La Liga Rankings: 1975-93

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    Top 50 players 1981-82

    Top 50 players 1982-83

    Top 50 players 1983-84

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    Top 50 players 1984-85

    Top 50 players 1985-86

    Top 50 players 1986-87

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    Top 50 players 1987-88

    Top 50 players 1988-89

    Top 50 players 1989-90

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    Top 50 players 1990-91

    Top 50 players 1991-92

    Top 50 players 1992-93

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    I dont have access to the Don Balon ratings, but for Mundo Deportivo Maradona had a 3.89 average in 1982-83:
    And a 3.56 average in 1983-84:
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    Thanks for showing this.

    Maybe the descriptive boxes are interesting to show for the other years too? Your scans show a few of them but not all.
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    Maybe you're interesting in some of the 70s and 90s top players that weren't showed in the scans. I was focusing more in the 50 players list, so those boxes were out of my focus.

    Here are the remaining 1970s top players descriptions:

    1975-76 season

    1977-78 season

    1979-80 season
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    The 1980s top players descriptions:

    1981-82 season

    1983-84 season

    1985-86 season


    1987-88 season
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    The early 1990s top players descriptions:

    1989-90 season

    1991-92 season
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    So I tried to list (almost) all foreign players making it in the Don Balon ideal team between 1975 to 2004 (based on average grades).

    I have noticed a reluctance for foreign goalkeepers, the first selected being Songo'o in 1996-97, while for example fellow African N'Kono had already built an international name for himself some 10-15 years earlier.

    They also preferred their own rugged and shrewd defenders for a long time, as remarked by themselves. Therefore also 'their' Fernando Hierro was never selected, not even in his best years. It was a leftover or reflection of the 'La Furia' era.

    7 - Roberto Carlos (1996-97, 1997-98, 1999-00, 2000-01, 2001-02, 2002-03, 2003-04)
    6 - Ulrich Stielike (1977-78, 1978-79, 1979-80, 1980-81, 1981-82, 1982-83)
    5 - Hugo Sanchez (1984-85, 1985-86, 1986-87, 1987-88, 1989-90)
    4 - Rivaldo (1996-97, 1997-98, 1998-99, 2000-01)
    4 - Luis Figo (1997-98, 1998-99, 1999-00, 2000-01)
    3 - Johan Cruijff (1975-76, 1976-77, 1977-78)
    3 - Johan Neeskens (1975-76, 1976-77, 1977-78)
    3 - Hristo Stoichkov (1990-91, 1991-92, 1993-94)
    3 - Roberto Ayala (2000-01, 2001-02, 2002-03)
    2 - Mario Kempes (1976-77, 1977-78)
    2 - Luiz Pereira (1976-77, 1978-79)
    2 - Juan Barbas (1982-83, 1983-84)
    2 - Jorge Valdano (1983-84, 1985-86)
    2 - Michael Laudrup (1991-92, 1992-93)
    2 - Fernando Redondo (1992-93, 1997-98)
    2 - Ivan Zamorano (1992-93, 1994-95)
    2 - Diego Simeone (1993-94, 1995-96)
    2 - Mauricio Pochettino (1995-96, 1997-98)
    2 - Ronaldo (1996-97, 2002-03)
    2 - Naybet (1996-97, 2001-02)
    2 - Roy Makaay (1999-00, 2002-03)
    1 - Miguel Angel Brindisi (1978-79)
    1 - Bernd Schuster (1984-85)
    1 - Baltazar (1988-89)
    1 - Oscar Ruggeri (1988-89)
    1 - Toni Polster (1989-90)
    1 - Paolo Futre (1991-92)
    1 - Miroslav Dukic (1992-93)
    1 - Bebeto (1992-93)
    1 - Mauro Silva (1993-94)
    1 - Donato (1993-94)
    1 - Romario (1993-94)
    1 - Meho Kodro (1994-95)
    1 - Gustavo Poyet (1994-95)
    1 - Milinko Pantic (1995-96)
    1 - Clarence Seedorf (1996-97)
    1 - Christian Vieri (1997-98)
    1 - Mazinho (1997-98)
    1 - Claudio Lopez (1998-99)
    1 - Djalminha (2000-01)
    1 - Nihat (2002-03)
    1 - Valeri Karpin (2002-03)
    1 - Zinedine Zidane (2002-03)
    1 - Ronaldinho (2003-04)

    Suggestions would be welcome.
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    What's interesting as well is that the foreign defenders they selected were also in that "no-nonsense, rough and ready" style. Ayala, Luis Pereira, Ruggeri all had that hallmark.

