Julian Green at SpVgg Greuther Fürth

Discussion in 'Yanks Abroad' started by Chance, Aug 20, 2015.

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    I think I was the first to notice the difference when Kicker rates our players, as compared to local players (or those from Denmark, Switzerland, or Austria). On the other hand, the American-owned, London-based Sofascore/Whoscored do tend to overrate American players, probably for the same reason Kicker inflates German-ic ones.
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    Furth won 2-1 today. Green did not get on the scoresheet, but both goals came off of his set pieces. Furth have finished 13th in the 2. Bundesliga.

    Green finishes the season with 4 goals and 3 assists in 27 starts and 2 sub appearances.

    The counterargument is that Kicker rated the entire Furth squad as 17th out of 18 in the 2. Bundesliga. The overall player ratings for the club make sense because Furth scored the second fewest goals, surrendered the second most goals, and finished with the second worst goal differential.
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    In other words, they don't actually hate Green so much; they just hate having to watch Furth and they're not inclined to ask if any of the sows' ears they lost two hours of their lives watching could ever become silk purses. :cool:

    Makes sense
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    so... why wasn't he called in for the GC? Seems he could help us, no?
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    It's not clear he's better than the other options. As much as there's some disappointing lack of depth on the GC roster, he really hasn't proven materially more than the guys on the team - perhaps it's a snub, but not a glaring oversight.
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    Given the abysmal performances by the team so far, there is no reason not to bring in others going forward. It would be difficult to play worse than what we’ve seen.

    I think the pool needs to be widened irrespective of how we do at the Gold Cup (where our minimum expectation normally should be to win, given that it’s at home and Mexico isn’t bringing many of its best players.
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    Jul 26, 2007
    The problem for Green is how his advocates have emphasized in the last few years that he's better as a #10 or striker than as a winger. They may be right about Green as a #10. But it hurts his chances with the US.

    If Green was a winger, he might be a starter for the US right now. Instead, he's competing directly with Pulisic and behind players like Lletget and Holmes.
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    I could be completely off base but Green strikes me as a "gamer". Not the most talented athlete but a player that gets the most out of his ability, is an intelligent professional and who has the respect of his teammates. I'll take eleven of those guys over prima donna #1, can't miss prospect #2 and youth tournament phenom #3.
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    Green just isn't athletic enough to be a winger at the international level.

    Then again, neither is Arriola, and neither was Bedoya, so who knows?
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    Green is not a striker, he has neither the height nor size for it along with other issues. Closest thing to a striker for him would be more SS. No way he could work as a striker especially sole one at pro level.
  12. schrutebuck

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    Jul 26, 2007
    That conceit originated with a few US fans who went overboard when Green played striker for Bayern in the preseason in 2016. He scored a few preseason goals and served as Lewandowski's "backup", technically speaking, for 6 months. Of course, Bayern played him only a few matches and then transferred him that January.
  13. Ger90

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    May 13, 2016
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    2016? so who actually took Ancelotti seriously? I mean the moment I heard he got hired I expected him to get fired. Don't have a high opinion on Kovac either.

    no one should care what he did at Bayern, he was never going to make it at the club and especially not as a striker. I mean cannot imagine Green at high level playing striker, not going to happen.He already struggles in 2BL.

    as a striker he would be more false 9 than anything. I tend to think a lot of clubs are stupid to begin with when they play short guys or guys who should be SS or AM as CF/strikers, lol. That happens a lot in youth levels or very low levels. Then when they go higher they are forced to change positions, because it just ain't going to work. That Kiesewetter states that he saw himself as a striker is exactly why a 26 year old could never cut it in Germany and that it was the wrong league for him.

    a lot of people were Lewa's backup and in the end what's crazy about him is that he ended up with 0 serious injuries. Usually things like 1 or 2 weeks out and that's it. Which meant he really ended up with no relevant back up. And he says he wants a back up only to rest and not play every game, that's it......

    just realized Green turned 24 years old like 4 days ago, how time passes by when he was a teenager at Bayern, lol.
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    Even though Kicker was rather harsh having him as the third worst player in the 2.BuLi, there's a reason why he's down there: he can disappear for 80 minutes.

    It's very doubtful one of the worst players in the German second division can help even Berhalter's sorry team. Last outings with the NT Green didn't show anything.
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    Jul 12, 2013
    Green's a tweener in pretty much every role you can think of for him....(kinda like Michael Bradley but that's another topic)

    He does offer some nice things....he is a good finisher. he's scored vs France, Belgium, New Zealand and Cuba.....despite rarely playing as a striker for USMNT.

    But when you have to play teams like jamaica etc who are super physical and fast he lacks the athleticism and speed to make an impact.

    In his latest outings for SUMNT he played super conservative and didn't pass very well....never looking for the forward pass. If he was a good passer it would make him a good asset...but since he cannot really create his own chances...and doesn't create much for others....you wonder what his role could be....

    if he was on a team that created a bunhc of chances he could be a "fox in the box" type....unfortunately his 2BL is seemingly one that doesn't have much possession and doesn't creat a ton so he cannot show that at club level.....

    Zardes has like 1 goal in his last 15+ appearances for the US at center forward....I personally think Green would be better there....but if he did play he would have to not be safe and just play super aggressive....he was very passive in his latest appearances for USMNT....which I don't understand at all.....

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