look how the fenomeno messi did the best in final copa 2015

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    you all must know that fenomeno messi did historial in final copa america 2015
    i will tell you how;)

    messi in barcelona play weekly;) and with the argentina he goalmaker Basically;)
    And it is interested in working together and not seize goals Basically;)

    Mourinho defends Messi legacy
    "messi He does not need:p to be world champion to be a historical player"
    Messi makes excellent passes:thumbsup: and the others waste it;)
    look at historia pass but the others were bads not messi;)
    good pass from messi:thumbsup:
    excellent passe from messi but higuaen was offside not messi the pure;)
    Noticed the pass at the head elaborately Wittily:thumbsup:

    Messi made a determined run the tournament and lost Higuain and Messi is innocent:thumbsup:

    Everyone should know that Messi is innocent that he did a lot
    Di Stefano and Cruyff Legends without World Cup;)

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