    Interesting to see this all collated.
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    Going through some old files, I had collated some of the "awards" given out by Sid Lowe each year in the Guardian for La Liga. They are part of much wider pieces so in some cases I have trimmed stuff that might be interesting. Just seach the Guardian for The Sids.


    Player of the Season: Steve McManaman.

    Ok, Ok, Player of the Season: Valencia keeper Santi Cañizares didn't deserve to end up with nothing, especially in Milán.

    Officially 38 (and the rest), Donato had another excellent season for Depor which even included a spell in goal - and a clean sheet, too. Mind you, it was against Oviedo.

    Among Barça's summer signings, Marc Overmars stood out like an understated performance in one of those Latin American soaps. Meanwhile, team-mate Rivaldo had a shocking season, scoring a pathetic 36 and single-handedly rescuing the Catalans from the Uefa Cup.

    For Champions Real Madrid, Iván Helguera's re-introduction in November brought control and fluidity to the midfield. But it's difficult to look beyond Luis Figo. £38m? Money can't buy you love, but who gives a toss when it can buy you a championship?
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    Feb 21, 2003


    Player of the year:
    Had they played all season, Rubén Baraja (injury) and Pablo Aimar (who took a while to secure a regular first-team place), would be the main contenders. During the last fifteen games, when Valencia really took a stranglehold on the title, both were sensational - Baraja with his energy, passing ability and a string of vital goals; Aimar with quick feet, vision, and the ability to create chances out of nothing.

    As it is, though, Deportivo's outrageously classy front two, Juan Carlos Valerón and Diego Tristán lead the way, albeit just behind Valencia keeper Santiago Cañizares. Not only is Cañizares a superb shot stopper (one amazing reaction save from Morientes really sticks in the mind), he's also unique among Spanish goalkeepers in that he actually bothers to catch the ball rather than wildly punching all the time.

    Unlike his Spanish counterparts, too, Cañi is a keeper who really bosses the defence and dominates the penalty area. It's no coincidence that, for the second season running, he picked up the Zamora award for top keeper - Valencia have conceded just eight at home all season. And, anyway, Cañi deserves to get the nod over Tristán and Valerón for what he's had to suffer (who said this column was heartless?).

    First he experienced defeat at two successive Champions League finals and now he's suffered a freak injury that's going to keep him out of the World Cup. Cañi had an attack of the Beasants this weekend, dropping an aftershave bottle and trying to stop it with his foot. Hey presto, severed tendon.

    In fact, poor Cañi hasn't had much luck with bottles this year: back in January he foolishly left another bottle - this time a plastic one with water in it - behind his goal, and within reach of Betis's fans, during Valencia's visit to the Ruiz Lopera. And, by the time Santi came to sup, his water had turned to wine: the local homebrew, to be precise - a delightful vino blanco with a rich, golden colour and an arrogant bouquet.

    Team of the season (playing in a tremendous Venables Christmas tree formation):
    Goalkeeper: Santiago Cañizares, Valencia.
    Right back: Carles Puyol, Barcelona.
    Centre back: Fabricio Coloccini, Alavés.
    Centre back: Fabián Ayala, Valencia.
    Left back: Amadeo Carboni, Valencia.
    Right midfield: Joaquín, Betis.
    Central midfield: Rubén Baraja, Valencia.
    Left midfield: Santiago Solari, Real Madrid.
    Support striker: Juan Carlos Valerón, Depor.
    Support striker: Pablo Aimar, Valencia.
    Centre forward: Diego Tristán, Depor.

    Bench: Zinedine Zidane (RM), Mauro Silva (Depor), Mami Quevedo (Rayo), Denílson (Betis), Saviola (Barça)
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    Feb 21, 2003

    Player of the Year

    4th. Sander Westerveld. Safe Hands.
    3rd. Roy Makaay. Goals. Lots of goals.
    2nd. Zinedine Zidane. Genius.

    1st Nihat Kahveci. The season's revelation. Exceptionally quick - mentally and physically - his movement across the front line, and dropping deeper, has been fabulous. Little and lethal, he's the perfect partner for Darko Kovacevic - and the perfect excuse for John Benjamin Toshack to claim the credit for la Real's sensational season. "Don't forget I was the one who bought him," JB recently announced, somehow managing to avoid mangling any metaphors, "all this talk of Denoueix makes me sick".

