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  1. Knave

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    May 25, 1999
    FIFA and Tournaments - FAQ

    Welcome to the FIFA and Tournaments forum. This FAQ is meant to supplement the BigSoccer Forum Guidelines. If you have not already done so, we encourage you to read it over.

    This is a work in progress and will be modified as warranted. If you have comments, suggestions, corrections or additions then please post them below. Please note, however, that the moderators will periodically “prune” this thread so don’t post anything here that you’d like to preserve for posterity.

  2. Knave

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    May 25, 1999
    The FIFA and Tournaments Board

    The FIFA and Tournaments board is the place to discuss FIFA, its politics, its regulations (including the Laws of the Game) and FIFA run inter-confederation tournaments past, present and future.

    At the national level inter-confederation tournaments include the World Cup, the Confederations Cup, the Olympics and the various under-“x” youth championships. At the club level we primarily deal with the Club World Championship.

    We will not generally cover intra-confederation tournaments at the national or club levels. Such discussions are best had at the various confederation boards elsewhere on

    Additionally, there are several other boards that often overlap topically. These boards include The Beautiful Game board, the Referee board and the Business and Media board.

    If a topic is not related directly to FIFA or an inter-confederational tournament then it will probably be on another board. Additionally, if a topic relates to intra-confederational qualifying for a FIFA tournament, that thread will probably be moved to that confederation's board.

    We will be moving all off topic posts to the appropriate forums with redirecting links.

  3. Knave

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    May 25, 1999
    Spoilers, aka “The [R] Rule”

    First, things first: this is not negotiable. It’s settled. It’s going to be in effect. If you disagree with the rule then please feel free to bump this thread and discuss it. We’re not discussing the rule on this board. We’re only enforcing it. In short, you’ve been warned.

    If you post a spoiler you run the risk of being yellow carded and banned from the FIFA and Tournaments forums for the duration of the tournament.

    So what are spoilers?

    A spoiler is something that reveals the result of a match without fair warning to readers of the boards.

    Here are some rules to follow to make sure that you do not post any spoilers.

    1) Never post a result in a title. Ex. "USA 1 : 0 England"

    2) Never imply a result in a thread title. "England beaten by the Yanks!" or "Borghi was brilliant!"

    3) Always use neutral icons in titles for threads that reveal results.

    Here a couple examples of what not to do.

    :D USA v. England [R]


    :( USA v. England [R]

    Such icons are very suggestive about the results of a match so please avoid using them.

    Neutral alternatives include the arrow or the generic icon. Use either of these when posting potentially spoiling threads.

    4) Along with using a neutral title and icon you must always put an [R] in the title. The [R] is fair warning that the contents of the thread include match results. A thread titled something like "Evaluating England’s Strikers" is clearly neutral but it is also very ambiguous. It is not obvious whether or not results are revealed within the thread. Consequently, the thread is a potentially spoiling thread even though its title is neutral. If you leave the [R] out then someone who does not want to know a result might unwittingly click on the thread and have a match spoiled. By placing an [R] in the title you give all the readers of the board fair warning about the contents of the thread.

    We will be taking spoilers very seriously and anyone who posts a spoiler will receive an automatic yellow card that prevents them from posting new threads.
    • Note: During the knockout rounds please refrain from posting thread titles that reveal the opponents in the next round (thereby implying the results of the previous round) for approximately 24 hours.
    In short, all we are asking for is a little common sense and courtesy to your fellow Bigsoccer posters.

    Lastly, if you really, absolutely don't want to risk a match being spoiled then you should avoid the boards. We aren't perfect, we aren't here at every single moment of the day and you will always run the risk of seeing spoilers if you come here. We can minimize that risk, but we cannot eliminate it. So if it is imperative that you not see a spoiler then avoid the boards until you've watched the match. We'll eliminate spoilers as soon as we see them but, as with life in general, there are no guarantees.
  4. Knave

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    May 25, 1999
    Official Threads

    Every match will have official match threads (and sometimes there'll be up to three threads: pre-match, in-match/play-by-play and post-match). These threads are designated for serious discussion and analysis and are moderated quite heavily. So please take the rivalry discussion elsewhere.

  5. Knave

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    May 25, 1999
    Play-By-Play AOL/AIM Chatroom

    You do not have to be an AOL member to participate. The software is free and available here.

    Assuming you’ve installed the program and registered a screen name here’s how you enter the official chatroom.

    1. Under the “People” menu choose “Send Chat Invitation” (or press alt-c).
    2. In the “Screen names to invite” window type your AOL/AIM screen name.
    3. In the “Chat room” window type in the desired room name (see note below).
    4. Click the “send” button.

    We will always specify chatrooms on the official pre-match threads. So if you’d like to join a chat just go to the first post in the pre-match thread and look up the room information.

  6. Knave

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    May 25, 1999
    Posting Etiquette

    Play Nice: You know what that means. If you don’t then consult your mother or your old kindergarten teacher. They’ll happily give you a refresher course.

    Duplicate Threads: Please look carefully before posting a new thread to make sure that there isn’t an ongoing discussion on the topic already. You should look through at least the first two pages of threads before posting a new topic.

    Thread Titles: Your fellow posters are not mind readers. So please be clear and descriptive when titling new threads. Adequately descriptive titles should make the topic of the thread explicit. The moderators will re-title threads when necessary.

    Trolling: This term has its roots in fishing. When a fisherman trolls he trails bait through the water waiting for a fish to bite. Inevitably some foolish fish takes the bait. Trolling on the internet is similar. There is no rule about what is and what is not trolling. But it often consists of posting absurdities, annoyances, contradictions to common knowledge, insults, potshots, belligerent assertions and the like. Trolling isn’t always intentional, and has nothing to do with what team you support.

    Flaming: To flame is to post personally insulting or defamatory messages.

    If you want to talk trash then please head over to the World Rivalries board. However, even on that board flames are not permitted.

    Spam: To spam is to post irrelevant or inappropriate messages. One of the most common varieties of spam is advertising.

    Threads and posts that flame, troll or spam (as determined by the judgement of the moderators) will be deleted or moved. Please report all suspected instances of trolling, flaming and spam to a moderator using the report post button: [​IMG].

    Lastly, please refrain from inflaming the flamers and don’t feed the trolls. Just alert a mod to the problem and we’ll take care of things as soon as we can.

    Off Topic Posts: We will be moving all off topic posts to the appropriate forums with redirecting links.

  7. Knave

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    May 25, 1999
    Final Words

    While posting on this board try to remember that despite the fact that we all have different perspectives, attachments, allegiances and loyalties, we all do love the same game.

    Please contact one of the moderators if you have any questions.

    The FIFA and Tournaments Moderators


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