

    If it was the second, we are screwed.

    The March friendlies will be in Europe. MLS might be on strike. If he still takes 2/3rds Cupcakers into camp that window, we will know nothing has changed. If he calls in this roster, there might be hope:

    GK: Steffan, Horvath, Klinsmann/Ochoa
    RB: Dest, Yedlin, Cannon
    LB: ARobinson
    CB: Brooks, Miazga, Long, CCV/EPB/Richards/Otosowie
    CM: Adams, McKennie, Morales, Holmes, Pulisic, Ledezma/Lletget
    W: Weah, Morris, Boyd
    F: Altidore, Sargent, Wood/Wright/Nova/Ciachinni/Soto

    There might only be 3 Cupcake players there. That would be a seismic change.
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    I'm pretty excited about Otasowie in theory (I say in theory, since I haven't seen him play). A young guy at the EPL level who can play as a #6 or CB would be extremely useful in this player pool. I think the RCB spot next to Brooks is up for grabs (and Brooks' own spot is frequently open due to his injury issues). We've seen that the #6 spot is very problematic when Adams isn't around. Yuiell seems to have improved the play at that spot a bit, which is good, but I'm not sure about Yuiell being effectively beyond the non-Mexico CONCACAF level.
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    I don't expect wholesale roster changes but I do anticipate a few key players returning from injury and the usual surprise or two that we get many years. Together, this could have a pretty dramatic effect on how the team looks next year. I think having Brooks regularly in the lineup will be a significant change. If Adams returns to health, that's a big change. I think those two right there make this team significantly better in defense. After that, we could see Weah returning to health and making some noise. We've already seen Brooks looking good as new, but while I am hopeful and reasonably confident about their returns in 2019, Adams and Weah have both had long term injuries. They may or may not return to pick up where they left off.

    After that, we have several younger players coming into their own and hopefully a few of them will start getting minutes and could make an impact in 2020. Players like Ledezma, Richards, and Reyna are all on top teams and Ledzma has been on the bench for PSV a couple times. Reyna has been talked about as being a player expected to move up sooner rather than later. Richards is a bit more difficult to say. He may be the best of the bunch and just as ready as any and still not get time with Bayern, powerhouse as they are. And this is just cherry picking a few who look like really top prospects. There are many others who could jump them in line with a good run of form and some first team action.

    This is without even getting into the argument whether first team minutes should matter as much as they seem to and it leaves out plenty of other prospects I've failed to mention. I guess worst case scenario, we're looking at the addition of Dest becoming a regular thing and Brooks in the lineup regularly. Add in lets say 2 from the rest making the leap to becoming regulars and we could easily be looking at 40% or so turnover in the stating lineup from most lineups that played in 2019. I see the squad changing over the next couple years as a matter of when more than a mmetter of if, so it may not be something that happens in a month or three, but by the end of 2020, I would be very surprised if we're still looking at the same squad we are now.
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    A lot of the names you've mentioned are not in MLS and it remains to be seen how open the coach is to piercing through the 2/3 threshold. I think that if we have players starting for major league teams, they have to get called in but I'm not sure that anyone who sees any bench time will be welcomed. Let's hope Dest doesn't get benched for Ajax or he won't see any USMNT time.
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    I'm working on the assumption that if a guy breaks through at a big team and gets real minutes he will get called in. If we were to still run out a mostly MLS lineup in a world where we have players getting minutes at PSV, Bayern, Dortmund, etc who are not getting called in, I don't think I'd be the only one to be quite through with this team. Fortunately, the only example we have thus far is Dest and as soon as he got a couple starts for Ajax, he was immediately in the picture. I think the bar is significantly higher for our Euro players (based around having to get regular minutes in a much more difficult and competitive environment as well as ignoring those outside the biggest first division leagues), but I also think it is a bar we will see cleared by increasing numbers of players over the next 2-3 years. And really, I'm only asking that we end up with maybe 2/3 to get over the hump. Then again, this is basically my same spiel from the optimistic take thread.
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    Agreed. I think the question is what is "real minutes?" For Alfredo, getting 50% of the available minutes last year wasn't enough to even make the 40 man squad but Dest is probably below that now and let's hope we continue to give him looks.

    Given the squads, it's really hard to get a lot of minutes:

    Ledezma @ PSV
    Richards @ Bayern
    Reyna @ bvb
    Llanez @ Wolfburg

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