    Team of the season

    GK: Sander Westerveld
    RB: Míchel Salgado
    CB: Iván Helguera
    CB: Roberto Fabián Ayala
    LB: Roberto Carlos
    RM: Joseba Exteberria (but only just edging out Valery Karpin).
    CM: Xabi Alonso
    CM: Zinedine Zidane
    LM: Javier De Pedro
    S: Nihat Kahveci
    S: Roy Makaay
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    Feb 21, 2003

    Player of the year

    Ronaldinho. Pure genius.

    OK, OK: team of the season (with Casillas and Ronaldo only just hanging on)

    GK: Casillas, Madrid
    RB: Míchel Salgado, Madrid
    CB: Ayala, Valencia
    CB: Andrade, Depor
    LB: Carboni, Valencia
    RM: Ronaldinho, Barça
    CM: Davids, Barça
    CM: Albelda, Valencia
    LM: Vicente, Valencia
    CF: Ronaldo, Madrid
    CF: Baptista, Sevilla

    Subs: Figo (RM), Torres (Atléti), Mista (Val), Mauro Silva (Depor), Xavi (Barça), Yeste (Athletic), Cañizares (Val).
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    Feb 21, 2003

    Player of the Year

    3rd: Juan Román Riquelme. Slow-motion, creative genius.
    2nd: Deco. The complete footballer.
    1st: Samuel Eto'o. Attitude and goals.

    Team of the season

    GK: Iker Casillas (Madrid)
    RB: Míchel Salgado (Madrid)
    CB: Carles Puyol (Barça)
    CB: Luis Perea (Atlético)
    LB: Rodolfo Arruabarena (Villarreal)
    RM: Joaquín (Betis)
    CM: Deco (Barça)
    CM: Ivan De La Peña (Espanyol)
    LM: Juan Román Riquelme (Villarreal)
    CF: Diego Forlán
    CF: Samuel Eto'o

    Subs: Owen, Guti, Helguera (all Madrid), Orbaiz (Athletic), Oliveira, Edu (both Betis), Ramos, Baptista (both Sevilla), Xavi, Ronaldinho (both Barça).
  17. comme

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    Feb 21, 2003

    Best player

    3rd. David Villa. Lethal.
    2nd. Samuel Eto'o. Fractionally more lethal.
    1st. Ronaldinho. Ludicrously good.

    Team of the year

    G: Santiago Cañizares, Valencia
    RB: Dani Alvés, Sevilla
    CB: Rafa Márquez, Barcelona
    CB: Gonzalo Rodríguez, Villarreal
    LB: Mariano Pernía, Getafe
    RM: Jesús Navas, Sevilla
    CM: Marcos Senna, Villarreal
    CM: Ronaldinho, Barcelona
    LM: Ewerthon, Zaragoza
    S: Samuel Eto'o, Barcelona
    S: David Villa, Valencia

    Subs: González (Real Sociedad); Deco, Xavi and Messi (Barça); Ramos and Woodgate (Real Madrid), Silva and Oubiña (Celta); Maresca and Palop (Sevilla); García (Osasuna); Riquelme (Villarreal); Albiol (Valencia); Rivas (Getafe); Arango (Mallorca).
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    Feb 21, 2003

    Best player
    Runner up

    Right-back, right-winger, centre-forward, playmaker and hyperactive child rolled into one, Sevilla's Dani Alves has had a phenomenal season, being involved in more moves, covering more ground and fouling and being fouled more than any other player in La Liga. Liverpool fans sing about their dream of a team of Carraghers - which, let's face it, would be rubbish. A team of Alveses, on the other hand, might actually work.

    But the winner, by a nose, is equine soccer sensation Ruttergus Johannes van Nistelrooy. After the final game of the season, one reporter wrote how this "thoroughbred pulled up lame", which was true but is no reason to put him down. In fact, Madrid were grateful that Ruud's injury only happened right at the end of the season when they were within sight of the finishing post and it was truly sad to see him denied a deserved shot at the European Golden Boot. Ruud might not have been much of a show-pony, but he kept Madrid alive while they were rubbish with a stable contribution of goals, despite being saddled with ploughing a lone furrow up front while a bunch of donkeys aimlessly hoofed the ball in his rough direction. He might not have scored against neighbours Atlético in the derby but he did get two against Barça and the two that rescued his side in Zaragoza as he galloped his way to the Pichichi award, equalling Hugo Sanchez's record by scoring in seven successive matches as the season entered the home straight. Directly responsible for more of his team's points than any other player in La Liga. The league ended up a four horse race, and Ruud was the winner.

