Huge soccer card auction now up. 500 more items will be added tonight

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    36912346_938923112978430_1496941860961124352_n.jpg This weeks soccer card auction is now up and running. 250 items up to 90% off its book value Minimum bids as low as 0.25 cents. Auction ends 10/27/2018 visit our ebay store. for some great deals

    500 more items will be added tonight

    we included all of your favorite teams and players Cristiano Ronaldo , Neymar jr , Lionel Messi , Harry Kane, Thomas Muller , Marco reus , Luis Suarez, Ozel , Brand include Black gold, Champions league chrome , Champions League showcase, National treasures 2015 Donruss , 2016-17 donruss, 2017 Panini select and so much more . Like our facebook page at Get updates on new items added to our store.

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