Have they given up using "The Football Confederation"?

Discussion in 'CONCACAF' started by geohiller, May 12, 2003.

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    The Football Confederation has always been CONCACAF's Alias to market it self in the US. Every where else they have always used CONCACAF. Just Check out FIFA's website.
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    Brilliant, use that name in a country that calls it soccer.
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    Yes, they have given it up. I saw no indication that it had anything to do with marketing to the US where, as was mentioned, the sport isn't called football.

    After the decision mentioned in the March '03 newsletter, they took "FC" off of everything on their website (except they forgot to change where it says "FC Update" on the front page).

    If you look at the newsletters (copies for the last few years can be found here: http://www.concacaf.com/newsletter/ ), you can see it was CONCACAF News through August/September '99.

    The November/December '99 issue says they met in December '99 "for the first time under the name The Football Confederation." There is also a piece in that newsletter detailing the change. They said the official name would remain the same, but they would go by a name that was "easier to say and understand."


    It was Confederation News until the March '03 issue, where it reverted to CONCACAF News.

    The new name never really caught on, especially when used in stories about the various confederations (where you can't call ours The Football Confederation), and was seemingly abandoned at the February meeting.

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