    Team of the Year
    GK: Andres Palop, Sevilla.
    RB: Dani Alves, Sevilla.
    CB: Javi Navarro, Sevilla.
    CB: Sergio Ramos, Madrid.
    LB: Joan Capdevila, Deportivo.
    RM: Santi Cazorla, Recreativo.
    CM: Andres Iniesta, Barcelona.
    CM: Christian Poulsen, Sevilla.
    LM: David Silva, Valencia
    CF: Diego Milito, Zaragoza.
    CF: Ruud van Nistelrooy, Madrid.

    Subs: Freddie Kanouté (Sevilla), Iker Casillas (Madrid), Diego Forlán (Villarreal), Ronaldinho, Leo Messi (Barça), Florent Sinama-Pongolle (Recre), Francisco Casquero, Alexis (Getafe), Carlos Diogo, Gaby Milito (Zaragoza), Fernando Baiano (Celta), Raúl Albiol, David Villa, Fabian Ayala (Valencia), Nicola Zigic, Pedro Munitis (Racing), Raúl Tamudo (Espanyol).
  19. comme

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    Feb 21, 2003

    Player of the year

    Runner up: Iker Casillas. Normally the Zamora award goes to the keeper with the best defence. Not this time: Iker faced more shots than anyone else in Spain but performed weekly miracles like he was having a nice cup of tea.

    First: Sergio Aguero. The milk. The consecrated bread. Born of a whore mother. The dog's dinglie-danglies. With his low-slung balance, skill, quick feet, acceleration, vision, strength and goals (19 of them, if you believe Marca; 20 according to the Federation), 19-year-old Aguero was unbelievable this season, finally taking an otherwise fairly average Atlético back to the Champions League. The "New Messi" could turn out to be the new Maradona. And not just because he's marrying El Diego's daughter.

    Team of the season

    GK: Iker Casillas, Madrid.
    RB: Dani Alves, Sevilla.
    CB: Gonzalo Rodríguez, Villarreal.
    CB: Fabricio Coloccini, Deportivo.
    LB: Joan Capdevila, Villarreal.
    RM: Wesley Sneijder, Madrid.
    CM: Marcos Senna, Villarreal.
    CM: Seydou Keita, Sevilla.
    LM: Santi Cazorla, Villarreal.
    S: Sergio Aguero, Atlético.
    S: Dani Guiza, Mallorca.

    Subs: Edu (Betis), Ibagaza (Mallorca), Raúl, Heinze, Pepe and Guti (Madrid), Milito and Messi (Barça), Garay (Racing), Fabiano (Sevilla), Casquero (Getafe), Pires and Nihat (Villarreal), Forlán (Atlético), Llorente (Valladolid).
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    Feb 21, 2003

    Player of the season:

    5th Dani Alves. A footballing Sonic the Hedgehog.

    4th Diego Forlán. Single headedly dragging Atlético back to the Champions League with 32 goals and 10 assists.

    3rd Andrés Iniesta. Vision, touch and technique. Even injured he was better than everyone else in Rome.

    2nd Xavi Hernández. The man who keeps Barcelona ticking and never rotates. Or loses the ball. Out-passed everyone in the European Championship final and did it again in the European Cup final. Spain's top assist provider.

    1st Leo Messi. Making the extraordinary routine. You always felt that he was an injury-free season away from being the best. Now, at last, he's had that season. The man some eejits said was a big game bottler. Because Real Madrid away, the Copa del Rey final and the European Cup final aren't big games. Top scorer in the Champions League, top scorer in the Cup and 23 more in La Liga, 38 in total – topped off by a towering header, for goodness sake.

    Team of the season:

    Diego López (Villarreal)

    Dani Alves (Barcelona)

    Pepe (Madrid)

    Piqué (Barcelona)

    Felipe Luis (Deportivo)

    Duda (Málaga)

    Xavi (Barcelona)

    Iniesta (Barcelona)

    Messi (Barcelona)

    Forlán (Atlético)

    Villa (Valencia).

