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    I would like for some help from you guys in relation to a project that I am doing. I am using the FIFA 10 PC game to create the teams of MLS, NASL, USL and some NPSL teams. Since you guys know the players can you rate the players for this team? Also if you know who the captain of the team is that would be helpful as well. Please keep in mind that ratings for MLS players are between 60s and 70s and NASL players from MLS are between 50s and 60s. So USL players should be between 40s and 50s. Here is the team I need help from you guys to rate:
    Harrisburg City Islanders
    Current roster[edit]
    No. Position Player Nation
    5 Defender Shane Johnson United States
    63 Defender Dante Leverock Bermuda
    7 Forward Yann Ekra France
    9 Forward Garret Pettis United States
    12 Forward Brett Jankouskas United States
    1 Goalkeeper Nick Noble United States
    13 Goalkeeper Ciaran Nugent United States
    27 Goalkeeper Kyle Renfro United States
    6 Midfielder Ken Tribbett United States
    8 Midfielder José Barril Spain
    10 Midfielder Jason Plumhoff United States
    11 Midfielder Enric Vallès Spain
    14 Midfielder Danny DiPrima United States
    19 Midfielder Cardel Benbow Jamaica
    20 Midfielder Neil Shaffer United States
    21 Midfielder Erick Brazil

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