Impact of Champions League Pot 1 Seeding Rewarding Champions

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    Pot 1 of the Group Stage draw has the champions of the top seven leagues and either the Champions League champion or the champion of the eighth best league. Since Real Madrid and Juventus both won one of the top seven leagues, the defending champion spot in Pot 1 isn't used, so Shakhtar Donetsk will be in Pot 1. The Pot 1 clubs have an average coefficient of 107.129, which is worse than the 119.164 average for the Pot 2 clubs (if Sevilla wins the Playoff Round). This gap will get a little smaller after the Champions League Final, but the Pot 2 clubs will still have the best average. The biggest cause is Russian champion Spartak Moscow, who has a worse coefficient than every club in the 2016-2017 Group Stage except for Rostov. In 2016-2017 the Pot 1 average was hurt by Leicester City, who had a worse coefficient than Spartak Moscow has now, but the Pot 1 clubs still had a better average than the Pot 2 clubs, 112.318 to 103.259. If at least one of Sevilla or Napoli is in the Group Stage, three Pot 1 clubs (AS Monaco, Spartak Moscow, and Shakhtar Donetsk) will have a worse coefficient than every Pot 2 club. Napoli can reach the Group Stage by finishing second in Serie A (ahead of AS Roma) or by winning the Playoff Round.

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