    Subs: Kanouté, Navas (both Sevilla), Eto'o, Henry (both Barcelona), Apoño (Málaga), Negredo (Almería), Mata (Valencia), Diarra, Robben, Higuaín (all Madrid).
  21. comme

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    Feb 21, 2003

    Best player

    3rd Cristiano Ronaldo.

    2nd Xavi Hernández.

    1st Leo Messi. Earlier this season, Marca gleefully ran a front cover finally revealing the definitive, objective truth: "Ronaldo is more complete than Messi." The proof? A footballing "X-ray", a point-totalling, attribute-by-attribute, "analysis". Carried out by a Marca journalist, who just happened to have written a glossy biography of Ronaldo and who might as well have chosen 'Portuguese-ness' as one of the attributes so determined was he to bend the rules Ronaldo's way. Inevitably, Ronaldo won.

    It was the only thing he did win. At the end of a season presented as a head to head between the big two's biggest stars, even Marca had to admit defeat – brilliant though Ronaldo was. Messi got 34 league goals and 47 in all competitions. He also did things that would have been as unbelievable as they were unique, but for one thing: he did them again and again and again.

    Team of the season

    Víctor Valdés (Barcelona), Dani Alves (Barcelona), Gerard Piqué (Barcelona), Carles Puyol (Barcelona), Filipe Luis (Deportivo), Xavi (Barcelona), Éver Banega (Valencia), Borja Valero (Mallorca), Cristiano Ronaldo (Madrid), Leo Messi (Barcelona), Gonzalo Higuaín (Madrid).

    Subs: Javi Martínez (Athletic); Jesús Navas (Sevilla); Pedro (Barcelona); Diego Alves (Almería), Marcelo, Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid); José Nunes, Chori Castro (Mallorca); Diego Castro, Alberto Botía (Sporting); David Villa (Valencia); Pedro León, Cata Díaz (Getafe); Nino (Tenerife).
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    Feb 21, 2003

    Best player

    Fourth: Giuseppe Rossi. Spain's outstanding player outside the big two. Not that we're likely to be able to say that for much longer.

    Third: Xavi Hernández. An average of over 125 passes a game, for goodness' sake.

    Second: Cristiano Ronaldo. Top scorer this season. Top scorer of any season. Even Marca's stubbornness in hanging on to that extra goal for him ended up not really mattering as he racked up 40 goals in the league, nine ahead of Messi - two more than Telmo Zarra and Hugo Sánchez, the previous record holders. He was running at a goal every 72 minutes. Incredible.

    First: Leo Messi. 31 goals, 20 assists, and brilliance every single week. And that's just in the league. Top scorer in the Copa del Rey and top scorer in the Champions League – for the third year running. Utterly undisputed, even as people seem desperate to dispute him. Every time a "yeah, but" is thrown his way he overcomes it. Messi can do everything. The most complete player around, the extraordinary thing about Messi is how ordinary it has all become – he is making the brilliant routine. Never plays badly, even when he plays "badly".

    Team of the season (trying perhaps a bit too hard not to just pick Madrid and Barcelona players)
    Víctor Valdés (Barcelona); Dani Alves (Barcelona), Gerard Piqué (Barcelona), Ricardo Carvalho (Real Madrid), Marcelo (Real Madrid); Xabi Prieto (Real Sociedad), Xavi (Barcelona), Gabi (Zaragoza), Cazorla (Villarreal); Ronaldo (Madrid), Messi (Barcelona).

    Subs (a long list): Caicedo and Ballesteros (Levante), Prieto (Real Sociedad), Rossi, Borja, and Bruno (Villarreal), De Guzman and Nunes (Mallorca) Reyes and Agüero (Atlético), Abidal, Busquets and Iniesta (Barcelona), Ozil and Alonso (Madrid), Castro and Botía (Sporting), Mata and Soldado (Valencia), Kanouté and Negredo (Sevilla), Iraola and Llorente (Athletic)
  23. comme

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    Feb 21, 2003

    Best player

    Third: "Radamel Falcao, said Marca, "is the force that makes the world go round." And there was this column thinking that was fat bottomed girls.

    Second: Leo Messi. More goals and more assists than anyone else. He finished the season as top scorer in Spain on a barely plausible all-time high of 50 goals and as top scorer in the Champions League for the third time in a row. He scored in the final of the Copa del Rey too, meaning that he has now played in 14 finals with Barcelona and scored in 13 of them. In total he got 73 – seventy-flipping-three! – and was just unbelievably good. Yet again.

