Gringo's Wall of Shame: Get used to it Gringos VOL. XI

Discussion in 'Mexico National Team' started by sidspaceman, Jun 27, 2014.

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    That thread is tragic. Once they realized they were going three and out they made it about having the hardest group. Once that was proven false they quietly moved on.
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    I am still in awe of these quotes from US Soccer.

    Those boys looked tip-top in the tunnel!

    At lunch over scrabble, nothing but aces from my boys, 6 letter triple word score. Nailed!

    I saw a 2 minute burpee set, outstanding!

    It is simply absurd. Absurd!

    25minutes = millions of investment, perhaps two versions of Power Point, A year in the "search." After hundreds of qualified interviews (2) and thousands of applicants (2) and hundreds of man hours in tireless search for the best coach on the planet..

    The best of the best of the best in physio and cardio and tech for treatment...

    and 25 effing effing minutes against a team that has beat the US nonstop for the last years. Mexico, a global also ran that gets spanked by any top 15 team, and 25 OK minutes against them and nothing but progress to see here! And we still lost!

    Not a good 3 game span. Not a proper series of friendlies, but 25 minutes!!!

    I am in awe of the fortress created around US Soccer.

    If Mexico is a also ran then aren’t the nads like the Solomon Islands?

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