GOLD CUP 2000 Honduras Riot?

Discussion in 'Central America' started by ottoevans, Nov 25, 2008.

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    yea my aunt went and ppl started throwing beer bottles and one of them like almost broke her ankle. she still has the
    .5-3 or something like that
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    I remember it perfectly, was there with some of my thug friends from high school. The ref took away a perfect goal from a Honduran player, and he kicked the ball into the stands and got red carded. Several Honduran players ran onto the field and got in the ref's face, and one or two of them pushed him, and he got a red too. When he was leaving the field, he held up his hands like he was calling the fans onto the field, and a mob of fans (probably around a thousand) rushed the barricade and piled onto the pitch.

    The Honduran and Peruvian players ran to the locker rooms, and the fans that weren't on the field started to hurl bottles and coins to try and hit the referee, and the police ran to form a circle around him. That's when things got really ugly. Everyone (including me and my buddies) started to hurl everything in their hands at the police, some little fat guys tore out the plastic seats to throw them, and a lot of it ended up hitting the people in front. When I saw the cops on the field start charging up the steps of the stands to where we were, and a helicopter with a search light come in, I new the fun was over and it was time to run for the exit.

    When we got there, there were more cops coming in, and they blocked us from exiting and asked why we were running. They put us up against the wall, searched us, took my gatorade and poured it on the ground. I saw them hauling away a ton of people in handcuffs, and saw two of them clubbing some guy that kept trying to get up. They told us to leave, and when we got outside we heard a gunshot and people shouting. I saw the whole thing again on the 11 o'clock news at a female friend's house.

    I guess boys will be boys:D I watched a similar one go down when the Honduran national team lost to the Miami Fusion at Lockhart stadium in Ft. Lauderdale, but this was worse.

    Looks like the Peruvians have a thread on this too...
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    Here's the vid I had in that old Peru Thread (Re-load'ed it back to youtube in hopes of better quality and audio)

    [ame=""]YouTube - Honduras vs Peru : 2.19.2000 : Gold Cup / Copa de Oro 2000[/ame]

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