Jimmy Conrad exposes Michael Bradley

Discussion in 'USA Men' started by #1 Feilhaber and Adu, Aug 27, 2018.

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    Where's the downvote button :(
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    There is only one non-insane answer.

    Who the hell knows?
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    It's probably saner to say "sane" than to run with "non-insane"... ;)
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    I think he was referring to the "middle class" of sanity. I know that I am not considered rich by many but I am not poor either. I have a feeling most view my level of sanity in the same way.
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    I always felt Bradley was responsible for making sure Lee Nguyen never got a fair shot. Every time the two were on the field together, he froze Lee out, took over his position and made Lee look bad. Lee still is a very good possession #10 and still could contribute if given a chance.

    That being said... its time for Bradley and Jozy to retire from international soccer. Their time is over. The next generation needs to develop now and add to them, a good number of the U20s. They are also very good
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    Mike also tried to do that to Pulisic in the Panama away game we tied 1-1.

    Puli was supposed to roam inside from the right, but time and again Mike was just there demanding the ball from him, so in the end he was taking over the CM and AM roles. At some point Puli just took his chances and ignored him.

    Happy days.
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    I've been following this thread for months, as I thought many interesting positions were advanced. Three points:

    (1) As noted, MB's resumé is one matched by no one else in the USMNT player pool. Some obviously think his ego is in the same category. In my estimation, Berhalter has handled this touchy situation well by bringing Bradley onto the team but not making him captain. It recognizes that MB has something to offer, but also sends a pretty clear message that MB is no longer top dog. I suspect we'll see more and more of MB as a second half sub in the 2022 cycle.

    (2) As for Chad Marshall, my memory is still tormented by thoughts of our U.S. B-team playing in the Gold Cup final and getting toasted for five goals by Mexico in the second half. He's a competent defender at MLS level. By implication, however, 5 USMNT coaches - Bradley, Klinsmann, Arena, Sarachan and Berhalter - concurred that he is not a national team caliber player.

    (3) As for Klinsmann's ego, it ultimately was his undoing. We did better than expected in the 2014 World Cup, but our midfield creativity was at times non-existent and he left our best midfielder off the squad. It was downhill from there. In the end, Klinsmann's ultimate accomplishments as USMNT coach never equaled Arena's 2002 World Cup advance or Bradley's 2009 Confederations Cup final. Landon on the other hand is a USMNT legend.

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