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  1. Sorry, but this guy is part of the first team selection and training with them. He's, I have to admit I was surprised about it, not a member of that loan cattle trying to get playing time as a loan player.
    To put it into perspective, current PSV player Angelino was loaned to NAC Breda and played well, so was bought by PSV and is very good. Yet he wasnot part of the selection training with Pep, but a loan player. If someone who's good enough to be an impact player at PSV hasnot gotten this far as Sandler, it tells to who do understand things what the status of Sandler is.

    From an interview with him:
    “It’s a lot different here in England. Physically, it’s much more demanding and Pep wants us to play a certain way and one that I am, of course, learning.”

    Sandler explained learning the ‘City way’ is key to playing in the style Guardiola wants all his defenders to play.

    “You have to be confident on the ball, able to receive passes under pressure and be able to start playing out from deep positions – that’s how I played in Holland and that is why I was brought to City."
  2. It's kind of funny that, when you look through the Dutch forum, you willnot see a thread or more than a post mentioning this about Sandler, while he actually is part of the ManCity selection.
  3. PSV was after Kik too. PSV and Ajax are chasing the Mexican Edson Álvarez.
    Let's hope for Kik the Mex joins the others at PSV, so he's with one major competitor less to begin with.
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    No question scouts watch everything. But, there is a big difference in a club watching a player, actually signing him and actually signing him for the first team. And sides like Barcelona and Manchester United are linked with hundreds of players every season with it mostly being agent talk. The major papers in England, Spain, Italy, etc have 100 transfer rumors every week with 99% of them never ever happening. If Barcelona sign someone like Ludovit Reis it would be for Barcelona B. For a side like Barcelona to really be interested in Reis for their first team he would need to start performing for a side like Ajax/PSV and/or become a consistent contributor for the Dutch national team. Suarez played for Groningen but, had to go to Ajax to get signed by a major club, Van Dijk had to go to Celtic, Robben had to go to PSV. Once again not impossible but unlikely to sign for a major European club directly from a side like Groningen or Heerenveen.
  5. Sigh, you donot get it.
    Reis is still a kid of 18 yo. It's not about big clubs scouting for their first team. Obviously if Reis was in that category he would have been with 18 already playing with Feyenoord, PSV or Ajax.
    It's about the fact that it doesnot matter in which club you play in the Eredivisie. You're being watched, even if you play in for instance NAC at the moment.
    Barcelona isnot a cvnt club like ManCity, that hoover up anyone that has the potential to be sold in one or two seasons without the intention of them acquiring for the first team. Barcelona, as is the case with Real, at least have the intention to bring talents in for growth to the first team. Fact is that not many really succeed, but that's not different from our own academies and youth team players.
    It's not about watching him, it's about the fact FC Groningen are being approached for talks by Barcelona. Actually the fact was there before the press was aware of it. So, no it's not the usual hot air fake transfer news to sell copies you refer to. Our press is a different kind from the shit in the UK, by the way.

    If you mean all top clubs have the same MO as what the Barcelona big boss said about the Eredivisie then no, it isnot so. A couple do, but not all.

    If you mean every match is watched by scouts, it means as much as telling rain is wet.
  6. upload_2019-4-14_0-36-17.png
    Sunday, 2.30 pm:
    - Referee: Nijhuis (return at highest
    level after serious injury)

    - 25th derby of the north. Of the former 24
    Heerenveen won 16, Groningen 4
    (three seasons ago was the last).
    The previous Frisian home victory
    was four seasons ago.

    - Earlier this season, Groningen booked
    the first home win against Heerenveen
    of this competition: 2-0.

    - The Frisians lost three of their four
    last duels and scored in them only one time.
    FC Groningen only lost one of their last 10 matches.
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  7. upload_2019-4-15_13-33-15.png
    Schoten: Shots off Shots on target Blocked shots

    Reddingen: saves

    Match statistics:
    Hoekschoppen: Corners
    Kaarten: Yellow cards
    Red cards
    Overtredingen begaan: Offenses/fouls committed
    Buitenspel: Offside
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    At last, I can break out the formal wear again!

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    Why's he going for such a small fee?
  11. Internally in the Eredivisie hardly ever high fees are payed. The highest was for Sulejmani going from Heerenveen to Ajax for 16.25 million.
    That's why and how Ajax gets rich, stealing players from the small Eredivisie clubs and selling them later for a huge transfer fee.It's their MO.
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    There is, of course, usually a 10% or so "sell on" piece as well... (although I've not looked at Kik's deal, it's pretty standard.) Willem II is pretty ok with their 10% of the De Jong deal, for instance... They never would have gotten, what, 8 mill Euro? for him as an 18 yo. Now, he's the huge outlier, for sure, but there is usually a piece of the sell-on if the youngster hits... but yeah, Ajax/PSV usually do the best... that's the market for you.
  13. Actually Ajax didnot have to do that. Overmars negotiated a deal with Willem II for 800k to buy him. Managing Director van Duivenbode (and others at Ajax) werenot convinced about his qualities, so the deal was blocked. So Overmars did a deal with Willem II for 1€€ plus sell on fee of 15% and that was accepted by the Ajax board.
    :ROFLMAO:These must now be banging their heads on their desks.
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    That's funny. But I know a few 'Veen to Ajax deals have sell-on %. I thought it was kind of standard.
  15. Nope, you hardly ever see a sell on deal. The only instance I can think of is when a player has still a couple of years to go and the selling club can fend a transfer off. If a top 3 club really wants him, than there's the choice to offer that. But it's a rarity.
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    For legendary dealmakers those Dutch clubs need to do better. I know 'Veen regularly pay sell-ons. I'm sure the Konglo deal will. And it was a big deal in that lawsuit over Edman years ago. And I thought the Dost deal that didn't happen was supposed to include a sell-on for 'veen. Ajax negotiated a hefty sell-on for Justin Kluivert... What's wrong with the rest of the ered? What kind of dutchmen are they?
  17. Honest and modest Dutchmen:)
  18. upload_2019-4-20_0-1-37.png


    Heerenveen was the better team and had the better chances, but in the end lost again.
    Heerenveen had 10 shots on target of which 9 were saved.
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    Heerenveen really just poor this season. Kinda shockingly so.
  20. upload_2019-4-20_0-8-18.png
    Because of the 2-1 by Adrian Dalmau Heerenveen for the 8th duel in a row gets 2 or more goals against them. A new negative club record.

    Seems to be the MO of America born CDs to leak 2+ goals a match in the Dutch league;)
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    Dude, it's the Ered. You know there hasn't been a shut-out in league play since 1964...

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