    First: Cristiano Ronaldo. A season when Messi and Ronaldo didn't just match each other stride for stride for goals but both missed Champions League semi-final penalties. The Champions League might have tilted the balance one way or the other; ultimately, then, the league has to. When Ronaldo scored the winning goal in the clásico, he ran to the edge of the pitch and celebrated with a gesture that said: 'Relax, I'm here. Leave it to me.' It wasn't a bad idea. Madrid finally won back the league title and it was Ronaldo, more than anyone else, who dragged them to it. Which is why he, just, gets the nod. Scored away in Bilbao, Pamplona, and Barcelona in the run-in. Brutal and brilliant. A beast.

    Team of the season
    Roberto (Zaragoza), Iraola (Athletic), Ramos (Real Madrid), Ballesteros (Levante), Siqueira (Granada), Michu (Rayo), Alonso (Real Madrid), Cazorla (Málaga), Ronaldo (Real Madrid), Messi (Barcelona), Falcao (Atlético).

    Subs: De Marcos, Martínez, Llorente (Athletic); Busquets, Mascherano (Barcelona); Raúl García, Cejudo (Osasuna); Benzema, Higuaín, Ozil (Madrid); Soldado (Valencia); Xavi (Barcelona), Toulalan, Isco (Málaga); Koné (Levante); Vela, Martínez (Real Sociedad); Courtois (Atlético); Beñat (Betis).
  24. comme

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    Feb 21, 2003

    Player of the Year
    3rd Radamel Falcao. 2nd Cristiano Ronaldo. 1st: Leo Messi. Just the 46 league goals this season, then.

    Team of the Season
    GK: Courtois (Atlético)

    RB: Carlos Martínez (Real Sociedad)

    CB: Miranda (Atlético)

    CB: Iñigo Martínez (Real Sociedad)

    LB: Filipe Luis (Atlético)

    M: Sergio Busquets

    M: Xabi Prieto (Real Sociedad)

    M: Andrés Iniesta (Barcelona)

    S: Leo Messi (Barcelona)

    S: Radamel Falcao (Atlético)

    S: Cristiano Ronaldo (Madrid)

    Subs: Rubén Castro (Betis), Ozil, Varane (Madrid), Negredo, Rakitic (Sevilla), Soldado (Valencia), Piti (Rayo), Isco (Málaga), Illarramendi, Vela (Real Sociedad), Arda, Costa (Atlético).
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    Feb 21, 2003

    OK, OK, team of the year

    GK: Thibaut Courtois (Atlético), RB: Juanfran. (Atlético), LB: Filipe Luís (Atlético), CB: Diego Godín (Atlético), CB: João Miranda (Atlético), M: Ivan Rakitic (Sevilla), M: Gabi (Atlético), M: Luka Modric (Real Madrid), M: Ángel Di María (Real Madrid), F: Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid), F: Diego Costa (Atlético). Subs: Koke, Raúl García and Turan (Atlético), Bale, Alonso, Benzema and Ramos (Real Madrid), Iniesta and Messi (Barcelona), Rico, Gurpegui, Laporte, Aduriz (Athletic Bilbao), Trashorras and Larrivey (Rayo Vallecano), Navas (Levante), Bacca (Sevilla), Bruno, Gio and Musacchio (Villarreal), Vela (Real Sociedad).

    Manager of the year
    Diego Simeone. The only doubt is whether the word is ‘year’.

    Player of the year
    Third: Diego Costa

    Second: Cristiano Ronaldo.

    First: Gabi.

    Cristiano Ronaldo was consistently brilliant, finishing as top scorer in La Liga and top scorer in the Champions League, with a record 17 goals in that competition, including one in the final. Diego Costa was the most outstanding performer as judged against expectations and arguably the most decisive player in the league – although he, like Ronaldo, missed much of the final weeks, including the draw at the Camp Nou that clinched the title. A case could be made too for Thibaut Courtois. But after a historic season in Spain marked, perhaps more than any other in the last decade or more, by a team it feels more appropriate to chose a man who symbolises that team, even if he personally was talked about all too infrequently. And no one symbolises that team more than Atlético Madrid’s captain Gabi. Absolutely impeccable.

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