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Discussion in 'Scotland' started by Melito Irpino, Sep 19, 2017.

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    I'll be visiting Scotland in October and would like to catch a Celtic game. What's the best way for a foreigner who is not a Celtic member to buy tickets? I'm looking at the game vs Dundee on 14 Oct. Will it be difficult to buy tix same day or should I purchase in advance? Thanks!

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    Its worth it to reach out to the club now through whatever official contact info they have and explain your situation. I have heard from may friends who are coming in to the UK from out of the country for matches, even restricted sales matched, and the teams have worked with them to make sure they get a ticket. They generally understand why someone in your situation wouldn't be in their database. I did this myself in March when I went to see Blackburn play at Ewood Park what could have been a restricted sales game against Preston. Blackburn's ticket rep was happy to get me set up in their system so I didn't have any problem buying a ticket when they went on sale.

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