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Discussion in 'Youth & HS Soccer' started by Cantona's Eyebrow, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. Cantona's Eyebrow

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    Oct 8, 2018
    Apologies, I've not been on the forum much over the last few weeks, I've been really busy coaching and working through some personal issues.

    Anyway, I've received some great news last week and wanted to share it with you all. And may be even ask a little favour :p

    Last week, I got notification that I'd passed my UEFA B licence (finally on the second attempt) and celebrated by giving my u11s squad the beasting of their lives. Boys could hardly walk by the end of the session, ran their guts out for me, so proud of them. Gathered them in at the end of the session (some almost on their hands and knees :ROFLMAO:) and explained to them that through hard work and determination great things can happen. At this point I reached into my pocket and pulled out my UEFA B card. I remained silent and just watched their confused faces. It was priceless :laugh:

    After I'd explained the importance of the qualification, within the football community, the brighter ones seemed to get it and looked appropriately impressed as they limped off to tell mum and dad :thumbsup: Probably the hardest session of their lifes :whistling:

    So, to the important part of this post. I'm looking to travel to the U.S this summer (with my toothbrush and shiny new UEFA B licence) with a view to giving something back to the international community. This is where you guys come in :giggle: I was hoping some of you could recommend a club in your area that employ international coaches on a seasonal basis. Happy to coach any level though I obviously prefer working with elite kids. If any one was able to hook me up with their kids club it would be mucho appreciated. Not interested in going through an agency, as I like to do things my way, but any hints or tips would be great. Also, if anyone could recommend places to stay or even offer to put me up for a few weeks until I get set-up, I'd be forever in your debt .... could maybe even negotiate some one-2-one coaching for your child in return for room and board ;)

    Anyway, if any one can help I'd love to here from you.

  2. Member

    Feb 8, 2018
    Congrats! Not able to help but I wish you success.
  3. sam_gordon

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    Feb 27, 2017
    Congrats and good luck!

    If you want to coach high level (at what ages), I suggest looking a teams involved in the various regional leagues and reaching out to them.
  4. upper left

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    Jan 27, 2018
    Maybe you haven't heard...
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    So you didn't save a bunch of money on your car insurance?
  6. SaturdayChild

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    Apr 19, 2019

    My daughter's club in NE Florida often has summer camps that include international coaches. I have no connections with the DOCs with which to help you, but you could check out their site and maybe reach out to them FB message is probably the best way to get a response.
  7. VolklP19

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    Jun 23, 2010
    3,2,1 No one else can come!

    But seriously - try any DA team - they will love having a furrier telling them how soccer is played!

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