How common are written player evals?

Discussion in 'Youth & HS Soccer' started by CornfieldSoccer, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. P.W.

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    Sep 29, 2014
    Got my email to sign up for my players' mid season evaluation conference this week - reminded me of this thread.
  2. CornfieldSoccer

    Aug 22, 2013
    If you don't mind, when you know, can you come back and give us an idea of what kind of information is provided and whether it's useful?

    The DOC at my son's club has committed to doing this this winter -- he's said in a prior year, too, though, and it never happened. So we'll see if it actually does.
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    Apr 22, 2015
    Realize this was directed at someone else but we had our call this week and thought I'd share. I didn't have high expectations since it was the club's first time doing it but I found it pretty informative. The coach clearly prepped for the call, as did we, so it was a good use of time. Covered strengths, weaknesses and ideas for the future. We posed a few questions and got thoughtful answers. We'll have a similar check in during the Spring season.
  4. P.W.

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    Sep 29, 2014
    So for information, it's a written evaluation - rating a bunch of skills 1-5 and an in person conference. I tried to upload a photo but it was too large. Here's the list:

    Technical Ability
    Trapping- ground ball
    Trapping - airball
    Heading (age 12 and up)

    Tactical Awareness
    In Attack
    In Defense

    Physical Aspects

    Personal Traits
    Self Confidence
    Mental Toughness

    Then a notes/comment section.

    Coupled with the written evaluation is a 5 minute conversation where the trainer, parent and player just talk about how things are going, things that have improved from last year (he had the same trainer), areas that can be worked on that aren't necessarily on the skills list and then some talk about what to look forward to in the Spring.

    I think it's very useful - it's good to see if you and the coach are both on the same page with what you perceive your player's skill level to be (delusions of grandeur type thing) and to get direction and information just for your child. It's just nice to have a face to face, back and forth conversation with the coach.
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  5. Cantona's Eyebrow

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    Oct 8, 2018
    Here's an idea of what to cover in a player appraisal:

    FIRST TOUCH AND BALL CONTROL - the ability to control the ball quickly and effectively, in a composed manner, seldom losing possession.

    PASSING - the ability to make short and medium length passes using the inside and outside of the foot. With effective weight and accuracy.

    ABILITY UNDER PRESSURE - can the player maintain a consistent high level of performance when under pressure(time, physical and mental) and continue to protect the ball.

    RUNNING WITH THE BALL - can the player demonstrate when to run with the ball and do so with pace and direction without losing possession.

    1v1 MOVES - the player's overall ability to execute 1v1 moves, and to do so in the appropriate area of the pitch and relative to the development of the play with a consistent level of success.

    GROUP ATTACKING - the player's application of the first principles of support, width and penetration, and ability to finish with limited number of touches.

    GROUP DEFENDING - a player's ability to effectively close down opponents, remain patient and persistent, and also apply the first principles of compactness, cover and depth.

    SPEED AND PACE - the ability to accomplish techniques quickly with efficient and fast movements in all areas of the field.

    FOOTBALL INTELLIGENCE - the player's ability to assess game situations quickly and yet with composure in order to make intelligent decisions.

    URGENCY AND ANTICIPATION - the player's reaction to game related events, and ability to anticipate these.

    SPORTSMANSHIP - the conduct of the player at all times both on and off the field. Showing a fair, honest and supportive attitude at all times.

    MOTIVATION - the player's enthusiasm and attitude to hard work, and the desire shown towards improvement and recover from mistakes.

    ATTENDANCE - the player's commitment to attending all developmental training sessions.

    I would grade these attributes for each outfield player by one of these three levels: Exceeding expected level of development / Meeting the expected level of development / Requires further development in this area.

    A separate report would be required for Goalkeepers focusing on handling, distribution with hands, distribution with feet, diving, dealing with crosses, 1 v 1s, etc etc.
  6. johngonole

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    Feb 15, 2018
    Our club for about one month started an initiative where players would fill out a self evaluation after every game rating their performance in different aspects. But like everything our club tries to do on a club wise basis it fizzled out quickly. Our club has a habit of saying they are going to do this or that initiative and then not following through.
  7. Benny Dargle

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    Jul 23, 2008
    Our club has been doing them for years (probably since 2011 or so). Required twice a year from the coaches. They use a website (zoom reports) so all the coach has to do is rate the player in a number of pre-set areas and then offer some written comments and areas for improvement. It costs the club something like $3 per player, which includes storage of the evaluations so you can go back and review your kids' old evaluations etc. Of course, you could have your coaches do them without paying a fee, but it basically ensures each coach offers a standard written evaluation and it allows the Director of Coaching to log onto the website and check that the coaches have done one for each player. That's helpful in a bigger club and parents seem to appreciate it. It also gives coaches cover doing it 2x a year since coaches can explain what a player needs to do to earn more playing time or make the team next year, which reduces surprises and disappointment (or at least gives the coaches something to point to when they explain their decisions).
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    After 9 years at our previous club and getting absolutely zero evals, My youngest just got her first evaluation at her new home.

    I think these are a nice to have. More importantly I think communication and working with parents is key - especially in a developmental environment. Coaches who get to know their players will understand the best way to motivate them, build their confidence and help them love the game.

    Too many clubs are just treating players like sheep and training in a one-size fits all which is not development soccer.
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    Dec 8, 2018
    Some do some dont

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