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    This is a good observation. I suspect that you are correct. One thing that I have also noticed is that Bradley is taking a less-present role on the field. He is sticking to his play and is not really doing a lot of directing. I think that's by design too, and that Berrhalter has probably tried to allow for leaders to emerge in a vacuum rather than having them take the role from someone else. It seems to fit the nature of these young guys better. And lets be honest, this team now belongs to the young guys. Bradley is a participant but the team does not rise and fall on his play. It absolutely depends on the play of these young guys.
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    I mean......................we have a tailor made leader available.
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    He and Tyler Adams are both excellent leaders at young ages.

    I have optimism that they will at some point carry the USMNT to the semifinals of a world cup should their careers continue on current trajectories.

    Pulisic is the best player of the bunch, but he hasn't shown that level of leadership. Adams and McKennie are not only leaders, but they perform at high levels and raise the levels of their teammates. McKennie's distribution in the Gold Cup was very good and at times visionary (his game against Jamaica was one of the best passing performances I have seen from an individual US player in a long time).

    Those guys play with both joy and grit...it will be fun watching them take the program to new heights.
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    Sure but he shouldn't play for the USMNT if it doesn't fit the Egg's system.....especially since the men's team doesn't need a leader when they have the 'boss of the midfield'
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