FIFA 18 Club team, national team wish list

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    So according to:, it looks like the Chinese Super League, Indian German Super League, and German 3.Liga will be added to FIFA 18. If that is the case, I would assume those would be the only leagues added this year. However, I will list more leagues I think should be added in the following years.

    By continent (club leagues):
    Africa: Algeria, Egypt, South Africa
    North America: NASL, Mexican 2nd division
    South America: Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil 2nd division, Brazil 3rd division
    Asia: UAE, Qatar, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand
    Europe: Ukraine, Czech Republic, Greece, Croatia, Romania, Israel, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Finland, Bosnia, N. Ireland, Dutch 2nd division

    By continent (national teams):
    Africa: Ghana, Nigeria, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia
    North America: Costa Rica, Honduras, Jamaica
    Asia: South Korea, Japan, Iran, Saudi Arabia
    Oceania: New Zealand
    Europe: Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Iceland, Ukraine

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